Thread: The Ultimate Writer/Artist/Character thread

The Ultimate Writer/Artist/Character thread

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    The Ultimate Writer/Artist/Character thread

    Type who you'd like to see writing a character, as well as who you think should be on art duty.

    I'd like to see Lee Bermejo and Brian Azzarrello do a Jonah Hex book, for starters.
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    Why hasn't anyone commented on this yet? I think this is a wonderful idea!

    I've always thought my dream-team of Batman stories would be Frank Miller as writer and Kelley Jones as artist. Or even have Garth Ennis write Batman, even though he hates superheroes too much to give it a respectful try (as indicated in Hitman and The Boys).

    I'd also like to see J.M DeMatteis as writer and Kaare Andrews as artist for Spider-Man. I'm not sure if they've collaborated together before, though.

    And Lonnie Machin needs to return as Anarky! Wish Alan Grant were still around so he could fix that god awful "Money Spider" mishap.

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    Steve Niles and Alex Ross on Hellblazer.