Thread: Big Problem with Catwoman DLC

Big Problem with Catwoman DLC

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    Big Problem with Catwoman DLC

    Hello everyone, a few days ago i've bought Arkham Asylum in a Gamestop shop, the game was sold as new, fully boxed and packed.
    Where is the problem now? By the time i tried to activate the Catwoman DLC it sais that it's already been used.
    Bringing the game back to the shop they say they won't accept it as it has been unpacked and they wouldn't know if the code has been used by me or someone else (...).
    Calling the Xbox assistance they tell me the shop HAS to change it, but going back to the shop a mess starts with police called but nothing solved, to be able to change this game i should do it through a lawyer, i know it's absurd but that's the italian way.
    From the Xbox call center I've also been told to post a thread on this forum, could anyone please help me ? Thank you very much for attention and 'im sorry for my english.

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    Up, no admin can help me ?

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    no admin can help me