Thread: Game kicks players back to lobby

Game kicks players back to lobby

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    This is also regularaly happeninjg to me also.

    I generally make it into the game fine, play fine throughout the game, then towards the end of the round, whether it's the first or second round.. i end up getting a black screen then being presented with the lobby again.

    This doesn't happen every time, but is indeed infuriating to play to the end of the 2nd round then get dropped out as you also lose your progress.

    I have also experienced the side effect of being able to select 'New Recruit' matches afterwards too, i'm lvl 20.

    What i would like to know is:
    - Is there any log we can provide which will show why we got dropped from the game?
    - Is there any possibility of implementing a messagebox popup which will display showing the reason we lost connection to the lobby.. whether the host crashed or whether it was our own connection or something else etc... The code should know precisesly where it's dropping us out and therefore it should be simple enough to show us the reason. This will help us give you better feedback as to what's causing the problem. (I'm an industry games mechanics programmer too.. it's what i'd do.)


    P.S. I also saw a moderator say they associated this issue with the crash list.. It's not a crash, just a drop/disconnection of some sort from the server. Could even be removed due to a miscalculation on levels if a low level joins a game or something? no idea.. could be many things, but definately not a crash.

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    Ever since the last patch I randomly get booted from games , seems to be especially when im winning. It resets the new recruit status even though i cannot join and usually have to reboot the game

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    can you guys please fix this asap ? its getting annoying as hell , today i got kicked out 5 times , after that i uninstaled the game and reinstalled , same thing happened. Sadly i wont play the game until this is fixed , i cant have fun at all , playing 1 round and then getting kicked out of a match is no fun for me.

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    can't get into matches

    hi, as the title says i cant manage to get into a single match, after i press play and get into the lobby, the countdown goes down and loading starts, once it finishes i get a diffirent loading(round thingy at the right bottom corner) and get placed back in the mode selection.

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    Please Help

    Hello i have a huge problem i was loging to match with friend with party but allways i or him gets bug game starts others can choose they human or vampire but i or him a stuck in lobby how to fix this ? bescouse it's realy anoyng thing and imposible to play like this

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    Sorry you're experiencing issues - the game after countdown should go to another loading screen with an image of the map you're about to enter...after this it should load to your loadout (class selection screen). If this isn't happening then there definitely is something going wrong somewhere...

    Please take a look at this thread hopefully one of the things will help resolve the issue.

    Please can you confirm your system specs.

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    yea, after the map loading im guessing i get the other loading but it just puts me back in mode selection screen. my specs are here

    EDIT: forgot to mention that i dont get an error or anything when it happens i just cant get into a single match and never even reached the loadout screen u mentioned.
    P.S another edit.. didnt find anything usefull on that forum thread
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    Sorry you're experiencing this issue…

    There is a bit of a bug happening with lobbies and people getting either dropped from the match or it crashing out.

    The only suggestion that I can think of to try is that when the person is kicked back to the Lobby if they select the friendlist from the bottom right hand corner of the screen - click on the persons name who's still in the match and select "Join" hopefully the slot won't have been filled straight away and you'll then be able to meet up again.

    Is this happening every time you play together - or is it just occasionally?

    There maybe something more going wrong so it might be good idea to report this to the SE Support Centre

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    Well yea it happens every time i play with friend's or when i try to do so

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    Originally Posted by pkownzs
    Well yea it happens every time i play with friend's or when i try to do so
    Ah that's strange - please can you confirm your system specs?

    How do you party up?

    Try creating a Party at the game select screen (the one you select if you want - NR/Siege/TDM) - you do this by selecting the Steam friends list on the bottom right and then clicking on the person and click "invite" - they should be able to accept and they should show at the bottom of the screen - try then joining a Lobby that way and see if it drops you. If this is how you usually do it - then maybe try joining at the Lobby stage and see if that works.

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    3 times in a row now I was just randomly dropped from a game right before it was about to end. I also lost all XP and gold that was earned during the first match. May be something to look into. Or is there a known fix for this?

    Thank you
    -Liquid Earth

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    Kick/crash to menu after few minuts in game

    After new update I spotted issue. Game kick me out (force to leave) to menu every single match.Its always start from small lag after a few minutes in the game and when I landed in menu I cant connect to another game I have to restart game and wait about 5 mins before I can join another game (game struggle from finding to join match) . This happened to me before but not every time I am in the game. I saw people with similar problem on steam community.
    Before you ask I already reinstall whole game and before that delete every game file , didnt work
    Did anyone solve this problem or have any idea how to solve that ? This is problem with Nosgoth-servers or new update ?

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    Kicked Back into the Lobby During a Game

    Sorry if this has been posted already, I could not find a thread in regard to this issue.

    The server automatically kick me out of a game during session and send me back into the lobby, any solutions?

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    There is a post over in the Beta forums on this one - I don't believe there is anything you can do yourself to fix it as I think it is server end and not yours...maybe try caching your game files in Steam just to check but if you've reinstalled that should be up to date anyway. Hope you can get back in game soon.

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    Just happened twice in a row to me again.

    Lots of other info obviously too.. just let me know if there's anything else specific that could help.. Don't want to spam the thread with uneeded info.

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    A further development seems to be that sometimes i'm not getting the black screen immediately. Now i'm starting to see players 'drift' in the vector they were already traveling in, or they freeze in place for a few moments.. then i get the black screen and i'm returned to the lobby.

    I've also had it freeze and drift for a short time, then i've warped to a new location (obviously where i was drifting to).. then get a breif update if any kills had happened before being presented with the black screen again and returned to the lobby. Like a connection interupt.

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    Stuck in lobby

    I tried the tutorial without any problems, but when trying to play with others I get stuck in the lobby. It just freezes. Anyone who had similar issues? Maybe someone knows how to fix this problem?

    Also I seem to have problems viewing some threads, so I do apologize if there already is a similar thread to this one.

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    I've been able to join about 2 games after trying random fixes that have not been working. Particular for these two games is that I'm joining a game already in session. I will stop trying to join games now in order to not destroy other peoples experience with the game (since the game session will go 3 vs 4) and wait for a new patch or maybe a fix.

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    Good day! Today, the first time I installed the game Nosgoth. Computer - a powerful, according to the requirements - everything is fine. At first everything was fine, I quietly found a server in Europe and played, but today when the second time trying to find a server, the server after downloading it always me kicked from server within 1 minute, regardless of the location of the server itself. The search starts, the server is started and kicked from server, and after each kick message: "Connection to the host has been lost".
    What to do?Problems connecting to the Internet does not have any, other games no problems. What's the problem?

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    I am a lvl 1 and have multiple hours of gametime of just sitting in a lobby i have never gotten into a game and well this kinda sucks everytime i join a game i get in the lobby go through it get into the map loading screen load the map then i just get returned to mode select this is really annoying and i havent gotten into 1 game since i got the game (2 Weeks ago) When it kicks me it doenst give any kick message it just gives the message when you first load the game up like downloading armory ect.

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    what have you tried to fix it? have you contacted support?
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    Getting Disconnected from every match.

    No lag, low ping, but a few minutes in every time: kick to lobby "your connection to the host has been lost".

    Not sure what to do about this.

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    I really wonder if a longer timeout value of the server would fix this.
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    Every single match fails to start

    I started Nosgoth a few days back and really was having a great time with it. Starting yesterday evening and continuing today, I have been completely unable to play. A match will have 8 players, load up, fail to give the class selection menu, and then after 10 seconds return to the lobby. At first I thought this was a result of players bailing out at the last second (which I've seen cause problems before), but this doesn't seem to be the issue. Not only do I not see anyone bailout at the last second, but after the match fails and returns to the lobby it starts the intermission timer.

    If anyone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I really want to play this game!

    EDIT: finally got into a couple matches, though the problem hasn't entirely gone away. Still wondering why that occurred and how to prevent it.
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