Thread: Saving Games/progress:Batman

Saving Games/progress:Batman

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    Saving Games/progress:Batman

    Hi Guys, Did they or anybody finally find a way to to be able to save games/progress in this game? Just makes me bloody angry all these games comming out with very little regard for the many that either do not want or have the time to play online,andd not having the ability to save progress just makes it worse! I gather GFWS is a probable culprit,But EIDOS must assume responsability to as they made the damn Game? Hope somebody nows? Kea21

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    It saves automatically.. :l

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    Games For Windows Live FTL.
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    I think this person is talking about saving when not connected to the internet.

    Look, in most every computer running, you're always connected to the internet, even if you're not using your browser. You don't have to have IE, Firefox, etc., open. Games for Windows Live doesn't require much, but to log in as you open the game. It takes 5 seconds and from then on in, you're not bothered at all by it. And yes, it saves the game automatically as you play from there. There still is no way to save without being connected to the internet, no.