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Thread: TR Reboot possibly inspired by The Hunger Games? Or maybe not.

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    TR Reboot possibly inspired by The Hunger Games? Or maybe not.

    Lara Croft of Tomb Raider

    The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen

    I'm not sure if anybody has posted something about this before. But last night, as I was rewatching HG's really awesome trailer, I can't help but notice the striking resemblance between the two heroines.

    - The bow and arrow as their weapon of choice
    - The hunting gear (because, well, both of them [will eventually] hunt to survive)
    - The ponytail/braid and the same dark hair
    - Not to mention the uncanny parallelism of survival-in-the-jungle thingy
    - Both of them are obviously smarter than your average heroine
    - The same bloodbath both of them will soon be in this year

    Has anyone here read or is reading The Hunger Games? If so, have you guys noticed these little details?

    I'm just curious if the dev team derived the hunting and survival components of the upcoming TReboot from HG.

    I could be wrong though. Maybe girls with bow and arrows are a trend this 2012.

    Just my two cents.
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    Posibly but I always thought the american drama show Lost was the thing that the main concepts of this game was based on.

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    Well, yes, I can't deny that there are some similarities, but I don't think TR was inspired by the hungergames.

    I read all the books, and TR's story and setting is very different from the Hunger games.
    The only similarity is the fact that they both have to survive in a harsh environment and well, for that you need hunting gear and a bow and arrow, + your hair tied in a ponytail is very handy in windy environments.
    Also, almost every protagonist is smarter than the average person. How else are they supposed to survive the extreme situations they end up in?

    So no, I don't think The Hunger Games inspired this TR in any way. I think lost is a more likely source of inspiration.

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    interesting, those books seem to get great reviews may even get them
    or maybe i should finish the last five books i bought first..

    oh yeah on topic i think its coincidence though

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    I have also read all three Hunger Games books, and other than the bow and the braided hair (already explained), I don't see any real similarities between them. Lara and Katniss have such totally different personalities and backgrounds, and the circumstances surrounding the stories aren't even close.

    Someone correct me if i am wrong, but I also believe the TR reboot has been in the planning stages longer than HG has even been in print
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    The girlfriend tells me I should read the first of the Hunger Games books. I might get around to it after 1633. The movie looks good anyhow, and from what I do know of it, I'm more inclined to think of Lost as a source of inspiration. I suspect that in part Lara was modeled after the Danielle Rousseau character.
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    CD inspired by other games in making TR so why not from movies as well??
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    Quote Originally Posted by RosePetals View Post
    I could be wrong though. Maybe girls with bow and arrows are a trend this 2012.
    Speaking of girls with bows, although this game is about a couple years old now, one of Sheva Alomar's unlockable weapons in Resident Evil 5 was a powerful bow and arrow. (Combine that with her tribal outfit, and PHWOARRR!)

    Looking at Lara's current outfit, it almost looks like Sheva's default outfit from RE5. Almost. (Sheva's pants are much tighter...nice bum )
    And listening to Sheva talk, she almost sounds like an Afro-English Lara Croft.

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    All the more reason Lyndsy Fonseca should be Lara Croft. Then again, a lot of girls can sport that look. Anyway it's debatable, but here:

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    And Hunger Games has many extreme similarities to Battle Royale. LOL.

    Idk, I think it's a bit of a stretch to say new Lara and TR were inspired by Katniss.

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    I actually just finished the first book! I can see some superficial similarities with the ponytail and bow, but I don't think HG was a direct inspiration for TR - I could ask during the next podcast! The franchise we've discussed publicly that helped influence the direction are Daniel Craig's Bond and Batman: The Dark Night - rebirths of icons and so on.

    Hunger Games is fantastic though. I'm a bit curious about how they are going to maintain a PG-13 rating with some of the more gruesome deaths during the trials though. 0_o

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    That's why I think this film will end up a lot less awesome than the book. Nearly all of the deathscenes are only suitable for a PG-18 movie, and this onl gets worse in the other two books, when people will get cut in half and melted down and .

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    ^ unfortunately that is nearly always the case...movies based on books are never as good, if for no other reason that for the time element.From what I have seen of the previews though, HG will still be a good movie. If it is even halfway sucessful, I'd love to see them make movies of the next two books.

    btw, I am very thrilled..i got my mockingjay pin today
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    ^ At E3...
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    Quote Originally Posted by a big house View Post
    ^ At E3...
    I'm not being funny but the wait has been for too long.

    I'd love to know who planned to reveal the game December 2010 it's damn stupid.

    You know what? It should've been revealed December 2011 then re-shown at E3 2012. They've shown it too early and now it feels like waiting even longer!

    This really annoys me will get bored and not even bother soon but oh well.
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    ^ Not everyone likes this reboot, there are still people who don't understand what is going on... So, the wait is reasonable, they revealed it earlier so people can get used to it, so Lara can grow on them I mean, if you're here, you're a TR fan, so I guess you want this game to be epic, and that takes time... Starting with E3 and later shows, we will get new info, and in fall we'll get the game, simple as that... By that time, there are other games which can entertain you while you wait, 2012 is one epic year when it comes to games...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshorty View Post
    All the more reason Lyndsy Fonseca should be Lara Croft. Then again, a lot of girls can sport that look. Anyway it's debatable, but here:

    I finally saw the trailer for Hunger Games, and if anything this has shown me the potential for Jennifer Lawrence herself as the new Lara. Of course there's still the question of whether she can pull off the accent and in all things authentically convey that Britishness, but I'll give the lass benefit of the doubt for now.

    As for which fiction inspires which, you can easily point out examples of so many titles being the inspiration for others. The entertainment industry doesn't live in a vacuum, so every creative director out there is always exposed to an abundance of material that is just circulating out there.

    Does that mean there's a direct correlation between TR and HG? Considering neither really "invented" the wilderness survival motif, probaby not. I mean if you were to look at this historically, they both ripped of from Tarzan

    Sure there are some thematic similarities, but that's hardly conclusive of any causitive connection. It just comes down to the simple fact that this new game is a retelling of Lara's already known origin story;

    * girl born from rich family
    * girl goes on trip
    * trip derailed by catastrophe
    * girl stranded from civilization and everything she knew
    * girl forced to fend for herself, goes on journey of self discovery
    * harsh ordeal forges girl into bold adventurer, who now seeks new challenges

    This game wouldn't have to look to another work of fiction for any inspiration, it's already drawing its inspiration from an already established background and just reimagining it.
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