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Batman Beyond The Arkham City!

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    Batman Beyond The Arkham City!

    Alright folks, been a while since I've been on these particular forums and was hoping for some good conversation for Arkham City. Now, for those who have not played, there will be spoilers here. So I'll let you exit the thread before continuing on...

    ... gone yet? good. Let's continue.

    Now, after beating Arkham City and thoroughly enjoying it, I looked back on prior batman experiences of mine. Now, Batman Beyond came to mind and I wished that Rocksteady would develop a game for the Batman of the future. He has just as interesting characters and Rocksteady could easily add to the mythos of these characters.

    Now back to Arkham City, as I looked at the possible plot threads hanging around I realized that it is indeed possible that Batman Beyond is a possible way to go for a third or even fourth game.

    Harley's Pregnant, Jokers Dead, and with new Batman Beyond issues coming out next year, I'd say it would be a very great way to cap off the trilogy of the arkham games.

    Let me know what you think about Arkham BEYOND! (You heard it here first folks)
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    I know!!! :3

    Though, I doubt it'll happen, especially not next game.. maybe like you said, 4th game.. but it's unlikely.

    The fanboy inside me has been itching for it ever since I got the Beyond skin in AC. :333
    I've been playing almost exclusively as him.

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    Oooorr.... Bruce Wayne is about to be killed by a time travelling villain and modern and future Batman must work together to prevent that from happening... Metacritic score 50

    But seriously not really a fan so I hope they keep the modern as long as they can

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    Thumbs Up Yes! I am a fan of futuristic Sci-fi and...

    I do think a futuristic "Batman Beyond" be a very nice title for a game...

    check the next links and get inspared:

    inspered already!?

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    Lightbulb BAC and "BACF" Batman Arkham City of the Future...

    Yes! BAA and BAC are great games...

    But as a fan of Batman of the future I expect that ther will be a game similer to them and...

    In a futuristic high tech senario, like all sci-fic fans like...

    In a highlly sofisticated and organised world with nice futuristic arquitectural and landscape senarios, cause the ones in Arkham are some what Gothic and 19th century style, that is past and I like to see some real New radical New stuff!...

    Soo lots of light and bright evairoment, that means also Clean!!!

    Ok! dont have to be "TOO" radical there can be some Unclean zones, more possibley in havoc zones...

    I´d expect the game to be more "intellectually" chalenging and less figh, since we are in the future the criminals are more well informed and equiped, with a high level of knowhow and more smart, soo the Batman will have to "think more" and fight less!