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Thread: The Times (TR9 news and updates)

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    The Times (TR9 news and updates)


    Thread Table of Contents (click on a link to jump to that point in the thread):

    Thread Introduction & bot posts info

    First Press Release

    Newsletter Archive

    Podcast Archive

    TOMB RAIDER Pre-release Coverage & Media
    1st wave (Announcement - December 2010)
    2nd wave (Magazine Covers/Pre E3 - Early 2011)
    3rd wave (E3/Post "Turning Point" - Mid 2011)
    4th wave (Post E3 - Late 2011)
    5th wave (Early 2012)
    6th wave (PRE E3/E3/Post E3 - Mid 2012)
    7th wave (Survivor Trailer - Late 2012)
    8th wave (Multiplayer - Early 2013)

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    Tomb Raider: 15th Anniversary Gallery | Website(s) Materials | Optimals/Peripherals | Game Informer Media

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    Official Trailers and Final Hours
    Videos E3 2012 | Videos Past E3 2012 | Videos late 2012
    Videos Early 2013

    Thread Introduction & bot posts info

    Hello everyone, I am a bot. Nice to meet you all

    I will be posting the latest news on Tomb Raider coming from the official twitter account, the official blog and the monthly newsletters.

    Important bits of news will be collected in this first post.

    Feel free to use this thread to discuss the latest news about the upcoming Tomb Raider™ game.

    Ps. Because I am a bot and therefore not perfect you will from time to time see temporary new sticky threads containing these automated blogposts / tweets / newsletters. The moderator staff will merge those threads with this one while they are doing their forum rounds.

    On a final note: Many thanks to H4RR7H and the Tomb Raider community for helping out with this post and keeping my CPU from overheating

    First Press Release:

    Quote Originally Posted by Square Enix Ltd
    LONDON (December 6, 2010) – Square Enix Ltd. is excited today to announce TOMB RAIDER®, the new game from Redwood City based studio Crystal Dynamics.

    After a brutal storm destroys the boat she was travelling on,
    a frightened young woman is left washed ashore on an unknown beach.
    On her own but not alone she has only one goal, to survive.
    Here begins the first adventure for a young and inexperienced Lara Croft in a story which charts the journey of an ordinary woman who finds out just how far she must go in order to stay alive.

    “Forget everything you know about TOMB RAIDER, we are exploring things that have never been done before in this game,” said Darrell Gallagher, Head of Studio, Crystal Dynamics. “This is an origins story that creates Lara Croft and takes her on a character defining journey like no other.”
    For more information on TOMB RAIDER please visit or follow TOMB RAIDER on Twitter @TombRaider.

    === Newsletter Archive ===

    Newsletter mirror:

    === Podcast Archive ===

    TOMB RAIDER Pre-release Coverage & Media

    1st wave (Announcement - December 2010):

    GameInfomer Magazine Media Hub (December 26th, 2010, Exclusive Announcement) [US/AU/NZ]

    2nd wave
    (Magazine Covers/Pre E3 - Early 2011):

    3rd wave
    (E3/Post "Turning Point" - Mid 2011):

    4th Wave
    (Post E3 - Late 2011)

    Official Playstation Magazine August
    Cape of Torn Clothes (via Game World Navigator Magazine [RU]) (thanks to aussie500 & EscondeR)
    21, Broken, frightened and lost... (via CVG)
    Tomb Raider is Full of Emotion (via GameReacor [DE]) > English Derivative
    GameInformer August's Hot 50 of E3 2011
    Interview: Tomb Raider’s Karl Stewart (via Rock Paper Shotgun)
    Building A Better Lara Croft - Stewart On Rebooting (via Gamasutra)
    Demorgan (NL) Front Page
    Interview with Meagan Marie (via Pixel Perfect)
    Square Enix Magazine (Download) [UK]
    Clara [CA]'s Tomb Raider demo [FR] (via Captain Alban) >> Her English translation
    The Return of Tomb Raider (Karl Stewart Interview) [ES] (via
    Tomb Raider Community Event in London by Gabi & Jackles
    The Redemption of Lara Croft (IGN)
    Art Director Brian Horton Talks Lara's New Look
    Tomb Raider on the cover of Consoles+ (TR15's Andy Park Piece)
    Tomb Raider on the cover of XBG Games [DE] (TR15's Andy Park Piece) >> Discussion

    Tomb Raider: 15th Anniversary Gallery (all October)
    + See Pictures Collection Below

    5th wave
    (Early 2012):

    UK Playstation Magazine
    PS3M & 360Live Magazines > PSM3 – Tomb Raider New Info “Lara is a vulnerable hero”
    Xbox 360 Preview: Tomb Raider Gameplay Preview - Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine
    EGM Interview: Tomb Raider | EGMNOW
    Tomb Raider listed in "Top 100 of 2012" @
    PLAY Magazine 213 – Tomb Raider Exclusive
    Preview: Games of 2012: Tomb Raider Gameplay Preview @
    Tomb Raider listed in "Best Action And Adventure Games of 2012: The Ones To Watch" @
    Tomb Raider listed in "20 reasons to be excited about gaming in 2012" @ Digital Spy
    Tomb Raider listed in "The Most Anticipated Games of 2012" @ Yahoo! Games
    Tomb Raider listed in "IGN's 30 Most Anticipated Games of 2012" @ IGN
    Tomb Raider listed in "The Big Games Of 2012" @ GameInformer
    Tomb Raider featured in CVG's "24 games that will define gaming in 2012 (Pt. 1)"
    Rumor: New Tomb Raider delayed to 2013 | N4G
    Five Games That Could Go Either Way in 2012 - Xbox360 Feature at IGN
    Eidos Forums Q&A session with Karl Stewart
    No sex in new Tomb Raider, combat system reveal at E3 2012 (Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine)
    Vote for Tomb Raider in GameTrailer's Ultimate Gaming Preview Poll
    Tomb Raider Development Reaches Milestone, Simultaneously Worldwide Release Planned | The Silent Chief
    Tomb Raider release date likely to be after May (OXM)
    Tomb Raider: No Wii U version, collector’s edition and Mac SKU confirmed (VG247)
    Tomb Raider Wii U 'would need to be built from scratch' (CVG)
    20 IGN Editors Pick Their Most Anticipated Game of 2012
    Tomb Raider Skipping Wii U (GameInformer)
    Tomb Raider 2012 - What Lies Ahead (NerdTrek)

    6th wave (PRE E3/E3/Post E3 - Mid 2012):

    Road to E3 - Tomb Raider (IGN)
    Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2012 (GameTrailers)
    E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Tomb Raider Gameplay Preview (ComputerAndVideoGames)
    E3 2012 - Fifteen Games to watch (USAtoday)
    E3 2012 Most anticipated (Gamespot)
    E3 First Look Special — June 1, 2012 (GameTrailers)
    IGN Rewind Theater: Tomb Raider: Crossroads Trailer - E3 2012 (IGN)
    Tomb Raider At E3 2012: What To Expect (PCWorld)
    E3 2012: ‘Tomb Raider’ Developer Crystal Dynamics Explains Game and Movie Crossover (The Hollywood Reporter)
    The Enemies Of Tomb Raider (Game Informer)
    Crystal Dynamics shows off TOMB RAIDER on E3 2012 Microsoft Press Conference (Tomb Raider News Channel)
    E3 2012: Tomb Raider Demo Shown (IGN)
    E3 2012: Open World Gameplay Demo (GameTrailers)
    Tomb Raider - Stuck On Rails (Gamespot)
    E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference -- 5 Biggest Winners & Losers (IGN)
    E3 2012: Behind the Game Interview with Karl Stewart (GameTrailers)
    Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference Analysis - Halo 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Tomb Raider" (IGN)
    Tomb Raider preview - the other side of Lara (GamesRadar)
    E3 2012: Tomb Raider and the Breaking of Lara Croft (IGN)
    IGN's Best of E3 2012 Awards (IGN)
    Tomb Raider reboot: Lara Croft comes of age, from bow to gun [preview] (Venturebeat)
    Will Tomb Raider Venture Off the Beaten Path? (GameSpot)
    Video Recap: Microsoft's E3 Press Briefing (GameInformer)
    Tomb Raider preview - paradise island (Metro)
    Tomb Raider interview with Karl Stewart - remaking Lara (Metro)
    New Tomb Raider Demo Shows Off Combat (GameInformer)
    Tomb Raider - Lara Gets Put Through The Ringer In New E3 Demo (GameInformer)
    E3 - GameSpot Stage Shows - Tomb Raider: Grow [Preview] (GameSpot)
    Correction: Tomb Raider Not Targeting Wii U (GameInformer)
    Preview: Can Tomb Raider Reinvent Video Game Violence? (1UP)
    Tomb Raider E3 Preview - Lara's Bumpy Road To Heroine Status (G4TV)
    Tomb Raider Preview: An Hour in Lara's Shoes (EuroGamer)
    Crystal Dynamics: Lara Croft has “always been one-dimensional” (VG24/7)
    “We’d done all that we could” with old Tomb Raider, says Crystal Dynamics (VG24/7)
    Lara is dead, long live Lara: Tomb Raider at E3 (VG24/7)
    Square Enix support for Tomb Raider comes “straight from the top” (VG24/7)
    Interview: Reinventing Lara Croft (1UP)
    IGN's Best of E3 2012 Awards (IGN)
    Tomb Raider Wins IGN People's Choice and Editor's Pick For Game Of Show At E3 2012 (IGN)
    E3 Community Ambassador Group Interview!! (EidosGames Forums)
    EF Community Interview with Karl Stewart @ E3 2012 (EidosGames Forums)
    Lara Croft and the Issue of Disempowerment (IGN)
    Tomb Raider studio not "making a game about a girl (EdgeOnline)
    Get Back Up (EscapistMagazine)
    Opinion: Sex, Lies and Tomb Raider (IGN)
    Camilla Luddington confirmed as new Lara Croft voice (VG24/7)
    William & Kate actress named as new Lara Croft (Metro/GameCentral)
    Crystal Dynamics: Controversial Tomb Raider scene is "close physical intimidation," not rape (EuroGamer)
    Tomb Raider Dev: Rape is Not in Our Vocabulary (EscapistMagazine)
    PlayStation Blogcast 032: Tomb Raider and the Art of the Reboot(Playstation)
    Tomb Raider almost had Enslaved-style escort storyline, fantasy elements(OXM)
    Tomb Raider – E3 Preview(GamingLives)
    Tomb Raider: Dispelling The Myths(IGN)
    SDCC 2012: The 'Tomb Raider' Panel

    Latter-half of Tomb Raider to be less bleak, set up franchise future(EuroGamer)
    Tomb Raider wants to make you cry and give you goose-bumps(INCGamers)
    Tomb Raider – Karl Stewart Interview - Aug 28th, 2012 (GamingLives)
    Tomb Raider – Hands-On Preview (GamingLives)
    Crystal Dynamics shows Lara Croft can kick major ass in Tomb Raider(Digital Trends)
    Interview with Lead Writer (Escapistmagazine)
    Tomb Raider: Rhianna Pratchett on writing Lara 2.0 (VG24/7)
    Rhianna Pratchett: Rewriting Lara Croft (GamesIndustry)
    The Craft Behind Croft (Escapistmagazine)
    Croft manner: Tomb Raider art director Brian Horton discusses Lara’s latest rebirth (Edge-Online)
    Tomb Raider Has Series' Largest Environments Despite Ageing Consoles (NowGamer)
    + See Video Collection Below

    7th wave Survivor Trailer - Late 2012:

    CVG - Tomb Raider: First hands-on with Lara's ambitious reboot
    VG247 - Tomb Raider’s opening hours: preview, new video
    GameInformer - Uncover the latest on Tomb Raider
    IGN - Tomb Raider and the Making of Lara Croft
    Eurogamer - Tomb Raider: the model of a modern megagame
    GamesRadar 21-awesome-things-we-did-and-saw-Tomb-Raider
    Shacknews - Tomb Raider preview: the first two hours
    Lazy Gamer - Tomb Raider hands-on – A Survivor is Born
    Digital Spy | 'Tomb Raider' preview: Three hours with Lara Croft's first adventure
    Xbox360achievements - Entering-the-Dragon’s-Den
    Allgamenews - Interview with Tomb Raider senior art director Brian Horton
    Venturebeat - Tomb Raider at its best when its not emulating Uncharted
    GameKings - Interview with Daniel Bisson
    Capsulecomputers - Interview with Tomb Raider senior art director Brian Horton
    Game Reactor - Preview
    GamePro -Auch Grabräuber fangen mal klein an (German)
    Kotaku - Preview
    1up - Can Lara Croft Overcome Trendy Design Cliches?
    Joystiq - Surviving and learning to fight back as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider
    EGMNOW - Hands on Tomb Raider
    Nowgamer - Tomb Raider: The First 3 Hours
    + See Video Collection Below

    8th wave Multiplayer - Early 2013
    OXM - In our next issue: Tomb Raider gets multiplayer!
    Gematsu - Tomb Raider multiplayer detailed in OXM
    VG247 - Tomb Raider multiplayer includes team deathmatch, “Rescue” modes – report
    IGN - Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details; Survivors vs. Scavengers
    CVG - Tomb Raider: Lara has gone through lots of challenges, and there are many more
    IGN - Shipwrecked: Hands-On with Tomb Raider Multiplayer
    Forbes - Top 5 Most Anticipated Video Game Soundtracks of 2013
    Destructoid - CES: This is how Tomb Raider does multiplayer
    HollywoodReporter -'Tomb Raider' Actress Camilla Luddington Gets Her Game On (Q&A)
    USAToday -5 things you didn't know about the next 'Tomb Raider'
    Polygon - TR MP extends the SP experience, says Eidos Montreal producer
    DigitalSpy - 'Tomb Raider' is Digital Spy readers' most anticipated game of 2013
    strategyinformer - Tomb Raider Interview
    IGN - TR Achievements Surface With Big MP Component
    IGN - Tomb Raider Won't Get a Demo or Season Pass
    Square Enix - A TOMB RAIDER discussion for Square Enix fans
    IGN - Tomb Raider Won’t Hit Wii U, Would Be Too Different
    Gamespot - Why Tomb Raider skipped Wii U
    EGMNOW -Developer Discusses Decision Not to Bring Tomb Raider to Wii U
    CVG - Tomb Raider ESRB rating contains new gameplay details
    CVG - TR MP details: Destructible environments and 'lever-based traps'
    VG247 - Tomb Raider multiplayer receives a quarter of the game’s Achievements
    VG247 - Tomb Raider multiplayer: gameplay video & details inside
    CVG - Tomb Raider Limited Edition Xbox 360 controller revealed
    CVG - Tomb Raider Achievements: multiplayer accounts for 250 Gamerscore
    GunsAndGrapple - Guest Articles: Everyone's Lara Croft!
    VG247 - Tomb Raider: looking good there, Lara
    PCMAG - Lara Croft's Latest Tomb Raider Adventure is a Reboot Done Right
    IGN - Dark Horse Brings Tomb Raider Back to Comics
    CVG - Dark Horse partners for Tomb Raider prequel comic
    Forbes - From 'Dead Space 3' to 'Tomb Raider:' An Interview with Jason Graves
    Mashable - 'Tomb Raider' Reboot Explores Lara Croft's Origins and Insecurities
    EGMNOW - Era of the reboot – breathing new life into classic franchises
    IGN - 30 Days Before Tomb Raider
    CVG - New Tomb Raider video shows Basecamp; fast travel
    VG247 - Tomb Raider – latest Guide To Survival Episode shows how to use basecamp system

    + See Video Collection Below

    Official FAQ: Tomb Raider
    Official Fansite Directory


    Tourniquet Render
    Lara Portrait
    Roth Render
    Axe Render

    Trailer Teaser Images
    Teaser 1
    Teaser 2
    Teaser 3

    Concept Art
    Burnable Barrier
    Lara Full Body
    Mega Altar
    Night Hub 2
    Night Hub
    Shipwreck Vista


    Base Camp
    Night Hub
    Scavenger Den
    Wolf Den

    Wallpaper 1
    Wallpaper 2
    Wallpaper 3
    Wallpaper 4
    Wallpaper 5
    Wallpaper 6
    Wallpaper 7
    Wallpaper 8

    Chat Icons
    Chat Icon 1
    Chat Icon 2
    Chat Icon 3
    Chat Icon 4
    Chat Icon 5

    Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary: Shipwreck Beach for Windows
    Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary: Shipwreck Beach for Mac

    Tomb Raider: 15th Anniversary Gallery
    Into the Darkness by Brian Horton
    Kyudo by Toby Gard
    Profile Pic by JJB
    Rebirth by Andy Park
    Shipwreck Beach by Brenoch Adams
    Wolf Den by Long Vo
    The Depths by Camilla d'Errico
    The Crucible by Randy Green
    + Shipwreck Beach (Festive)

    Website(s) Materials
    Old Website Landing Background
    Old "A Survivor Is Born" Website Overlay
    Old Entire Website Flash Media Presentation incl. Website Main Background + Foreground (Lara) (decompiled by JonnyT)
    Final Website Landing Gate
    Final Website Background Splash > Logo To Match
    Small Title

    Official TR Youtube Background Splash
    Official TR Blog (Tumblr) Background
    Facebook & Blog Logo
    The Crystal Habit Podcast Album Artwork


    TR9 Official Media Thread (Collection of assets by Eidos Forums ex-admin Goran/current Moderator Driber)

    Official Twitter Background (now unused) (via EF)

    Logo 1
    Logo 2
    Logo 3
    Logo 4

    Concept Art 1 "Ice Axe Render" (Fullsize via GameInformer)
    Concept Art 2 "Lara" (Fullsize via CD FTP redistributor Katie Fleming)

    Missing Screenshot (Possibly just a game-play shot; thanks to FearEffect)

    Game Informer Media
    GameInformer Cover Reveal A
    GameInformer Cover Reveal B => Fullsize (via EF)
    GameInformer Cover Spread A
    GameInformer Cover Spread B

    GameInformer Hub Background
    GameInformer's Lara Croft: The Evolution Splash
    GameInformer's A Survivor Is Born: The New Lara Croft Splash
    GameInformer's Character Profile: Conrad Roth Splash
    GameInformer's Official Tomb Raider Wallpapers For Everyone (3 x 4 sizes each)

    Official Ringtone (aka Main Theme)

    Community-compiled Soundtrack Playlist


    Summary: Concerning Dimitrijevic and the new Composer for Tomb Raider (incorporating the following original news: )
    > TOMB RAIDER: The Soundtrack - First taste of TR's music in the GI podcast + Downloads (derivation of the GameInformer Special Edition Podcast)
    > TOMB RAIDER: The Soundtrack - Welcome New Composer Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
    > TOMB RAIDER: The Soundtrack - Sad news: Dimitrijevic *possibly* left out; affects Trailer
    > TOMB RAIDER: The Soundtrack - New theme music from the trailer, not Dimitrijevic

    TOMB RAIDER: The Soundtrack - Marie: "Our goal [is] to make sure that we release a soundtrack"
    New theme from "Turning Point" not intentionally reminiscent of McCree's
    Wilmer Talks Tomb Raider's trailer score
    New "Turning Point" score from Tomb Raider (2012) in the second Crystal Habit Pod-cast
    Official soundtrack to Tomb Raider in the works?
    Rumour: Rob Lord attached to Tomb Raider?
    Petri Alanko not scoring Tomb Raider reboot
    New composer teased in Crystal podcast #4
    Wilmer confirms known piece as Tomb Raider reboot's official new theme
    Rumour: Dead Space's Jason Graves composing the score to Tomb Raider reboot? >> Summary
    New Tomb Raider pieces in Crystal Podcast #5 >> Discussion
    Composer Rob Lord denies Tomb Raider rumours


    Official Trailers and Final Hours

    Making The GameInformer Cover

    Official 1080p CGI "Turning Point" Teaser Trailer (Download via Official Site) > (US Stream / UK Stream via Official Youtube)

    E3 2011 Microsoft Exclusive Gameplay Premiere/Demo Presentation (via GameTrailers) > Stream via IGN's Youtube
    > Gameplay Demo with Live Commentary (Stream via IGN > Youtube)
    > Extended Gameplay Demo (via GameSpot > Youtube)

    Interview with Global Brand Director, Karl Stewart (Download via TRC, stream via Square Enix)
    Pre-E3 Interview with Darrell Gallagher (via GameSpot)
    Kyle Peschel Interview (via Game40Videos)
    Art Direction Interview with Brian Horton (via GameTrailers)
    "A New Lara Croft" Interview with Karl Stewart (via GameTrailers)
    Interview with Noah Hughes (via G4)
    Interview with Karl Stewart (via G4)
    Interview with Stewart & Hughes (via G4)
    Interview with Kyle Peschel (via GiantBomb)
    Interview with Brian Horton (via Games Radar)
    Interview with Darrell Gallagher (via Wired)
    Interview with Karl Stewart (via Discovery Channel [NL])
    Crystal talk Lara's Survival Instinct (Interview with Karl Stewart via GameReactor [EU])
    Behind The Scenes Of Tomb Raider's Debut Trailer (via Game Informer)
    Crosshairs: Tomb Raider et. al (via Gamespot)
    Interview with Noah Hughes (via Gamespot)
    Tomb Raider Gameplay Preview - Jessica Chobot Interviews Brian Horton (via G4TV)

    Sexy Saxophone Recut (via IGN)
    Tomb Raider featured in IGN Presents: The Big Games of 2012
    Tomb Raider featured in GameTrailer's "The Best Action/Adventure Games of 2012"
    Tomb Raider featured in GameTrailers' Countdown: Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012 (Video)

    Videos E3 2012 - "Crossroads" - "Parachute Gameplay"

    E3 2012: First Look Tomb Raider "Crossroads" Teaser (via GameTrailers)
    Tomb Raider - E3 2012: Exclusive "Crossroads" Gameplay Trailer (Stream via GameTrailers > Youtube)
    > Stream via Official Tomb Raider Youtube
    > E3 2012 Crossroads Gameplay with Commentary (Stream via IGN > Youtube)

    Official E3 Preview of Tomb Raider - Interview with Brian Horton and Crossroads Gameplay (Stream via G4TV)
    AJ E3 2012: Tomb Raider Interview with Karl Stewart (Stream via AngryJoeShow)
    E3 2012: Behind the Game Interview with Karl Stewart (Stream via GameTrailers)
    Tomb Raider - E3 2012: Parachute Gameplay (Stream via GameTrailers > Youtube)
    > Stream via IGN > Youtube

    E3 2012: Tomb Raider Interview with Ron Rosenberg and Parachute Gameplay footage (Stream via GiantBomb)
    Tomb Raider - E3 2012: Open World Gameplay Demo (SpikeTV interview with Karl Stewart) (Stream via GameTrailers)
    Tomb Raider E3 Gameplay Demo and interview with Karl Stewart (Stream via G4TV)
    E3 2012: Lara's Origin Interview with Ron Rosenberg (with Open World Gameplay Demo) (Stream via GameTrailers)
    Tomb Raider Demo - E3 2012 IGN Live interview with Karl Stewart (with extra footage!) (Stream via IGN > Youtube)
    E3 2012: Interview with Darrell Gallagher on Tomb Raider (Stream via Square Enix Youtube)
    E3 2012: Tomb Raider interview with Karl Stewart (Stream via GameReactorTV's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider E3 2012 Stage Demo - Commentary of Karl Stewart (Stream via GameSpots Youtube)
    Machinima E3 Live Show Day 3 - Commentary of Brian Horton (Stream via Machinima's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider - Survivors Trail Gameplay (Stream via GameSpots Youtube)
    Tomb Raider - New Friends Gameplay (Stream via GameSpots Youtube)
    Tomb Raider - Food Hunt Gameplay (Stream via Gamespots Youtube)
    IGN Live: Game of the Show - E3 2012
    EF Community Interview with Karl Stewart @ E3 2012 (Stream via Dribertube Youtube)
    LarasGeneration: Interview mit Tomb Raider Senior Art Director Brian Horton 2012 (Stream via LarasGeneration Youtube)
    CroftGeneration: Brian Horton Interview for Croft Generation at E3 (Stream via CroftGeneration's Youtube)
    PlanetLara: E3 2012 Tomb Raider Interview with Karl Stewart (Stream via PixelBorderDan's Youtube)
    Extended Tomb Raider Interview with Karl Stewart - Up At Noon(Stream via IGN Start's Youtube)
    E3 2012 : Wil Wheaton Previews Tomb Raider at E3 2012(Stream via GameFrontDotCom's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider Gameplay Video -- The Basics Of Lara Croft(Stream via G4TV)

    Videos Past E3 2012

    Tomb Raider The Final Hours #1 - An Icon Reborn(interview with Zachary Levi)(Stream via TombRaider's Youtube)

    Tomb Raider - Comic-Con 2012 Stage Demo(Interview with Camilla and Karl)(Stream via GameSpot's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider: Comic-Con All Access Gameplay (interview with Karl Stewart)(Stream via GameSpot's Youtube)
    Live From Nerd HQ: Tomb Raider(Stream via Break)
    Comic-Con Tomb Raider Camilla Luddington Talks About Being New Lara Croft[Part 1](Stream via GamerLiveTV's Youtube)
    Lara Croft Actress Camilla Luddington Talks Tomb Raider Reboot[Part 2](Stream via GamerLiveTV's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider at the V&A British Design Exhibition(Stream via UKSquareEnix Youtube)
    Gamescom 2012 Day Three - PlayStation Access TV(Stream via PlaystationAccess Youtube)
    Tomb Raider | Interview with Meagan Marie @ Gamescom 2012(Stream via PS3SiteGameplay's Youtube)
    Gamescom 2012: Tomb Raider Interview(Stream via Polygon's Youtube)
    GC 2012: Tomb Raider gameplay video interview (Stream via ComputerAndVideoGames)
    Tomb Raider: On Lara Croft by Rhianna Pratchett (Stream via OutsideXbox's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider - GC 2012: Exploration Features Interview (Stream via GameTrailers)
    Tomb Raider, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs at the Square Enix Booth at PAX Prime 2012 (Stream via GameSpots Youtube)
    Dutch Game Kings Interview with Meagan Marie on TR9 (English) (Stream via Dribertube's Youtube)
    TheSixthAxis Tomb Raider Interview with Meagan Marie (Stream via TheSixthAxis's Youtube)
    Eurogamer Expo 2012: Tomb Raider (Stream via Eurogamer's Youtube)
    Eurogamer - Tomb Raider Interview (Stream via yogscast2's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider The Final Hours #2 - Origins of a Story (Stream via TombRaider's Youtube)
    Russian interview with Meagan-part 1 (Stream via TombRaider's Youtube)
    Russian interview with Meagan-part 2 (Stream via TombRaider's Youtube)

    Videos Late 2012

    VG24/7 Interview with Noah Hughes - returning the bag (Stream via MrVg247s Youtube)
    VG24/7 Interview with Noah Hughes - All new gameplay: Quicktime Lara (Stream via MrVg247s Youtube)
    VG24/7 Interview with Noah Hughes - All new gameplay: re-writing a scene(Stream via MrVg247s Youtube)
    CVG Interview with Noah Hughes - Gameplay Interview (Stream via CVG's Youtube)
    Outside XBOX - Gameplay Preview - Guns! Tombs! (Stream via outsidexbox's Youtube)
    GamesWeltTV: Interview with Noah Hughes + Night Hub Gameplay(stream via TombCharted's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider [NA] "Survivor" Trailer (Stream via TombRaider's Youtube)
    Extended 60+ Minute Tomb Raider Demo -- IGN Live (Stream via IGNentertainment's Youtube)
    IGN Rewind Theater : Tomb Raider Survivor Trailer (Stream via IGNentertainment's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider Tomb Gameplay Exclusive - Developer Demo (Stream via IGNentertainment's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider Character Upgrade Gameplay Exclusive - Developer Demo (Stream via IGNentertainment's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider's Guide to Survival - Ep. 1 Smart Resourceful Lara (Stream via IGNentertainment's Youtube)

    Videos Early 2013

    IGN's TR MP: Team Deathmach Developer Commentary - Noah Hughes (Stream via IGNentertainment's Youtube)
    IGN's TR MP: Private Rescue Developer Commentary - Noah Hughes (Stream via IGNentertainment's Youtube)
    GameSpot's - Tomb Raider Multiplayer Hands-On Preview - Joe Khoury (Stream via Gamespot's Youtube)
    Polygon - CES 2013: Tomb Raider - Multiplayer Demo and Interview (Stream via Polygon's Youtube)
    Eurogamer - Tomb Raider - EXCLUSIVE Multiplayer Preview (Stream via Eurogamer's Youtube)
    CES 13: Tomb Raider - Multiplayer Interview (Stream via gamereactorTV's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider New Multiplayer Gameplay (Stream via officialxboxmag)
    Tomb Raider Single Player Interview with Noah Hughes (Stream via Melonie86's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider Multiplayer Interview with Joe Khoury (Stream via Melonie86's Youtube)
    TR - MP reveal, All new gameplay: Rescue mode, Chasm map and Lara Croft. (Stream via MrVg247's Youtube)
    TR singleplayer hands on impressions(Stream via RobertCram1's Youtube)
    TR multiplayer hands on impressions - does the franchise need it to survive?(Stream via RobertCram1's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider Demetrious Johnson Controller (Stream via XBOX's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider Multiplayer Pitches with Outside Xbox (Stream via Outsidexbox's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider Multiplayer - Multiplayer Interview with Game Director(Stream via Outsidexbox's Youtube)
    Walmart - Gamecenter: Hilarious Tomb Raider 2013 Multiplayer (Stream via GamecenterHQ's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider [UK]: Guide To Survival Episode #2(Stream via TombRaider's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider [NA]: Monastery Escape Gameplay Walkthrough(Stream via TombRaider's Youtube)
    Tomb Raider [NA] The Final Hours #5 - The End of the Beginning, Part 1(Stream via TombRaider's Youtube)

  2. #2

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: E! Online ranks Tomb Raider as the top game of E3:

    More tweets...

  3. #3

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: RT @CrystalDKarl: Thank you #jeuxvideo for awarding @tombraider, Best Action/Adventure game of #E3 2011. You guys rock. We really apprec ...

    More tweets...

  4. #4

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: RT @CrystalDKarl: Thank you #IGN for awarding @tombraider with 'Best Action game' and 'Best Trailer' for #E3 2011. Much apprieciated.

    More tweets...

  5. #5

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: E3 has drawn to a close, and the staff is back at Crystal Dynamics HQ. What did you think of the Tomb Raider coverage out of E3?

    More tweets...

  6. #6

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: Answering questions, posting fanart, and linking to downloads over at the Tomb Raider Blog. Check it out!

    More tweets...

  7. #7

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: RT @nicoletanner: Why the new Lara Croft and BioShock Infnite's Elizabeth are awesome.

    More tweets...

  8. #8

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: RT @CrystalDKarl: For all you fans asking, the iPhone cover featured in the TR trailer is an all-purpose outdoor cover designed by SPECK ...

    More tweets...

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    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: RT @CrystalDKarl: Thanks for the positive comments about @tombraider @evan_wells. Your always welcome at CD for a demo -

    More tweets...

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    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: Another piece on Tomb Raider via Kotaku, featuring some choice quotes by @CrystalDKarl. Check it out!

    More tweets...

  11. #11

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: RT @evan_wells: @CrystalDKarl I finally did catch Noah giving a demo of @tombraider. It looks great guys! Looking forward to it!

    More tweets...

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    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: Thank you! RT @RaphLife: Really impressed with how they are rebooting the Tomb Raider IP. Square and Crystal Dynamics really seem to get it.

    More tweets...

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    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: names Tomb Raider one of its E3 "Game(s) of show."

    More tweets...

  14. #14

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: PlayStation Lifestyle also recognizes Tomb Raider with a "Best Of" award:

    More tweets...

  15. #15

    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: Tomb Raider is in the running for three "Readers' Choice" awards over at GameSpot:

    More tweets...

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    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: GamesRadar grants Lara Croft the "Coolest Character Reinvention" award:

    More tweets...

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    Great news! Tomb Raider has received three Game Critics Awards Nominations: Best of Show, Best Console Game, and Best Action/Adventure Game!

    Click the link to check out all the deserving nominees:

    The international versions of are now live:

    PlayStation Blog: Tomb Raider Q&A: Searching for Lara Croft -

    Tomb Raider nabs the Readers’ Choice “Best Stage Demo” award over at GameSpot. Thank you for the support!

    More tweets...

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    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: RT @Kotaku: The Dangerous Art of Tomb Raider

    More tweets...

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    Exclamation new tweet from @tombraider

    tombraider: RT @IGLevine: @CrystalDKarl @IrrationalGames Thanks Karl. Congratulations to your team for the huge recognition and awards for Tomb Raid ...

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    Blogposts from officialtombraiderblog

    Fanart: A famous explorer once said by *Lia

  21. #21

    new blogpost from officialtombraiderblog

    The International versions of are now live. Take a visit!

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    new blogpost from officialtombraiderblog

    Crystal Tidbit #2

    Crystal Dynamics has four primary meeting rooms, each named after a popular Tomb Raider setting. Im partial to Underwater myself. Its quite homey.

    Update: Ive been informed that another room, Lava, is attached to Snow. Also, there is evidently a Sky meeting room, but its so secret even I dont know where it is. Im going to go hunt it down now.

    Crystal Tidbits are exactly that - a weekly blip about life at Crystal Dynamics.

  23. #23

    new blogpost from officialtombraiderblog

    Heres a nice way to start the day. Today was Crystals Summer Movie Outing. Those who had yet to see the flick headed to a local theater to catch X-Men: First Class.

  24. #24

    new blogpost from officialtombraiderblog

    Fanart: Doppelganger by *Laragwen

    Oh man. This is an awesome custom.

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    new blogpost from officialtombraiderblog

    Fanart: Tombraider Rebirth by Razielmn

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