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Hitman: Absolution FAQ

What is the release date?

Will there be a demo?

Where can I find out more about the game?

Can I still get the Silent Assassin rank?

Will there be multiplayer? *UPDATED

Will there be a Collectors/Special Edition? *UPDATED

What is "Purist Mode"?

What is Instinct?

Can I turn off Instinct mode?

What is Point Shooting?

Will there be post-mission newspapers like in Hitman: Blood Money that show your rating?

Will there be any new weapons?

How long will the Single Player campaign last?

What are the in-game challenges all about?

Will Hitman: Absolution be on the Wii U / Vita / Mac?

In the RFYL playthrough, why do items magically appear in 47's hands?

Will there be Kinect/Move support?

Will the game be 18/Mature rated?

UPDATED ON 5/3/2012

Where can I find Absolution wallpapers and screenshots?

Will there be any collectibles or hidden things to find in Absolution?

Will Absolution have pre-order bonuses? *UPDATED

Will there be an in-game map?

Will Absolution release on all platforms simultaneously?

What can you tell us about the PC version of the game? *UPDATED 11/5/12

At what stage is the creation of Hitman: Absolution?

UPDATED ON 13/4/2012

Will Hitman: Absolution feature "sand-box" gameplay?

Who are the confirmed cast for the game? *UPDATED November 5 12

Will there be "special" ratings in Absolution?

UPDATED ON 15/6/2012

Will Absolution support PS3 trophies & Xbox 360 achievements??

Will first person viewpoint return in Absolution?

Will there be assassination missions like in the old games?

Is the PC version of this game going to have a Professional Edition as well?

Will Hitman Absolution for PC support the wireless Xbox 360 controller?

Will weapons be customizable like in Blood Money (scopes, magazines, silencers, etc.)?

Have you made any changes to the melee combat? Can we still headbutt/punch?

Will 47 be able to drive cars?

Will 47 be able to use his Silverballer .45 as a single pistol, or will he only dual-wield it?

Where does Absolution fit in with the story line?

Can certain parts of Instinct be disabled?

UPDATED ON 20/8/2012

Can you explain why different characters show up in different colours when in Instinct mode?

What is 'Contracts' Mode?

Can we customise Point Shooting?

Will Purist mode be available the first time I play?

Will there be new trailers or gameplay footage released?

Will 47 be more involved in the storyline?

What are the PC System requirements?


Is it possible to combine English audio with localised subtitles?

Will the (Deluxe) Professional Edition be available for PC in North America?

Can we customise/remove Instinct?

Will there be a demo?

How does running work in the game?

Is an Xbox Live Gold account required for Contracts mode?

Will there be a feature to watch replays/ghost runs of Contracts Mode?

When using Point Shooting, do your shots lock to your targets?

Can missions be replayed separately?

Is there a separate challenge mode?

Will Absolution be compatible with Windows XP?

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