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Thread: [PC MOD] Debug Menu Enabled, Map Selector Enabled, Skip Intro Logos

[PC MOD] Debug Menu Enabled, Map Selector Enabled, Skip Intro Logos

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    Awesome. It works. Thanks.

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    Feb 2014
    Thanks for your work on this gibbed. Using the current DXHRDC from Steam, I get this error:

    Could not identify game version (5F32F412)

    Game itself reports, the executable shows Any chance of an update for this version?

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    It doesn't even show up for me.

    No updates on this fix?

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    Will there not be any update to this?

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    Steam recently released Feral's Mac port of Director's Cut. How do you get the Debug Menu and other mods working in the Mac port?

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    Wow.. This is Really Late.

    But, Im Looking for a version of this mod thats current, like 2014 current.
    Particuler, v1.4.651.0 of (DEHUDC) Deus Ex Human Revolution Directer's Cut. And. as I've suspected, if there is no such version of the mod up to date, then is there a Patch for, or way to manipulate the game/mod to make the two compatible? I'd really love to enjoy such a GREAT mod, but I can't seem to get it to work at all. And it rips me up that im missing out.

    I doubt there is anyone out there that will notice this, or have a responce, but if there is, then PLEASE HELP.

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    Exclamation Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut

    Hello i'm new to this board as this being my first postttt... = )

    Anywho, i'm writing today cause i've just gotten the "Steam" Downloadable Game "Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut". Im wondering if i can get some help as get some help to get my mod working and maybe answer a few question if so ?

    1st i'm seeing this thing about having your game

    DOWNLOAD (DX:HR Director's Cut):
    modhook+map-select+debug-menu_2.0.0.0_patch1.7z (directly from gibbed)

    My game is reading at but you guys are saying there's a update?! Is there a game update that comes from steam or whom? I've dl'ed the patch & installed it into the game directory. And still no mod. I've read around also there's something i have to activate? Could someone brighten me up on that one? lastly am i going to have to downgrade to use this modfile?

    Any help would be thankful. = )

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    Is there a burger menu for the "The Fall"??

    Tecman, do you have an interest in making one?? Could you please?


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    Is there any way to spawn an e-book? I missed one and i really really want that archivement

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    Originally Posted by envelope91
    Is there any way to spawn an e-book? I missed one and i really really want that archivement
    There isn't any, dude... your only chance of not having to replay it all is getting a sabe file from a friend that has all the books.

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    Hello friends, I still need a option to Hide the complete HUD in DeusEX HR DirectorsCut ! Is there a chance to hide it ?

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    First many thanks for HC Mod for DX:Human Revolution.

    Is it possible to modify radar option, could You tell me how to do it? Or make it as separate option?

    I wanne to make radar lvl 1 option as in vanilla( 25 m,not turned off) or make radar 2 lvl range 25 from Your mod ( 50 m is to much and not really good visible).

    I suppose You don't play/intrest in DX:HR anymore.
    If You could tell me how to do it (hex editor or how You exactly did it ) I'll be very gratefull.

    thanks in advance
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