Thread: Why have they replaced everything?

Why have they replaced everything?

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    Why have they replaced everything?

    First David Bateson as the voice (in fact he was surprised himself and said that IO wouldn't answer his calls any more).

    Then Diana has a "closer relationship" with Agent 47? Let me get this straight: now their professional connection gets romantic? To be more cliche and American action movie-styled?

    Diana's voice is also replaced, but that's not an issue i suppose.

    Only taking place in the US? Why not include other places just like in previous games?

    Instinct mode could be a nice feature, but i fear it gets it too dumbed down.

    Save games are replaced with checkpoints? Wow, like playing a platformer.

    Jesper Kyd is also replaced? Why?

    And as far as i've read this game will be using a little bit different approach to game mechanism as a whole. Is it because to be more playable on the consoles? So they get things dumbed down.

    Any reasoning behind all this from Square or IO?

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    They want to hire popular hollywood voice actors, so they could probably also use them in the 2nd movie. I guess there has been some changes in the leadership of the company and thats why they are starting to produce and make decisions.
    It's probably because SQUARE ENIX is involved now..

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    Will you guys stop with the SE bashing already, it's getting old, mkay.

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