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Thread: a control problem using keyboard

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    a control problem using keyboard

    every time i load up tomb raider anniversary on my windows 7 laptop i try to press enter once i have pressed E to interact and it doesn't work (press E to interact with a lock then youll go the inventory screen then try and press enter and it wont work) So Basically i interact with a lock then i press the keys until im looking at the Key i have got, then i press enter to use the key and it wont work .can any one help because i cant complete the game unless i figure out how to fix the enter button.

    also my enter key works when im not on TRA plz help!

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    i've fixed the problem all i have to do is press the FN button while i press enter
    but still is there any way i can make it so's that i dont have to keep pressing fn when i have to press enter

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