Thread: Have you seen him?

Have you seen him?

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    Have you seen him?

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    FACT: I am definitely without a doubt........ the Truest Fan of the Thief franchise.

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    Fortunately, not in real life. But he lloks very familiar. Droped an e-mail to Mister Faulkner.

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    ? yes in chicago flying through a window into an abandoned library and most likely getting in a train afterwards.
    But this must take place before the library incident because they knew he was in the library and even sent officers from other counties there and so on. Maybe he is hiding out at a place near the library, which is his only way to the train station without going on the streets.

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    The guys at have tracked down some more information about Cosmo Faulkner

    It might be worth checking out because Cosmo seems to have some information on Agent 47.