Thread: Need someone to play my onlive version for a few minutes

Need someone to play my onlive version for a few minutes

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    Need someone to play my onlive version for a few minutes

    Ive recently started an account with to play arkham asylum as my downloaded version had securom problems and wouldnt go past 22% . Unfortunately with the onlive version I cant get past a really simple point at 9% , I've been trying for like 2 hrs now and give up . Is there anyone trustworthy on here ( maybe a mod or someone ) who if I gave you my onlive username and password you could go into my version of arkham asylum on there and play the game literally for like 5 minutes to get me past this challenge to the next "saved " checkpoint . I'm pretty new to videogames so its me being useless basically , but one of you experts could do this for me in literally 5 mins probably . If anyone can help out itd be great .

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    Anyone , 41 people have viewed this so far , can one of you spare 5 mins , all I need is someone to defeat Bane and the 10 thugs and take the game to the outside area where the batmobile knocks bane into the water , its pretty early on in the game and should take one of you no time at all ? Can someone help

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    to be blunt no one can help you
    you will have to do it on your own
    because of the way the save games are done

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    howd you mean ? I cant see why someone cant log in under my username for me , itll then take them str8 to the point where my game is saved on OnLive ?

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    What is the problem? What is keeping you from doing it? Let me guess....It crashes every time after you beat him up.

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    No nothings crashing , its more just me being an inexperienced gamer , I know how to do it from the youtube walkthrough and I did it on the easy setting but I had to abandon that game due to securom hence i'm using and its already loaded version which isnt affected by securom etc . I'm now trying on the normal difficulty setting and after literally 4 hrs of trying I'm at my wits end and just need someone whose more experienced to just log in for maybe 10 mins to onlive and move my game on to the next savepoint for me

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    sorted it now , I just replayed the game in the "easy" setting and got past bane in the 2nd attempt , im that wubbish at videogames