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Thread: How were you introduced to TR series?

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    My brother's original Playstation came with Tomb Raider and I watched him play it for a while and I think he gave up on it. I then started my own game. Until recently I didn't go back to it for a while. I was almost finished with it then I got to the point to where you fight the torso, well the end of the level before it. I have hardly any health and I have to fight three or four enemies before I can enter the next area. I am bummed because I have to use the skip level cheat to get to the area with the torso. I worked so hard to get to that area.

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    Well for first time was about 15 years ago and I am still remember, got a ps1 console with several games, include Gran Turismo and Tomb Raider too, I was like a o.O when saw the cover, boobs! She holding dual pistol, look at me and was like telling me come to play me NOW!

    So I was started, and love it! I wouldn't mind to tell if I was stuck in the puzzles for days! For sure I won't forgot that wonderful experience with Lara!

    But I had to sell my PS1 console with games, point was buy a PS2 but didn't, so just after months I've got a good PC (year 2000) and borrow a Chronicles copy from a friend, was really excited! So I started again play TR but this time on the PC, (well for me I prefer PC to play video games), and try to play other classics too until AOD is out, but once again I have to sell PC too ... oh well!

    Back to 2006 buy this PC and hell yes! Start play Angle of Darkness, but it was so disappointing to me! By next years got another copy's of Legend and Anniversary together and like in back to golden ages with Lara. I've didn't buy Underworld but until this year I've bought them all (LAU) with a great offer in the Steam, so at the summer play and finished LCGoL and just right two months ago done with the greatest Underworld!

    That was my timeline of my adventure with Lara Croft and still I'm not finished with her! Some times (okay most of times!) I am repeating levels from LAU, play LCGoL coop with friend, also looking back to Classics too, play The Last Revelation.too.

    I am definitely looking forward to seen new Tomb Raider 2012, I am sure it's become a real adventure with Lara!

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    I was introduced to TR in 96(might be 97, not 100% sure) by my friend Davis(R.I.P. friend) on his PC... I fell in love from first time I seen it... I could just sit and watch for hours how he played TR1, since I always had consoles and couldn't get used to PC controls!
    After month or two I bought it on PS1(I have to admit it was pirate version, but that was very hard time for most people in Latvia).
    One more thing, every time, even now, playing TR2 Great Wall or Venice(and all other levels from TR2)... that feeling that I had when I first played it, it has not changed.
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    I'd known about the series for a while thanks to the (horrible) films. Never saw the films, but because of them I knew about Lara Croft and how she was essentially a femme fatale.
    A few years later, Legend was released and I saw it at the store. Didn't think of it much except that it was a game about that character Angelina Jolie played. Never saw any TR stuff after that until...

    ...until the 15th Anniversary Steam sale. I was curious as to what the TR series had to offer since it's stood the test of time. And plus I was curious about what was so special about this Lara woman, what "Tomb Raider" was actually significant of on the cover and it was fairly cheap too. Anniversary and Underworld were purchased, and doing my research, I started off with Anniversary.
    Simply fell in love with the game. It was just the right difficulty, I loved watching Lara do tumbles and flips and the story was quite interesting. Normally I have to resort to walkthroughs because I'm impatient and somewhat noob at games, but I found that I could quite capably complete the puzzles (though not without a few frustrating moments) and feel like I accomplished something.
    Having not realised that TR was something fantastic, I passed on purchasing Legend when it was cheap on the notion that "it was a bit too old" for me. So I had to wait it out a bit until the Steam Christmas sale and Legend was $10.
    I've since finished Legend and am a fair way through Underworld.

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    I watched my dad play Tomb Raider 3, when I was seven years old. I was right into gaming, as dad introduced me to children genre games such as Croc, Sypro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. I thought Tomb Raider was cool because there was a lead female character, who was just kick ass.

    Dad used to struggle a lot with Tomb Raider 3, as there were no walkthroughs available and the internet was quite expensive, so he just gave up on playing it. Loving Lara by just watching Dad play, I picked up the controller straight away. He though I would fail, and I actually beat the level he was stuck on. (Temple Ruins I think it was). So Lara was a huge part of my childhood. I would dress up as her around the house and pretend to be on some crazy adventure, and that's where the obsession began. I'm nearly 18 and I have never looked back. The Tomb Raider series will always be my favourite game series of all time. Lara Croft still remains my childhood hero.

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    I was introduced Tomb Raider back when the series first released. My mother bought it as a gift for my father when I was about 3 years old on the Playstation One. Some of my first and fondest memories are of watching dad play the games. (I was an excellent Back-seat Raider for my age. ) Heh, though, I was infamous for hiding behind the sofa whenever the scary music played. And what's even funnier is that to this day, the original Tomb Raider's are the only games that ever scare me.

    Some of the happiest and most precious moments of my life were spent in the presence of Uzi's, flairs and Cat Mummies, so these games are *really* special to me. <3

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    I decided to rent The Last Revelation for the PS1 because I kept seeing the Tomb Raider games everywhere and the cover had a picture of an Egyptian pyramid on it so I figured it looked interesting and Indiana Jones-esque. Fell completely in love with it from then on.

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    The first Tomb Raider game I played was Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for the PS1. It seemed incredible, I enjoyed a lot exploring the Egyptian temples, solving puzzles and driving the Jeep at the fifth level: The Valley of the Kings. I also remember that I was afraid of mummies from the previous level (Burial Chambers).

    From that moment I started to play all the games of Tomb Raider revealing all its secrets until I became a true fan of Lara Croft.

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    My first time meeting with Tomb Raider was when my dad use to always play the game and I was about 7 I believe. And I was always too scared to play it myself because yes back than graphics were amazing so it seemed scary lol. I fell in love with the exploration, the puzzles and the shooting aspect. I was the one that always had to help him find his way, because I would never forget what the objective was and I could always help figure out what to do next. And I loved! telling him I told you not to go that way or do that and he would end up dying lol.

    Tomb Raider was a bonding experience between my dad I that was the only time we had to share together because he worked night shifts and he would play before we went to bed and he went to work. So it was amazing!

    And of course the first one I saw played was the first Tomb Raider. As a grew up, my dad quite playing the games so he gave them to me and I quit being a chicken and finally played them. I have played every game to the end and love them all!

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    I'd just discovered that computer games were fun, and walked into a games shop with zero knowledge of what I was looking at, let alone looking for. At that point, the only game I'd played was Dungeon keeper and all these strange boxes with puzzling titles were like a maze with no directions given...

    Then I saw the one title I had actually heard of: Tomb Raider - which I had actually read about in the newspapers. I still had no real idea what to actually expect, but I wanted a new game and wasn't yet confident enough to experiment with any of the weird and unknown stuff on the shelves...

    So I picked up the one title I actually recognised. Lara had me from that moment, and she's had me ever since
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    I watched my friend's brother playing TR3 and TR4 when we were kids. I remember me and my friend enjoyed just watching it then one time he got stuck and asked if I could help him, that was the first time I played TR. And I immediately knew what to do (it was the train level in TR4). I felt so smart after that

    After that I didn't play the games in maany years. I bought them when I was 16 because I remembered how cool the games were and since then I've been a huge fan =)

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    As stupid as it may sound, I had a dream about the game about 4 years ago, being my mom played it when I was about three years old. The next morning I asked it she "played a game where this chick shoots bats," and sure enough, she brought in the game, haha.
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    I was originally introduced via a demo on one of those games that contained a bunch of game demos (back in the day) shortly after I persuaded my parents (anyway a six or seven year old (cant remember my age back then)) would by demanding it.

    It was an amazing game if scary for me (especially the t-rex combined with its music) kept on top of most of the games, never got AOD I lost track of what was happening around that time, played it round a friends house for a bit and then got legend when that came out

    and Lara has been with me ever since
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    Well if I were to tell the full story it would take you about three hours to read. xD So I'll cut it a bit. (It'll still be pretty long though. So I appologize for my rambling :/ )

    Well I started playing TR1 when I was four (1999). I saw my dad play it and I was like "Eh, why not." So I played it for a bit and i was basically too scared to go past the first part of the level. When I was five I made it to the wolves and that's it. Got too scared to go further. So I was basically stuck in that part until I turned six. Then I managed to make it the third level. And as soon as I hit the Trex, I refused to play any TR any longer, because I was so scared and I had nightmares for weeks. Well a year later, dad introduced me to TR2. I didn't want to play it at first because I was really scared of the first game. But then he told me that the peaceful home level was extended. So I decided to play it. But before then I watched Clash of the Titans (1982) for the first time and nearly fainted when I saw Medusa because I was really really scared. Especially her expression when she turned people to stone. But I was always afraid that she would appear behind a dark corner of the Croft Manor (I know that was kind of silly to think that, but hey, I was a little kid. xD But honestly, I had nightmares of the gorgon for YEARS. I'm not afraid of her like I was but I still get nightmares every now and then :/ ) So basically I was always scared to go in the attic or secret basement because they were dark (I've been afraid of the dark for a long time. Glad Amnesia: TDD wasn't out xD) I then finally gathered the courage to play the first and second levels. And I realised I was less scared, even when I hit the trex couple (happily married, heartbreaking to kill a happy couple :'( (XDDDDDDDD)). But yeah, I played that for a few years (and watched my dad complete it a couple times) and when I turned 11 I was introduced to TRLegend. And I vowed that I would play the entire game on my own without a parent's help. (I had a guyfriend help me in one level but only in one part). It took me a while because I got scared of a few parts (like the paraiso monster and the england serpent). But eventually, I took it down and it was the first ever game I completed on my own. So then I decided to try the TR1 and 2 games on my own. Beat them no problem . Then I got TRAnniversary (dissapointment of a game compared to the original TR1) and played that, and finished it. Then I wanted to play some of the old Core games that were made a while back. So I got TR3-5. Only completed 5 xD. TR3 and 4 were WAY too frustrating for me. Then... oh then... I got AOD when I turned 14. I played it and automatically became my fav game of the series. And when I saw Kurtis for the first time, I went in total awe. And I was a huge fan of him every since :P. But yeah, then got TRU (took me a week to complete. Was my second fav TR game). And after that, I realised I owned all the games. I was real excited. But after AOD, I became a true TR fan . (I never played the Guardian of Light. I'm not interested in digital games, and I didn't care for that story anyway. So that's the only "TR" game I wont play.)

    Now I currently await the 2012 TR reboot coming out soon. Can't wait! I became a huge fan of survival/horror games at age 16 (which was about a year ago) when I got Amnesia: The Dark Descent. So I'm hoping to really like this one. Let's just hope they don't screw up the story too badly. I'm in love with Square Enix so we'll see. xD

    So that's my TR story

    Anyway, enough of my epicly long rambling xD. You can go back to your lives now :P

    Oh, btw, MY FIRST POST!!

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    My adventure started in 2001, a couple of months after Chronicles was released in my country. It was a huge huge mindblow for the kid I was back then, changed my life completely and pretty much determined what I wanted to do with my life in the future. Some time later I played the Core Trilogy & TR Revelations and fell in love with them almost instantly as well. Lara Croft grew to be the character I looked up to, her strength and determination impress me up to this day and she is the one that I'd gladly thank for helping me overcome many of my childhood fears. She also taught me responsibility, self-reliance, and became my ultimafe fitspiration.
    AoD was a huge step for me, extremely emotional. A completely different view taken on TR, and probably the one that I found the scariest, with its dark alleys, pouring rain and OMG THE HOSPITAL. They all did more to me than any T-Rex or yeti from the classic TR's I had played a couple of months before that. I never really shipped Lurt (Kura?), though, I always felt like Lara was too independent to let herself into any longer relationship for that matter. On a sidenote, God knows Kurtis was a total hunk.

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    Weirdly, the first time I had ever seen anything about Tomb Raider was when I was about 7 and was watching Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. I didn't even remember much, I didn't even remember what the movie was called, that Angelina Jolie had been in it, and anything that happened in the film!
    (Although I didn't even know that was him either.)

    The first time I heard anything about the games was when Legend was about to come out. I think it must have been on a Game Informer or something and I saw Lara on the cover. It looked very interesting, but I wasn't really a gamer then. I had then watched the first tomb raider and watched special features and heard more about the games. About the same time, Tomb Raider Underworld was about to come out so I insisted I played it. After that, I told myself I was in love with Tomb raider and thought I was the biggest fan psshh silly me. But what biggest fan only plays one of the games???!!! I had to play the other games!!! So I played Legend, Anniversary, and then AoD (weird order huh? ) I found AoD by looking around on Wikipedia, and when I was looking there... I realized, there was even more games !!!! I saw some house tours of Tomb raider 2 and 3 on Youtube,( and the giant fridge to trap Winston the Butler in !!) and knew I wanted to play these old games too!

    So, last summer, I got all the Classics, well 3,4,5 I already had gotten 1 and 4 earlier on; and that's my little story :3 still not finished with all of them, really close to finishing 4 and 5, still gotta get to 1-3!!!!

    Thanks for the Thread!!!!

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    I believe I rented TRII from the video store back in the day. I have no idea when I first did this or what made me choose it. It's like TR has always just been there, in my life.

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    I remember thinking this game was so stupid when i first saw it come out. But then i sat and watched my dad play TR4 and TR1. And i started think this game was awesome and tried it myself. And since then I've been obsessed
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    i remember getting the ps1 for christmas with the first tomb raider game with it! think it was yr 1997 i think

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    Wow, so long ago...

    I was around the age of 7-8. It was at my Aunty's and Uncle's, I was with my cousins who are huge Nintendo fans, haters of any other systems/companies. But they did have a PS2, since one of my cousins did enjoy the PS2.

    I went through there games, which many of them were burnt. It was in one of those little CD holder books, which I loved to flip through. I went through all of them, and came across one thingy.

    It was a demo disc. These discs included a few games, maybe 5. One of them was Tomb Raider: Legend. I had never heard of Tomb Raider prior to that, I was mostly into Sly Cooper, Spiderman, and random movie games.

    I popped the game in and my cousins were there with me. We tried the first few, which I can't remember. But we then played Tomb Raider: Legend.
    It was on the second level I think? You had to do a quick-time-event, where things were falling down. I was mesmerized.

    The beautiful graphics took me away, the beautifully detailed scenery (which at the time, was amazing), Lara Croft's sexy outfit, her animations, her ponytail, her LED light. I throughly enjoyed it everytime I played it, and at soon enough I finally purchased the game.

    I loved it SO much. I played through every level, but I never really like where it cut back to when Lara had her blue top outfit and stuff, kind of bored me. But I loved every other levels, especially Bolivia, England, and the Croft Manor!

    After a few years of not knowing there were more games, I finally got Anniversary, and even played Angel Of Darkness for a while at a friend's, which I didn't really enjoy that much, because of the stiff controls. Then, in which I remember it very clearly, grade 5, I was on a computer on the internet, and they had just announced Tomb Raider: Underworld.

    I was taken away by the beautiful graphics and Lara's beautiful physique, and just EVERYTHING. I couldn't handle it. I forgot about it for a while, but got it on release day.

    Recently I bought all Tomb Raiders on Steam. I love them all, except a few of the earlier ones, because of the manual grab. Tomb Raider 9 was an amazing experience for me, I waited and counted a 100 days, and my amazing Mom got me the Collector's Edition, since she knows I am absolutely obsessed.

    Tomb Raider will always be a big part of my life, and childhood. I was always in-love with her. She taught me to take chances and to be strong, confident, and at the same time, smart and nerdy. She made me fall in love with climbing the play structure and jumping all over the place.

    Thank you, Lara.
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    I watched theRadBrad do a walkthrough of TR2013 last year and instantly wanted to go out and get the game.

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    I was introduced to TR by my father, he bought the first game way back when, and I would watch him play it, and the second one as well, I loved everything about it. I would watch it for hours and get so upset when he wanted to stop. I remember pretending I was her and would run around making her footstep noises, and even hugging the wall after I'd played AOD. Then, as I got older my interest in video games grew, I started playing them myself. I remember keeping up with all the AOD news as much as I could being about 8/9 nears old. I begged and begged until I finally got it and I beat it all by myself surprisingly. Ever since I've been obsessed with everything TR.
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    I wasn't introduced to Tomb Raider. In fact, I don't even remember when or where I'd heard of it before, I just somehow knew of it and Lara, so when I bought my son a PS1, I looked for it at a game shop and I found TRC in a bargain in (), then I started looking for more online. AoD was the first TR I bought new.

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    My parents had divorced for sometime while I was a youngun. Me and my siblings would make trips to see my biological father on holidays and what have you.

    On one trip to my dad's place he picked up a SegaGenisis and a whole booklet filled with video games. From Battle Arena: toshinden, Fighting Vipers, to Tomb Raider.

    The three that were mentioned were the main games that I played the crap out of. For a while I was a bit too scared to try out Tomb Raider. The game scared me and my sisters because the wild life was so spontaneous, unless you're not paying attention you'll nearly yelp your little head off. Mind you this was like 97 or so and i was 7 years old.

    The game didn't make a huge impact until i was a little older and still visiting my father. deciding that i wanted to play something and i remember really loving the level Natla's Mines. Though at the time i never knew the name but it was near the end of the game. couldn't find it, but always found myself playing the Cistern.

    Years roll on by and we purchase a PS1 and TR3. We all play through the third installment. everyone loses interest and i start playing it. Nostalgia picks up of my fathers place and how the game made me feel. I begin to seek out that copy. (Mind you i never actually got ahold of a tr1 copy until after tomb raider legend came out which re-sparked my interest in the franchise and didn't join the forums until 2007.) No avail to that! Ended up purchasing a used TR2 copy, and played the crap out of that, kind of avoided TR3---then found out we lost the game, until i found it in my 8th grade year, under the large tube TV, scratched up but still playable. I still have that exact copy and case (they're so battered). I didn't actually succeed into getting my copy of tr1 until 2007 or so. I remember finally finding it without a case at a local used video game store and playing that. years later i find a before 'greatest hits' copy with the black strip tr1 copy. so i owned two copies for a while (ended up giving the one without a case to my closest friend ,cause i wanted her to experience it.)


    The franchise helped me learn to love history, volcanoes, Egypt and have a thirst for exploring. Lara has always been a positive role model to me. Yet unfortunately she's been a negative impact during the Legend and underworld years due to the over sexing of the character. It's inevitable for female video game characters--But I finally get the lara i've been wanting since TR1, which is the SE version. She's more realistic. The first advert and game-play of the re-visioned TR really slapped me in the face with nostalgia. I really hope the next installment(s) are as great as the last.
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