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    Question about Region and Founder packs

    Question, I'm from Singapore and was wondering when the servers would allow access for players from here. Also, if i get one of the founder's pack soon, can i claim it when the servers open?

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    If you purchase a Founders Pack, you can redeem it any time, or hold on to it and redeem it later. That shouldn't be an issue.

    At the moment the places you can purchase it from can be restricted, as it's down to where we have server locations (US and Europe). Outside those regions you can technically play, but we don't actively sell the packs there and we do advise that when playing from other regions, you may have a less than optimal experience because of the locations (your latency will be quite high).

    At the moment we don't have servers in Singapore or Asia just yet.
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    Founder Packs

    The game is in closed beta. I live in australia and you say the game can be played no matter where players live. Well steam doesn't have the game in australia, yet my uk friends have it on their steam store. But what I want to know, is why when I try to purchase a founder pack, does it say (The link is a picture to show what it says)

    Also. Why am I able to buy it on the humble bundle without any problems, yet this happens on the official site. I am willing to pay for the Immortal, but i can't access it
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