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Thread: You are going to LOVE this:

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    You are going to LOVE this:

    I salute you my fellow LoK fans!

    Well, I just wanted to show you something I came across whilst searching for a goof quality Reaver picture;

    A HD remake of a Turelim model, made by Jeremy Klein (Game artist who worked in Darksiders 2), his work is absolutely stunning, the level of detail of the model is impressive!

    Makes me wonder that if a SR HD remake will be made someday, they should hire him... and the game itself (at least the models) should very much follow these lines because they look absolutely great being loyal to the original designs!!!

    Enough of words, here are the pics!

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    Please tell me what you think


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    That is pretty cool!
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    Another one for the 'professionals doing LoK' collection.
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    I would only say if I had anything to ask for, would be to put back the girth of the original Turelim chin and the slightly different shape of the ears. I think it gives him his character.

    Other than that, though, this is certainly pretty nice. I feel like I've seen it before a good while back, though.

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    I agree with Hylden, the face is changed too much.. I would prefer something which looks like Turel´s actual concept art. Nice work though.

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    It could also be used as a new Turelim character for the series, since we'd be seeing the SoulReaver era again. We lost too much of the cast in the last game, so it'd be time for some new faces. I really like the look of Turelim and think they'd make a great model for a new LOK character. Someone who would do more than just die (for a change). If Turelim were actually given a meaningful role in events, their faces would make for a very captivating bad guy, you know? Morloch gave us a hint of that potential, but all the other generic vamps we met were like animals who weren't capable of being devious. A devious Turelim would really be something, especially with newer graphics that'd show you that imposing mug all crystal clear as it was talking to you and snarling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSquid View Post
    We lost too much of the cast in the last game, so it'd be time for some new faces.
    *I lost too much of the cast in the last game, so I believe/think) it'd be time for some new faces".

    There, I fixed it properly mr. "I speak in the name of everyone"

    Anyway, cool textures :} But I personally think that they should be less chubby and taller.

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    That looks incredible. I just wish that we can see that level of quality in any potential LoK game in the future.
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    Pretty good, LoK has lots of fans scattered around the world

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