Thread: Help Me Find My Grenade Launcher Please (Long)

Help Me Find My Grenade Launcher Please (Long)

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    Question Help Me Find My Grenade Launcher Please (Long)

    This is kind of lengthy, so I apologize up front. It's just that I want to try to be clear and thorough and not make things confusing to anyone. Myself included

    Okay, first off I own a PS3. I downloaded both the Tactical Enhancement and Explosive Mission Packs off of the PSN. I did so when I noticed these were available for purchase during my first try with the game where I was on Chapter 6.

    So, I re-started the game and soon after I got two separate messages, each of which confirmed that I had both packs. However, I only seemed to have the Tactical Enhancement items (silenced sniper rifle, dbl. barrel shotgun, AUD, and 10,000 credits). I also was given some remote-detonated explosive packs. I would guess these are part of the Explosive Mission Pack? Incidentally - but very cool - when I first went to the L.I.M.B. clinic this time around, they had two Praxis kits available for sale at 5,000 credits each (they weren't available when I began my first game w/o the add-on packs). This worked out perfectly considering the 10,000 credits I got right off the bat! Maybe that was the point.

    Anyway, so, having said all of this, what I'm trying to find out before potentially wasting hours of game time is where is this grenade launcher I've seen listed as part of the Explosive Mission Pack add-on? Does it come up for sale at some point in the game? Maybe some NPC gives it to me? Is it part of an extra mission or quest that has something to do with someone named Tong?

    It's been bugging me that while I've been playing Deus Ex from the beginning, I'm having the uneasy feeling I may be missing a window of time where the Grenade Launcher or Explosive Mission Pack items become available. So I've only been brushing up on and practicing skills before advancing any quests until I figure out what's up with the grenade launcher.

    I've posted this question over at, a couple of Deus Ex wikias (which looked kind of dead to me), and at GameFAQs. I'm still trying to find out the answer.

    SPOILERS! A big part of why I've yet to find answers is due to my stubborn, overly cautious way of trying to avoid reading anything that will answer my questions at the expense of inadvertently finding spoilers of the story - even "little" one's. So I've avoided reading all walk-throughs and such. But, if the grenade launcher does have a connection with a person named Tong, we'll then I guess I could handle a spoiler or two. Actually, now that I think of it, if the grenade launcher is coming up later in the game's story, and it's hard to miss the chance of getting my mitts on it, then a reply answer of "yes" would be all I need to know w/o spoiling anything. Heck, I guess I could've saved myself a lot of time and typing by saying that first.

    Thanks for your time, and more likely - your patience.

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    You get the grenade launcher quite late on in the game's story, and yes, it is indeed something to do with Tong.

    Eidos Montreal (and any other developers who do the same thing): this is what happens when you fracture your game through launch day DLC.

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    Originally Posted by Horseplay
    I've posted this question over at
    Um, wow. I would be very surprised if you found what you needed there. /very long story

    I despise day-one DLC. It was there and ready but they couldn't be bothered to put it in with the original game and instead use it to make some extra money. I'm not buying any of it. It's one thing to work on new DLC after the original game is released and sell it some months after when most people are done with the game, it's another to sell it the same day the game comes out.

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    Thumbs Up Thx for Help.

    Ashpolt, Stellazira -

    Thanks for helping me sort out that grenade launcher problem. Huge favor! Actually felt relieved. How pathetic, huh? Being relieved that my imaginary ex-swat Adam Jensen, out-fitted with the best augmentations money can buy, will be better equipped for the tougher times that lie ahead. Peace of mind paid for in advance by way of a grenade launcher...I'm such a nerd XD

    I wasn't aware of the Deus Ex and its DLC coming out at virtually the same time as you say. I totally understand why your turned off though. I unknowingly gave Eidos my blessing and said A-OK when buying their add-on packs and DLC. I didn't buy Deus Ex the first month it was on the market. When at a Game Stop a few months back, I remember overhearing an employee and two customers shootin' the bull, going back and forth about Game Stop pre-order exclusive codes for their PC customers. Codes which had to be yanked out of the Deus Ex: HR game case before day 1 sale on orders from those in the ivory towers. It had to do with a competitor of theirs? I never heard of any problems with Eidos. I remember staring at Lara Croft's sweet ass in Tomb Raider back in the day if that counts for anything. I got mileage out of her. My own personal experience of hell has one word but several forms and its name is Bethesda. Its most glaring sin is GREED. I'll leave that alone. I don't want to start what I can't finish.

    Why I went on with such a lengthy post about the grenade launcher, and also the same reason I paid for the add-on packs (besides not doing any homework on Eidos or how they go 'bout their business) is that Deus Ex: HR story and writing is opposite of the inane, widespread stupidity of 95% of other games out there (at least the games I've been playing). Maybe I've been playing console games for too long. Maybe stepping up to PC gaming would offer me more of what I crave in a game like Deus Ex - an open-ended world with an excellent, intriguing and very cool story with tight game play that lets me choose how I want to play. I don't want to sing its praises prematurely, since I've only played up to mid Ch. 6 so far, but I'm real pumped about this game in a way that says yes, I am a giant nerd and proud of it! I'm excited cuz lately I've been playing big name games but they've all been majorly disappointing piles of crap. But Deus Ex is just awesome. So far anyway... It's not perfect. I mean I don't get why after decking a guy and wanting to quickly do likewise to his buddy, that my arm strength first needs to be replenished by way of a candy bar. Try as I might to avoid all info on this game before playing, I inevitably found out the big negative of this game for me, if I believe the prevailing wind of opinions, will be the boss fights. Eidos farmed those out to another studio and it was a bit of a mistake. I'll take a wait and see attitude.

    Again, Thanks much for the low down, helping me out and all. Have yourself a good weekend.

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    You'll find that the GL will trivialize any fight in the game - not that that isn't fun in and of itself. I suppose that's the reason EM forces you to wait until the very end of the game to get it, but it's still a shame they don't let you have it from the start.

    The magnum with explosive rounds is the next best thing though, as it gives a similar sensation of outrageous power.