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Thread: tomb raider 4, city of the dead, IM STUCK:d

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    tomb raider 4, city of the dead, IM STUCK:d

    at the end of the level where the big gate opens after u pull the lever, i jumped over some rooftops and landed in the secret area with super grenades and explosive arrows.(where u normally come in the next level with the nirto motorcycle). Is there any way to get out of here without ur motorcycle or am i ** cuz i play on psone and i cant reload any earlier point?

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    I would advice to read a guide or video walkthrough at youtube. This game is big and it has lots of things in it.
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    If you can't jump back or anything you have to reload, tr is a * with mistakes like this. If you just have to jump down try to use godmode. But I remember it doesn't work with falling. But honestly, I think you are fu....ed^^

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