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Thread: Performance Drops after Patch

Performance Drops after Patch

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    Network Issues

    Since the latest update my ping is suddely doubled and also I started losing connection to the network mid game...this happened never to me before.
    I live in Germany if this is a help.

    Hopefully you can fix it soon...

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    It might be work checking your adapter/router for faults, or just improving your internet connection if you have a bad one. Generally when I have the issues you describe, it's a fault on my end.

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    its not his router/adapter or his internet me and my buddies had laggspikes ingame and hitreg is also ed up. ^^

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    thrown back to home page right in the middle of the game for no apparent reason. dont have any internet issues in other games, nor hardware issues. what is this ?

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    this work for me BUT every time we need to delet this items, after two match get crash again.

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