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Constructive Input For Future Patches

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    Exclamation Constructive Input For Future Patches

    first off let me say that this game is EPIC. i hate using that word but its the only word that does a decent job of describing this game. its so similar to the original deus ex that its scary. if deus ex was 100 and deus ex IW was 50 this game would be 90. thank you so much for listening to the fanbase and going out of your way to make your PC customers happy. you have officially absolved yourself of rainbow six vegas.

    now to the fun stuff: ill try and be somewhat cryptic so as not to spoil it for anyone *cough*amazon customers*cough* im playing on "give me deus ex" mode for reference.

    just a few things i noticed about game balance issues. ive only just started the 3rd area but i have yet to use my sniper rifle. once you get the laser scope and the anti armor thingy for the 10mm i can head shot full armed troopers from all the way across the levels. reducing the accuracy at long ranges would be a good idea. the irony is that the gun is more accurate hip fired with the laser pointer than if you use iron sites.

    there appears to be absolutely no need for the augments that add stealth features like showing their FOV and location since you automatically have enemies showing up on your mini hud and also the direction they are facing anyways. i would suggest that this feature be disabled until you actually get that augment.

    is there any chance of increasing the search radius of npcs. obviously npc AI is very difficult since no game has every gotten it perfect but it seems that some of the guards give up a bit to easily and dont really search that far, ive also noticed that they often stop just short of whatever crate or piece of furniture im hiding behind. not sure if this is programmed that way or just coincidence.

    i would highly suggest not having the first power bar refresh. i was easily able to exploit the "takedowns" until i just stopped using them out of boredom and because i was swimming in ammo. basically you use the takedown on the first enemy and then the stun gun or dart rifle on any remaining enemies. if there is only one enemy then you just keep using takedowns.

    i just have to say "I told you so". sorry but that had to be said by someone at some point. simply disabling the automatic first bar regen would help this issue alot. at the very least this should be default in deus ex mode since people who play that mode want difficulty anyways. another idea would be for a chance of the guard escaping from the takedown. its not like there is a shortage of energy bars.......i just keep tossing them since i dont have any room for them in my inventory because of all the ammo i havent used yet. i have a fully upgraded inventory if your wondering.

    just a personal issue for me and nothing to do with game play but would it be possible to incorporate a toggle for the experience pop ups. that was the only part of the game that i didnt like.......actually i detested. having messages popping up telling me that i did something that i already knew about since i had done it is a bit annoying. and cant fart without getting a message saying i got 10 xp for passing gas.

    make tranquilizer rifle less effective against armor. even though i planned on starting my first playthrough as a death machine i use the stun gun and dart rifle as my primary weapons simply because they are much more effective than the actual weapons........10mm sniper handgun aside. or make it so that armored enemies should perhaps take two stun gun shots or tranquilizer darts to take down.

    these are the big things that stand out for me in what is so far easily going to be my personal game of the year. i hope that you guys consider doing another deus ex because it looks like the franchise is in very good hands.

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    As I said in another thread, it would be nice to have the option of changing the recharge rates for your batteries, namely having the first one recharge as normal, but every other one after that recharge at a rate of about half to three quarters of the first one.

    Mainly so when you enter combat "fresh" from just walking around you have full power, and still have the energy consumables stay useful in a battle / long stealth session.

    I just personally find the whole "only 1 battery recharges" a bit off putting. During combat I can agree with it, and I understand the intent, but if I'm walking around for 20 minutes without throwing a takedown / cloaking, it would be nice to enter a combat / stealth situation at full power.

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    if they made the recharge time at least three times as long if not more for the first bar i might go for it, but honestly if you are having problems keeping your bars fully charged with all the energy bars lying around you are probably using you augs too much. the game would still be much better if it didnt recharge at all. its far to easy to abuse as it is. at least make it that way for deus ex level or adjustable as you suggested.

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    Options. Why not have a gameplay option to determine how you want your energy to be handled?

    When people made noise about the golden outlining of objects they added a setting in, so why not this? I don't picture it being too hard to implement. :P

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    Just 2 problems:

    1. Fix the mouse lag/acceleration
    2. Speed up the loading times

    Both of those can be "fixed" by disabling vsync but that's hardly acceptable because drawbacks are screen tearing and GPU overheating (and in the case of the loading times, the improvement is still not good enough)

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    Only three important things.

    1) Fix the load times
    2) The mouse controls
    3) The stuttering. Oh pleeeease sort that stuttering out.

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    Originally Posted by Arthur Hucksake
    Only three important things.

    1) Fix the load times
    2) The mouse controls
    3) The stuttering. Oh pleeeease sort that stuttering out.
    what are your specs cause im getting completely smooth gameplay with only two crashes, one of them ironically after i lowered all of my settings to minimum to show my friend how it would look on his sissy computer. it crashed and said that i my computer might not meet the minimum requirements. just thought that was funny because i had just been playing on maximum settings.

    i7 960 OCd. to 3.6
    nvidia 285
    6GB RAM
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    Customizable controls for PS3, XBox 360, and PC version. You should be able to set the controls to what is comfortable to you.