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Thread: 'Master Treasure Collector' trophy question

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    'Master Treasure Collector' trophy question

    Hi everybody

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this question, but it is my first time here on this forum.

    I have been playing the PS3 version of Tomb Raider: Underworld (from the Tomb Raider Trilogy gamepack). I just completed the "Southern Mexico Expedition" level and "only" found 49 out of 50 treasures on the level.

    As I understand in order to get the 'Master Treasure Collector' trophy in the game I need to find ALL the treasures in the game.

    Is there some way that I can get a hint of where the missing treasure is, or do I have to replay the level looking everywhere for the treasure again?

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    When you finish the game you can revisit locations through the Treasure Hunt mode. You still will have to look through the 50 treasure spots to know which one you missed though, but the ones you have already picked up won't respawn, so if you were just unlucky to have missed the 1st treasure of the level you'll be done with it in no time. If it were the other way around, you'll end up having to replay the level, shouldn't take too long but it just might become tedious.

    Mexico is a bit of a pita because it has so many treasures, but most of them are cluttered up close to others. The tricky ones, IMO, are the ones that are on the road which force you to get off the bike, but there are only a handful of those (one deviously hidden behind some bushes, very close to another treasure jar which was in plain sight) and you probably picked them all already.

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