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Thread: Hitman: Sniper Challenge Discussion Thread & FAQ

Hitman: Sniper Challenge Discussion Thread & FAQ

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    i am still waiting for sniper challenge 2 (!!!)

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    pre-order bonus code ( Kazo sniper ) not valid?

    Once it's available, I got this challenge by pre-ordering it and started it, but not completed. Now when I tried to start the actual game with my pre-order bonus from Gamestop ( the Kazo Sniper Rifle ), the code is said to be invalid. Does it have to do that I've already got the Sniper Challenge, or it's been a couple months since it came out and expired? Tried several codes from Gamestop and still the same.

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    Originally Posted by Core2TOM
    i am still waiting for sniper challenge 2 (!!!)
    Hitman : Sniper Challenge 2 "Speed" on PC, 3-0110-125463-JACQ
    There is about 15 to 20 targets in this contract. I can't complete this contract without killing at least 20 people. 2 full sniper magazine at least. (extended magazine III)

    I think in Sniper Challenge there was only 15 targets if I'm not mistaken!

    My current best time is 3min08 for about 20 dead people and walkthrough + all the others set up and infiltration.

    This is a very fun contract once you have figured out the way, especially for people who enjoyed Hitman : Sniper Challenge.

    Discussion threads:
    -steam :

    A few praises:

    This contract is by far one of the best I've ever seen in Hitman: Absolution. It's complexity makes it very enjoyable to play.

    This contract is what the game should be. The most intense contract you will find

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    I havent got the transfer code but i already unlocked all the techniques and weapons, is there any unique unlock that you get from sniper challenge?

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    Hello mates,

    I just bought Hitman: Absolution through steam today and I wanted to play Sniper Challenge. Is it possible?

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    Id like in the future for sniper challenge to be free to anyone who purchases hitman, because I have many steam friends who own hitman but cant compete against me because they dont have the sniper challenge.

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    I wish there were trophies for the Hitman: Sniper Challenge on PS3!

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    For the ones that are struggling on making Silent Assasin on the Sniper Challenge mod

    Feedback appreciated! hope this was helpful for some!

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    I bought Sniper Challenge for the Xbox 360 today on Amazon and just noticed that now redirects to Square Enix Montreal - and that I just can't seem to find a way to redeem my (sealed!) download code. Any suggestions?

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    I have the very same problem that you do. It's a shame nobody answered your question. Did you find any way to solve it by yourself?

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