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Thread: My Tomb Raider-inspired Garden

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    You are all kinds of awesome dude! You could charge nerds like us to have photos inside it dressed as the lady herself :P

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    Thanks so much, very kind of you.
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    Did you just create a TR map with a program called real life? Quite a level designer!

    Good job, looks fantastic. A mini Lara could hop around there.

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    Planted my 2 tree ferns out earlier. I'll add a few grass seedlings around the base to make it look more natural.

    Croziers already starting to appear thanks to the spell in the greenhouse:

    Not so pretty from the back but hopefully the stakes won't be in too long:

    More planting to go in over the next few weeks.

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    Can I live in your garden?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyLuck View Post
    Can I live in your garden?
    Sure, I can always use a hand digging new holes. With two of us working on it maybe I can add a subterranean labyrinth level.

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    Added a Phormium:

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    I'm a fellow Lancastrian (actually, I think I'm not far from you at all, GBUK), and how you have been able to do all this landscaping, especially considering the weather we have had round here over the past... well... forever... makes it even more amazing!

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    Do you have any pictures of the temple in the snow that we had a month or so ago?
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    Didn't really get a great deal of snow here but I did snap a couple of shots:

    and this, which I could use as a Xmas card if |I hadn't fleeced the palms:

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    Sir you are a genius to echo previous comments, this really is the best thread ever, and can I also live in your garden?

    Massive respect to you mate. I always have a little (infinitesimally small in comparison) TR tribute whenever I'm lucky enough to have a garden, but yours is some labour of love. Have to ask, what do the neighbours think of it? Hope you don't have Hilda Ogden living next door dunno how you missed the snow, here in Bradford it was insane.

    Right, back to having a proper look at your amazing photos.

    Edit - I know it's moved on considerably since this pic, but you would just never be bored looking at this in your garden. Absolutely incredible, they ought to prescribe it on the NHS...

    Final Edit - I'm not knocking it remotely because it does look very cool of course, but your masterpiece doesn't really need the lifesize or anyothersize Lara's in it, The Garden speaks very clearly for itself. Best episode of Grand Designs meets Whatever That Garden Designing programme was called I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. Cap well and truly doffed.

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    Here is the official Spring Photo Tour of my garden:

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    Thanks Andes, your comments really put a smile on my face. It's always great to hear positive feedback.

    As for the neighbours, they love it. One one side the lady sat at an upstairs window and watched the Temple build every day, offering advice and chatting. On the other side my neighbours redeveloping their garden was my inspiration to block pave. They slabbed theirs in a similar colour and it looked so good (and made my garden look so shabby) I decided I'd follow suit. They are always chatting over the fence and the lady of the house wants me to get a lifesize gorilla (she has some sort of gorilla fetish!)

    I'm hoping we get a good summer this year, last year was a wet washout and I want to see some growth! I'm impatient to have hammocks in the garden strung between palm tress.

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    Yesterday was lovely so I hope you spent some time in the garden!
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    Its a gorgeous day in NW England, I bet it would be awesome to sit in the TR garden this afternoon with a book and something cool to drink

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    A few early summer pics:

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    Look awesome. Wish I could create something like this.

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    My Schleffera Rhododendrifolia is doing very nicely:

    However, my Musa Basjoo has only just realised it's summer:

    My tree ferns are really looking fantastic now and are starting to push out a second flush:

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    I haven't seen your garden since March, but I see plants successfully survived the winter. They grew even bigger and now your garden looks perfect!

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    Very cool! You put a lot of work into this, and it shows.
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    Wow that looks lovely. It looks like you've made great use of the space without it looking over crowded.

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    Well, it's almost the end of summer and my garden is looking a bit scruffy. Everything seems to have just got a bit overgrown....

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    Absolutely stunning. I'm speechless.

    Fantastic job. It's so gorgeous. I'd love to sit out there and chill out in an environment like that. You did an amazing job.
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    Thanks Bampire

    Spring is here and things are starting to grow again so I'll get the place tidied and have some more pics up shortly.
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    Some summer snaps, year 4. Looking much more jungly now:

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