Thread: Where to download?

Where to download?

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    Where to find digital copy after redeeming code on PSV

    Hello, i redeemed code for Final Fantasy X-2, but i dont have much big memory card so i dont want it download it before i complete FF X. So where on the store I can find it to dowload it after some time (search tool didnt work or i was extremly blind).

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    Don't worry it's available in your downloads forever,just check it out via your PS store on Vita.

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    Where to download?

    I have purchased a final fantasy x/x2 hd remaster for ps vita. i want to download the ff x2 but i dont know how. will someone/somebody please give me the details on how to download this game. the download code is incloded in the packcage. Thanks in advance.

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    thanks for the reply. but when i go to playstation store and i hit the redeem codes, and entered the package code then i click next, then it says " The code you entered may not be correct or may be invalid. Please check that you entered it correctly. (NP-9128-9)" and i've check it many times but still the same. or is it not available for download here in the Philippines?

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    I have been just keeping it on my PS3. seems safe enough.

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    I didn't buy a physical copy but bought from psn. Does anyone know how I get ffx-2 as I only seem to be able to get ffx. I have no redemption code