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True Adaptive Playthrough

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    True Adaptive Playthrough

    I just had a (hopefully) great idea for my next playthrough (maybe in conjunction with the DLC):

    Whenever Jensen gets a new objective, you have to discard your whole inventory.

    That way, you have to play truly "adaptive". It won't affect the difficulty too much, since there's enough stuff lying around, but you are forced to think about your resources a bit differently (unless you're going Zero Takedown Ghost, in which case, it wouldn't make a difference at all ). And saving a certain someone would definitely prove a challenge.

    If there ever is a sequel, I'd want an achievement like this.

    What do you guys think? Will you post your experiences of adapting to your surroundings? I bet there are some true MacGyver stories out there, no?

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    hah LOL. there is no way im dropping my weapons. the only thing i look forward to if i am to start my 3rd playthrough is trying out the remaining weapons i have yet to mod. its a real shame you cant mod the P.E.P.S. not enough ammo anyway.

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    Neat idea, but with my own ghost play through I did that anyway. I dumped everything into the apartment after every big(ish) chunk or when i cleared out whole areas like the DRB territory and literally went in with an empty inventory.

    Money was certainly not a problem I had about 26k on my first visit to Heng sha -.- Oh I did hack everything in site which helps with the money thing.

    Certainly more challenging with your idea if you went weapon/combat style of play as you need or procure weapons on site

    Certainly worth a shot to make the game have a slight edge as you will certainly be working with limited gear per section.

    Let me know how it turns out

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    Well except Federova (I don't think that she can die only blowing the electric stuff that stuns her but I could be wrong), I think that you can pretty much do the entire game with no inventory, like the first one.

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    ^Federova can suicide by Typhooning the capacitor things. She needs to hit all four to off herself.

    I don't know how Namir can kill himself though - I just blew him away with the Grenade Launcher as he was still kicking up his gun.

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    You can bring a turret to kill him with no weapon, or you can KO him using (probably) a bug.

    So you can do a no inventory run, that's great

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    They should have an achievement for a no items run through

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    I dunno, to me the most annoying part of DX1 was after JC wakes up in the MJ12 cell and all of his customized gear is locked in the armory. It made sense from a storytelling perspective, and I liked being forced to crawl around with only a baton or knife for a weapon, but once I started whacking guards and stealing their (inferior) weaponry, it became a bit of hassle figuring out which weapons were my original, modded ones that I wanted to keep. Plus, climbing on shelves in the armory right-clicking on item after item got a little tedious as well.

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    Originally Posted by Exia
    They should have an achievement for a no items run through
    No because it would acknowledge that it's possible, and therefore ruins the fun. Besides, there would be multiple playthrough available on the trophy websites and that would ruin the fun to actually being one that did it.
    I mean, when the first guy (don't remember his name) tried it on Deus Ex, it was really compelling to read him explain how he managed to do this part and that part.
    This kind of playthrough, it's more fun when it's actually not a feature recognized by the developpers, it means that the level design is truly awesome.

    In Human Revolution, you have a weapon in your body so it wouldn't be as difficult, but for a 2011 game, it's still pretty awesome that it's possible.

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    Good point

    It does feel good that we can have fun no gear though, for me "pos" of gear and weapons has always been fun, ever since I got into metal gear