Thread: Did you like the style of BBS vs. other KH titles?

Did you like the style of BBS vs. other KH titles?

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    My question is directed at the approach SE took with character development/gameplay. The whole "play as three different characters in the same time line" concept. Did you like it? Would you do it again? Was there something that saved it from being a huge flop?

    I didn't mind it so much; it was actually pretty clever. Although it could have used something more. More dynamic plot climaxes for each character, each character having equal interest (Aqua's plot could have used more attention, for example), etc. It's still probably my favorite game in most other aspects. Gameplay structure in particular, where TAV each had separate quirks and learned different abilities.

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    I like the different story lines as well. Kind of a Re:Chains kind of thing. I'd love if they'd do it again, like they are doing for KH3D, but I think Kairi needs to come into the mix too. I mean, hello, the girl has a Keyblade too. She just needs to learn how to fight.

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    The one thing that I like to praise BbS about is actually the introduction of the Command Deck system over the menu-based controls of the previous games: it actually got me interested in trying different abilities since you could cycle through and use them nearly at will, you only had to worry about recharge times (no MP!). Shortcuts did make the old system easier, but I tended to use it more for casting my Cures in a bind than for offensive/control magic, even in 358/2 Days.

    In terms of story, since I played it in the "Nomura approved" order (Terra > Ventus > Aqua), it flows well enough to make sense in terms of both the main plot and those of the Disney worlds.

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    Yeah, I played it in Nomura's order as well. When recommending the game to friends, I told them it would have been less enjoyable to play it in any other way. Terra -> Ventus -> Aqua pieced the plot together well, instead of making you scramble and theorize about the events while playing through. One complaint from splilting the plot though.

    Terra had his own goal and from that developed and changed greatly, but the others were shakey on that.

    Despite having their own storylines, Aqua and Ventus still felt underdeveloped and were more or less just following the others. Now I'd like to see more about Aqua and Ventus, because the light (ironically) was shined on Terra.

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    BBS has a good variety in battle options from standard attacks to commands to finishers to shot locks to styles to D-links. However, certain aspects, such as shotlocks, can make the main story a little too easy at times (completely different story with mirage arena and secret bosses).

    Chacter wise, BBS does a good job in expplaining Terra Aqua and Ven in their respective stories. You get a chance to see cause, effects and results of each character's actions and it is rather refreshing to see how the story unfolds. The down side is the backtracking of already visited worlds (with the exception that not every world is fully explorable in a single timeline). I was just kinda sad when you lack the actual options to fight along side them in the main story (*SPOILERS*you only really fight with them for one boss). Speaking of which, playing alongside friends in the Mirage arena is fun and all, but having friends play the story with you wouldn't hurt.

    BBS brings a handful of variety and ideas but not all of it is used to its best potential. It is still nonetheless fun and memorable; ya just kinda hope they took that one extra step here and there.

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    I liked it but of course it was amazing, it was one of the most current and technilogically used games of the series. It was crisp, beautiful and moved great, I like it and I like it's direction, as mentioned above some things could have been improved but it's certainly better than most of the games. I say that because I like the drive system of II, and I like the leveling and ability system of days.

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    I like how they made it work all together but I prefer having one single story line or maybe two at the most to play.

    Then again I wouldn't miond if they made a future KH game this way. I liked it.

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    I for one loved the multiple stories as much as I did in CoM. I honestly didn't find any one story any less engaging than the others, found each character's role in each world directly relevant to their roles in the story as a whole, and was very satisfied by each characters' conclusion. I thought the combat was almost flawless (ALMOST being the keyword, I did find myself missing shortcutting to my thundagas aeros and cures). An implentation of both the command deck for the powerful commands and the L1 shortcut commands for individual spells would make the combat system 100% flawless imo. I loved the always useful D-links as a replacement for the always useless summons. And I saw the Command Styles as a "What we should have done" for Drive Forms. And Shotlocks need to make a return, they were easily one fo the most useful features of the game.

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    I like to see things from different perspectives, so yes.