Thread: A fan-made unofficial soundtrack

A fan-made unofficial soundtrack

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    A fan-made unofficial soundtrack

    Much inspired from the 2nd CD of the Dark Knight Special edition OST where some great remix tracks are appearing, I made this demo as a hypothetical soundtrack to a future/past game/film/comic accompanied by a similar graphic background with no intention to sound cliche or be disrespectful to the man. No proper mastering has been done at the moment, it's an evolving work. The original image and track are also available at higher quality formats. Let me know what u think.

    P.S. Sadly, I know that the samples are the major advantage of my music but also the drawback due to the copyright limitations. I don't know for how long this video is going to be up, since I will remove it as soon as someone objects to me that it would be a wise thing to do. I am looking forward to produce more work of this type for a similar concept. thanx for the host.

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    Make a music video. Best way to get views
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    actually the background logo is fully 3D and it could be easily animated with a few patience of render times a music video is a great idea that quite flows in my mind for a while too

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    Just turn it into a trubute video. Shouldnt be too hard
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