Thread: Game crash and constant errors.

Game crash and constant errors.

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    Game crash and constant errors.

    I've had the game for a year or so now, played and beat it no problems. Prior to installing a new graphics card I started getting blue screen and memory dumps for this and another game. After installing my new card and trying to play it blue screened more. Also got the game to run off and on without internet; just to have the controls not work at all, I've skimmed the forum and found similar issues and tried the fixes suggested to no avail. My tower is an AMD Athlon II X 2 250 processor, 3.00 Ghz, originally played with integrated graphics then upgraded to an Nvidia Zotac 520 GTX. My tower is a slim, but I've played other games with no problems. Never uninstalled AA til after these issues occured, any help would be appreciated. Also recently got a new error, will post pic.

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    Here's the pic