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Thread: FFVII Game Crashes

FFVII Game Crashes

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    Game crashes with "Unknown exception" when using Hyper Jump in Bossfights

    This is a percisting problem, as i have had this happen on multiple different Bossfights. First it happened when fighting Schizo right before entering the Crater for the first time, then against the Ultima Weapon in Mideel and Proud Clod in Midgar.

    It only happens in bossfights, and it is really annoying since Cid(Hyper Jump being Cids Limit Break) is one of the main characters i use the most. I can go around it by keeping the Limit Break at level 1, but that feels kinda dumb. And quite frankly, the game shouldn't be crashing when i play it normally. It's just messed up.

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    Exclamation Final Fantasy VII Keeps Crashing

    I'm having this Problem where When I Fight The Last Boss
    The game progress fine untill it After the credits and the last cut scene where the game just shuts down and Cloud saving turns of telling me to Check my Network settings, even thought My internet is working fine.
    I'm not sure what to do can someone Help me fix this problem?
    {I didn't use Booster:

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    Should have bought the PSN version

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    Your probably right :/

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