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Changing NPC models

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    Changing NPC models

    First of all, yes, this is one of those "guy makes an account just to ask a dumb question" threads, but I looked around and could not find an answer posted anywhere.

    So let's say I wanted to change the police officers' models to, say, ninja models? Is this a trivial mod? How would you swap the model of any given NPC with another's model?

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    I actually created an account just to answer this question. This is actually possible, and I have done it myself. (Although the NPC's weapon became invisible.) And no, it isn't a dumb question, it's actually a slightly more complicated process. Here's how I did it:

    First I downloaded the modding tools.

    You'll need to head over to your Just Cause 2 archives_win32 folder. Usually located somewhere along the lines of this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\just cause 2\archives_win32

    Now, open up Gibbed.Avalanche.ArchiveViewer included with the modding tools. Open up with the Archive Viewer. Navigate to Find the character you want to replace, such as panaupolice.eez. Right click the .eez file and click save. Next, find the character you want to replace the other one with, such as pd_ninja.eez. Save that one, too.

    Close the Archive Viewer and drag both .eez files, one at a time, OVER the Gibbed.Avalanche.SmallUnpack file, so that it says "Open with Gibbed.Avalanche.SmallUnpack". You'll find folders named the same as the .eez files in the same directory they were located after the .eez files have been unpacked. The unpacker looks a bit like Windows CMD.

    Open the pd_ninja folder up and copy all the files in it to the pd_panaupolice folder. Next, delete the files pd_panaupolice.cdoll and from the folder. Re-name pd_ninja.cdoll to pd_panaupolice.cdoll and rename to finally, drag the pd_panaupolice FOLDER over Gibbed.Avalanche.SmallPack to create a .SARC file. Works just like the SmallUnpack tool.

    Rename the new pd_panaupolice.SARC to pd_panaupolice.eez and place the pd_panaupolice.eez you just created in Steam\steamapps\common\just cause 2\dropzone\exported\cdoll (Create the folders if you have to) Hopefully this wasn't too confusing. FYI, this will only replace the average joe police guy you see walking around or riding motorbikes. If you want to replace the soldier, you'll need to replace pd_panaupoliceriot.eez.

    Some models, like the faction guys, are harder to mod since they have multiple variants. Also, I've had serious trouble trying to replace an NPC with a custom skin for Rico, like Bolo with Rico's gear.