Thread: How to let Freya win the Festival of the Hunter?

How to let Freya win the Festival of the Hunter?

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    How to let Freya win the Festival of the Hunter?

    Ok, so I made it to Lindblum and the festival thingamabob is gonna start. The thing is, I didn't do any syntheszing because I wanted to finish learning some abilities, but now I have weak weapons, and I saved right before the festival thing, so I need help because I want Freya to win, and fight Zaghnol, but I'm not entirely sure how I should tackle this bcause I have weak weapons now. Can someone help me out?

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    if you want her to can just go straight to the boss fight without engaging anything on the side routes...but if you want Zidane to win you hit every side path(really that easy...since she wants to claim the reward for the big lug anyways) Zidane isn't really that great without a synth'd weapon during that event anyways :s

    Edit: I forgot to mention I don't fully remember the may have to experiment...but if i recall there's only 1 fight before you hit the main square where you fight him along side her...

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    Ok, I'll try that, since these battles don't give experience or AP. Just one question, is there any tresure chests anywhere during the festival?

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    From what I remember, the boss doesn't show up until you clear out the others. I'm not 100% positive, but it's worth a shot, and there are no treasure chests!

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    I dunno about you, but my Freya must have been extremely gifted, she won three times straight before I finally kicked her ass....A pretty stupid move in hindsight I might add; 5000 gil < Coral Ring.