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Re-Release - HD or Remake

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    I agree.

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    I tried to install my cd's and the movies either skip or they run upside down. I tried the FF8 Launcher and 1.2 patch.A re-release would be nice as I am now playing the PSN version.

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    Its highly possible. The games run on very similar engines. I would be suprised if they didn't.

    In fact, they probably wouldn't even have to modify the soundtrack at all given that the Direct Music function still works in Windows 7 and Direct X.

    Though, it would be awesome if they re-did the soundtrack too. The Direct Music Version is kinda bleh in comparison to the XG addon to direct music which you could only use if you had Windows 95/98. I had the pleasure of listening to it once, its easily twice as good as the PSX soundtrack. Though, the plain jane Direct Music version isn't so bad.

    Its kinda weird. Direct Music was pretty much invented for the sole purpose of porting PSX games to PC easily.

    Though I am reminded, why did Square botch the soundtrack to FF7 on the PC so badly? What happened?

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    Originally Posted by Crono1973

    I tried to install my cd's and the movies either skip or they run upside down. I tried the FF8 Launcher and 1.2 patch.A re-release would be nice as I am now playing the PSN version.

    Oh dang, now you got me curious. I guess I should give it a go and see what happens.

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    Now a re-release of the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII I am all up for. It'd be even better if they could port the Pocketstation that we in NA never got.

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    Originally Posted by ZERORAPTOR

    Now a re-release of the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII I am all up for. It'd be even better if they could port the Pocketstation that we in NA never got.

    The PC version always had Chocobo World. Still works too.

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    Originally Posted by Quadocky

    The PC version always had Chocobo World. Still works too.

    Ah, but I never was able to get it to work on my computer. I'd like it better if it was part of the menu and have it pop up in-game via a little window.

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    Originally Posted by ZERORAPTOR

    Originally Posted by Quadocky

    The PC version always had Chocobo World. Still works too.

    Ah, but I never was able to get it to work on my computer. I'd like it better if it was part of the menu and have it pop up in-game via a little window.

    Huh really? Still works on my computer. I just played it a few days ago on my Windows 7 Monster rig.

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    As exciting as it was to get the FF7 re-release I would be ecstatic if they did it for FF8. the storyline is not as good but better graphics, in my mind a better battle system, and surprisingly I liked playing the card game.

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    Yeah, it would be nice but without all the problems like FFVII is having.

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    I would love to se ff8 in hd

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    This is a classic. I'm very happy for playing this game in my adolescence... This game was the most important game for me. Now, I'm 27 and I'm a successful professional. I'm sure there're many like me. If Square-Enix remake this game (with talent and perfection, of course) I will bought it. I won't doubt about that. I know so many people that would buy this one... I would thank you forever.

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    FF1 from way back in 1990 was my 1st ff game. FF7 is my favorite. But, all of that being said, I'd buy a remake of FF8. Even though there were some things that I didn't like about it, I still enjoyed the game overall. More Pros than Cons.

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    FFIII was my first. American version not Japanese. Anyway remake would be a cool idea but hell they already made a X-2, a XIII-2, and Crisis Core. Why not just make an VIII-2 or something like it. As long as it sticks with FFVIII's overall personality I guess would be the word I'm looking for. X-2 pissed me off in that aspect. It didn't really feel like a X-anything. They may as well have put Brittany Spears as the main character for crap sake. It had good gameplay I'll give it that. Anyway yes I would be highly disappointed to have VIII become like X did. It's a good idea as long as they do it right. Probably safer to do a remake when you look at it that way really.

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    Originally Posted by imported_Peter
    The reason for this topic is based upon personal feelings towards the game FFVIII.

    Why did I love that game?
    Easy, because through my eyes it felt as if someone (builder of the game) understood me...
    The main character was based on me in the sense that he had the same childhood as me, he also didn't trust anyone (distant) and yet went up against what he saw as evil, even if the odds were against him (just like me, even his hair, face and dresscode are just like mine).
    It moved me because after I was done playing, a girl came up to me and tried to persuade me to be her boyfriend but I was very distant from her, even ignored her at times (did that lots of times) because I felt I would just end up getting hurt. But After 1 month of trying every day and me ignoring her, she almost gave up...
    a guy from her class saw her crying and had feelings for her so he made a move and it worked (she needed someone to lean on).. When I heard about this I realised what I had to lose and that deep down inside I had feelings for her (wtf!?) and I went to get her hoping it was not too late..
    But she still loved me and easily broke up with that other guy... we are still happily married today with 2 children.

    She wanted to play my game of Final fantasy VIII and then I realised how similar my situation had been to the game.

    The point is... even when I put the fact aside that this game is based on a life like my own, it realy showed how someone unloved and defensive could open up his feelings when he realised he was loved deeply (most of us do not realise how much our parents, friends and family love us untill it's too late).

    This game moves me and a lot of other people because it realy opens your eyes and makes you realise you gotto live life to it's fullest and just be who you are without being afraid of being hurt, because that is life and it is worth living.

    I was hoping they would remake Final fantasy VIII because at this point they are able to use a lot better graphics then back then, and with an even more deep/slightly longer story... I'm sure Square enix would sell even more copies then they sold back then.

    But that's me thinking out loud... what do you guys think?
    It doesn't have to be the same game over again, just another game that uses an even deeper story then they used in FF VIII because they certainly were on the right path there ! Lot's of emotions going on and a reason to fight !!
    WE NEED A FF8 and FF9 remake idk why everyone is complaining about a single title whe they know their just going to complain as soon as its released about the next ff game thats in line so basically start complainging for a series remake instead of a title remake.idk about everyone but to me itd be pointless i they keep doing one at a time they need to release a complete series of 7 8 9 and not that itll be possible on many computers due to visual glitches and frames per second issues but a 10 and 12 remake would BE IIIIIIINNNNNSSSSAAANNNEEE especially for some kind of bundle price like 59.99 i know id rather do that than another single game like ff7 again and have to end up paying like 80.00 for them all seperately.Oh and by the way SQUARE ENIX good job at completely failing the requests of thousands of your few ff fans that are left on a ff7 remake WE DIDNT WANT THE SAME GAME REMADE FOR PC WE WANTED THE SAME GAME COMPLETELY REBUILT AND REVISUALIZED FOR THIS GENERATIONS CONSOLES AND GRAPHICS but oh wait you didnt even think youd be able to do this remake as is. since you cant make a single new good title.its pathetic when you cant pull head from arse to do what 12 year olds have already done with their own computers at home with NO TRAINING OR SCHOOLING and had a 10 times better outcome on graphics and new moves and designs so once again thank you for being less intellegent than a mere child and doing the exact opposite of what the only people who are responsible for keeping this company from going to crap and staying afloat. and dissapointing us once offense its just a fact you guys have lost the touch and need to find it again and quick before you go out of buisness

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    oh and PETER detach yourself from the game a second.squall was part of a special op unit tasked in killing sorcerers.his childhood was growing up in an orphanage with a few other kids and in the end they all end up dissapearing into thin air pretty tell me lol how the h do you relate to that man

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    Necro-bump, but i have been hoping and praying for years that 8 would be re-released on updated graphics. Leave the story exactly as it is and bring the graphics up to ps3 quality. *drools* I'd end up buying multiple copies since my FF8 games always go missing ie: people borrow and don't give 'em back!

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    this was my first final fantasy and most certainly my favorite! The characters meant so much to me, they felt so real and I really felt attached, especially to Squall throughout and Rinoa as the game progressed. I even felt deep pity for Siefer every time I saw that I would have to fight him. I'm pretty sure I cried at some parts, the story and character development was just that good. Although the junction system was confusing when I was younger, I enjoy it immensely now. The cutscenes were amazing as well, with the ending being one of my favorite cinematics for a game ever. Now that I'm done gushing, I think I'd rather not have a sequel to Final Fantasy VII, the risk of disappointment is too high quite honestly. I'd rather just have a remake of the game, so I could play it on my X-box with better graphics. This could quite possibly make my life!

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    FF8 was the first FF I played too, back when I was 13 and it's still my favorite. I grew to love all of the characters and their relationships with each other to the point that I cried when it ended (and I was a very tough kid that never cried). I would be the first to buy the remake if they made it. PLEASE MAKE A FF8 REMAKE! (Or FF8-2 like another user mentioned.) I'd love you forever if you did.

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    Yes, it will be a dream came true. FFVIII its one of my favourites. I wish to released for PS3, but i think its impossible

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    They don't remaster PS1 games but a full HD remake would be amazing.

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    As I would like to develop a remake of Final Fantasy 8! This is a game that deserves a new chance to be on top of the world and I'm sure there are millions and millions of people who want to see Squall, Rinoa and others in full HD! I ask nothing of a complete transformation parameter changes or anything like that just make a glorious return to HD to see those wonderful scenes video still better image quality and to see a true Squall perfectly designed graphically fighting fund screen to match its huge popularity and, more than anything, trying to at least match the image quality of the video scenes perfect by then!, do not compare the huge, gigantic video scenes that holds title to the funding scenarios that were used in the game, wish, wish all gamers and lovers of this incredible saga, to see a Squall, a Quistis, a Rinoa in superior image quality that would be great and that would be huge news for the world to see a title before beating records appear completely in the world, marked 10/10 stars by many critics before Surga even in Europe, arise in video quality according to current technologies ... I do not ask to change the game, just ask improve graphically, the game is perfect in terms of history, like all Final Fantasy history, I ask what they want and probably millions, is to improve the textures, nothing more, that the game becomes a game greatly advanced by then 1999, a game with the graphics quality of the XXI century, the history, development, characters, weapons, their guardians, enemies, cities, technology, everything, is perfect, it needs to be rebuilt, or edit anything, just change the graphic quality ... Content not change anything ... It would be a dream come true for millions of people ...

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    What I think would be awesome if they did would be if they remade all the final fantasy's from 1-9 and released it as a collection. It would be pretty awesom I think at least

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    That would be epic.

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    My favourite FF. Square Enix needs new games like these... they need to look at these games and learn from what they have made before. Since they refuse to give us new versions of the very thing that defined them, at least they should give us remakes (NOT remasters).

    I don't care what business model/strategy/whatever they have... A remake of any FF after III but before X-2 with current-gen graphics and gameplay enhancements would sell far more than FFXII, XIII, XIII-2, vsXIII, XIII-3.. no wait -- 'Lightning Returns' (jeez!).

    Forums are flooded with people asking for remakes... No one is even talking about FFXV. No one cares. We all know Square Enix has given up on the formula that defined the entire JRPG genre, so a new FF will just be another flashy tired anime-style game.

    I read articles about JRPG dying. It's not dying because it's failing, but rather because the Gods (fathers, mothers, kings, whatever) of the JRPG genre has decided not to make them anymore, and instead opted for the same redundant type of games that other companies have been making and are still making.

    If they made an FFVIII remake on a console I did not own, I would buy it just for FFVIII and not feel an inch of regret even if I bought no other games for it (I actually bought a 360 just for the Lost Odyssey, and I promise you: it's the only game I bought for it, and I don't regret it one bit). I'm sure almost all FF fans who live above the poverty line would agree.

    I just wish Mistwalker would get bought by Square Enix and get organized into a team led by Hironobu Sakaguchi to become the main development division that makes FF games, because if there is a real FFXI (as in, a numbered FF game that actually follows the formla invented by FF), it's the Lost Odyssey. (ironic title, no?)

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