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Thread: GAME: who am I?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_Of_The_Vine View Post
    It might also be worth mentioning that the question, "Does your art involve the making of physical objects?", received a "yes" answer.
    That's the biggest clue going.
    True. I'll edit the post.
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    The art that you make, is it for practical use (i.e. not just for "staring at it") ?

    Also, just checking - Mike, when you received your ID, you already knew the person? You didn't have to look up who it is?

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    I always provide a Wiki link (or similar) that provides a full biography or description of the ID I have chosen.... so nobody ever has a reason to go and look up who it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerion View Post
    Are you a geek hero?
    Hints, hmmm....didn't think about that. audacity temp mail origin Let's make that up as we go along. I recon we should always be able to guess it if we get enough people to play the game and providing the celeb given is really worldwide know.
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