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Thread: Want some cool Tomb Raider goodies? It's competition time! [ended]

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    Mater Urbium

    Want some cool Tomb Raider goodies? It's competition time! [ended]

    Hey guys,

    It's been a while since we've had our last forum competition, so it's about time we have one again

    This is the first in a new series of forum competitions where neat prizes can be won by all

    To get things rolling again, this first one will be a simple guess the number competition and will be open to everyone.

    Some time after this competition closes, we'll hold the next one, with even swankier prizes than the ones in this competition. We're looking at September, but no steady date is set yet. But the prizes in the next competition may not all be available to brand new members. So to all you lurkers out there, create your forum account NOW and get posting, to ensure you're eligible for our next competitions! But don't just spam to get your post count up, we'll see right through that

    Okay, now that that is out of the way, what can you guys win in this competition...

    Our community manager Meagan Marie managed to swipe some cool Tomb Raider goodies from the office.


    - 1x Tomb Raider: Underworld art book
    - 1x Tomb Raider: Legend Xbox 360 Faceplate (console skin)
    - 1x Tomb Raider: Legend sticker


    - All the goodies of the runner up prize PLUS 1x Tomb Raider: Underworld T-shirt (sizes available: small, medium and XL)

    (click image to enlarge)

    What do you have to do?

    It's simple: just guess 2 (TWO) numbers between 1 and 10,000 and post them in this thread.

    The person closest to the first number will win first prize. The person closest to the second number wins the runner up prize.

    Note: I didn't come up with the numbers myself, they are completely random. I went to and generated 2 numbers between 1 and 10,000.

    The rules.

    - This competition closes at 15:00 GMT on August 15, 2011.

    - Only 1 guess (containing 2 numbers) per person. If you post more than once, your first post counts. If you register a new account to make multiple guesses, you are disqualified for this and any future competitions we hold. Don't get smart, we will be able to tell

    - In the event of a tie, the person who posted first wins.

    - Not that it would happen, but to ensure no bias on our side, the pre-determined winning numbers are written down in a textfile and placed inside a password protected zipfile which is attached to this post. Everyone can download the zipfile and when the competition closes and the winning numbers are announced, I will release the password for those who do not trust us for some crazy reason

    - A person can only win either first prize or runner up prize. So in the event of 1 single person guessing both correct numbers, the runner up prize will go to the second in line.

    Because it's summer vacation and some of you might be off to the Bahama's right now, we'll let this competition running longer than usual. You guys have about 1 month to enter.

    Okay, on your marks......get set........guess!

    Small pint:
    1. Winners will be notified within 52 days of closing date by e-mail or Private Message on 2. A list of winners, including names and country, will be available within 6 weeks of competition closing. These can be obtained by sending a Stamped Addressed Envelope to the Promoter (see 9 below). 3. Square Enix Europe accept no responsibility for entries/prizes lost or distorted in transmission. 4. There is no cash alternative to the prizes. 5. Square Enix Europe reserves the right to substitute prizes with others of at least equivalent value. 6. Competition not open to employees of Square Enix Europe, their agents and suppliers. 7. The Promoter's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to. 8. No purchase necessary. 9. The competition promoter is Square Enix Europe, Wimbledon Bridge House, 1 Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3RU.
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    Wow, a T- shirt ^^ Well, here goes nothing

    1158 and 6911
    Raiding tombs since 2007. tumblr | N7 #HeroOfFerelden #ChampionOfKirkwall
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    Alright! I would love to wear that T-shirt.

    My numbers are: 7651 and 143

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    1234 and 6746.


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    Well, what the heck, I guess...

    05 and 7555

    Coz anything might do, so why not!
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    U.S.G. Ishimura
    First number: 666

    Second number: 4669
    --->Winter's YouTube <--- Currently Serving 'TR:A'
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    5294 and 7396

    Another who really wants the face plate.
    Emma Watson would make a great Lara, and a British actress should play a British icon!

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    Middle Earth
    Her goes nothing:

    8361 & 1185
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    498 and 7,509

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    Plymouth, UK

    First #: 392
    Second #: 6,732
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    Goodies for me!


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    1739 and 8650.

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    2821 and 8016
    "I'd like to say it was nice to meet you, but that would be a lie"
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    My numbers are: 7,875 and 9,876

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    4,609 & 5,590

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    First number: 7

    Second number: 7,845

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    First number 82
    second number 4,567
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    Best of luck everyone!

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    2 and 9 :P

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    4893 and 209
    Two Guns, Money and Attitude. Lara Croft, The Tomb Raider.

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    214 and 2788

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    my Numbers are 14 1414 14 is my lucky number

    TombRaider fan since First game onm ps1/psx and pc+am new here in the forum

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    First Number 666
    Second Number 6066

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    811 and 8486

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    First Number: 555
    Second Number: 5643

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