Thread: Color of the batsuit in Arkham Asylum?

Color of the batsuit in Arkham Asylum?

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    Color of the batsuit in Arkham Asylum?

    The cape, cowl, gauntlets and boots appear as followed in the challenge mode:
    (The same applies to the extreme versions of each map)

    Black (6):
    Silent Knight
    Sewer Bat
    Shock and Awe
    Invisible Predator
    Crime Alley
    Scarecrow Nightmare

    Blue (7):
    Intensive Treatment
    Record Breaker
    Survival Tactics
    Totally Insane
    Nocturnal Hunter
    Heart of Darkness
    Hothouse Prey

    Greenish, Dark Grey (1):
    Rumble in the Jungle

    I believe the fact is, the batsuit is different colors throughout the Arkham Asylum game. The only logical reason why is because the batsuit kind of blends in with a surrounding environment.

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    Are we seriously still discussing this?
    Obviously it's dark blue, and in some light black.

    The end.

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    It's black, it can look like a different color due to the lighting.
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    This guy came here after being kicked out of the Arkham City forums,really, drop it, the suit is black

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