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Thread: commandos 5 !!!!

commandos 5 !!!!

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    Originally Posted by sp00kythekiller
    Thank you for the explanation, but what does this have with Commandos, because I don't get what you meant?
    It was tied to WW2. They secretly built her spaceship.

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    Will we see commandos soon?

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    ^ Nobody knows yet. I've asked Pyro Studios (now Pyro Mobile, god knows why) on Twitter December 2012 if we will ever see a new game and then they have said: "Unfortunately a new Commandos is not planned... for the time being". Maybe we must create a petition somewhere and share it everywhere we can so Commandos fans, and not only, around the globe can hear about it and sign up, and hope that Square Enix and Eidos will see that there is still interest in the franchise and in the real-time tactics genre (well, really there is, there are many game studios still developing such games), and do something about that. I don't know now for sure who still has the license for the franchise (100% sure it's not Pyro, because they were only developers, maybe Square Enix keeps it now after they have purchased Eidos in 2009, if that was the correct year), and I'm aware of that maybe this will not change anything, but at least we can try. Too bad more of the people that developed the franchise are not anymore at Pyro, but well, to be honest, game developers can develop game of every genre, so the problem is not there, the problem is who is still keeping the license and finding a studio that have the passion of developing such games, so it can continue the franchise, or even start a new one. I think that everything is possible and if somebody wants to do something so much, he will find a way to do it. Am I right? I don't care much how about the game will look, I just want to buy & play a game that has the feeling of the Comm franchise. D*mn, I'm waiting for a new game for decades (10 years already)... I'm probably the most hardcore fan of the franchise living on the planet. Enough talk. What do you think about the idea I meant above?

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    The Commandos franchise is fully owned by Pyro Studios. You can do a trademark search at

    I think many people have asked Pyro Studios when to expect a new Commandos, and I myself am eager to see a sequel too. I don't know why exactly they moved to mobile games exclusively, but the lack of updates on their website does make me wonder if the move has been what they expected (financially). I expected to see a new game every 4 to 6 months, but since they released their last game about a year ago I'm starting to doubt the future of Pyro Studios.

    Anyway, let's try to stay optimistic while Pyro Studios hasn't been officially disbanded! When rumors about a Commandos sequel emerged back in August 2009 (I know, long time ago), the news spread quickly on many gaming websites and people commented positively. I'm sure the buzz didn't go unnoticed at Pyro HQ, so they know there still is a lot of interest in the franchise. Let's just hope that will translate into a new kick-ass Commandos game in the foreseeable future!

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    Yeah, I agree with everything you said, sick.

    By the way, I've created the petition I was talking above today. Here's the link to it. Please, share it everywhere and with everyone possible so more and more people can hear about it and sign up. Also, if someone wants me to correct something in the description, PM me and I'll do it.

    PS: Since yesterday, I am trying to spread the word everywhere I can. Shared the link on Twitter, Reddit, Square Enix Forums, soon Facebook and many, many other sites & forums.

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    From what I heard when I last checked with someone from Pyro the reason they switched to the social space was because they missed the next gen boat after the release of Planet 51. Next gen being the now current gen PS3 and XBOX 360.

    When I checked with the boss of Pyro via Linked in the response to the question of a new Commandos game was "not in the short term".

    I think that if we do see a new Commandos game it may be on tablet/mobile form. Given the isometric view of the game it's something I could see happening.

    Maybe the reason we're not seeing a new Commandos game is lack of money or publisher support. Maybe Pyro should start a kickstarter project and release on a per level basis? There's still interest in the game by Pyro themselves I think as the Commandos games are available on GOG and they are modified to work on modern systems I believe.

    I posted the link to the petition on the Commandos main page on TAFN. Don't know how many readers we still have but hope it helps spread the word! Also it can't hurt to spread the word to games news sites?

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    I know games like Commandos are a big budget games and yeah, maybe the reason nothing has happened yet is the lack of money and publisher, but if they try to reach out to the fans and ask for help, like through Kickstarter (good idea really), well, who the hell will not help them? I mean, there always will be people that will hate and troll around, that's in some people's nature, but the true fans will help with what they can. Some really old game series are still alive, like for example Diablo, StarCraft, Command & Conquer. Why then not have a new Commandos game that is different from all other games around, hehe.

    About the mobile/tablet thingy you said @m, I don't know what Pyro earns from this, but I am sure that they doesn't earn millions because the interest in such Facebook-type games like the ones they have developed and are probably developing right now, is not even that big. Over the years people known Pyro as the makers of the Comm games, but right now, since they have changed their plans, probably everyone has forgotten them. I think if they have continued the franchise and probably developed a new one like Commandos, but in the modern times, now more people will know about them and will support their ideas. That's what I personally think anout this.

    Btw, thanks for trying to spread the word about the petition too @m. I appreciate it.

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    hey I'm algerian.i love commandos series and I hope that you can created commandos 5 because I'm waiting eight years. why you do not change his story like trying to make the first international war this is if you dont have any idia Pleass try your best to creat the commandos 5 and like the style of commandos 2.

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    Originally Posted by jallil31
    hey I'm algerian.i love commandos series and I hope that you can created commandos 5 because I'm waiting eight years. why you do not change his story like trying to make the first international war this is if you dont have any idia Pleass try your best to creat the commandos 5 and like the style of commandos 2.
    I'm sure Pyro also wants to make another Commandos, but the problem is money. There just isn't enough demand for games like this (RTTs to be exact) which is a damn shame, but it is the truth. Gamers have less and less patience when gaming and need to get everything immediately.

    However if you enjoyed the Commandos series, there are fortunately a few other similar games you can pick up. Desperados 1, Desperados 2 and Helldorado (Desperados 3) are basically Commandos in the wild west. Worth taking a look.

    Also if you want a commandos style game in 3rd person, take a look at Death to Spies. It is basically a combination of Commandos and Hitman and it is amazing.

    I've used those games to get my fix for RTTs and after playing those again, I might go for another round of the Commandos series. You can play these games forever

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