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Thread: What's so amazing about FF7?

What's so amazing about FF7?

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    Originally Posted by imported_Stephen
    I'm not trying to troll, I'm just saying, people need to stop whining about a remake already. Am I the only one who thinks this way?

    You are not alone .

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    I kinda lost my vibe for Final Fantasy VII. That's over. Let's just move on to current things.

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    I agree with Pshyco because there isn't enough FFVII discussion.

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    Originally Posted by AyaValentine
    I agree a million percent. They would only cry that it isn't up to their standards anyway. FFVII is fine the way it is. Move on.
    Thumbs up to that! Glad to know I am not alone on this either! FFVII is PERFECT the way it is! "TOUCHE PAS!" Shelve it and move on.

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    Well, I understand where you guys are coming from, but it would be nice to see this great game in a sharper and more clear vision. It wouldn't take them long to do. They don't have to add anything or mess with the game play. Just touch up the look, just as Nintendo did with The Legend of Zelda Ocerina of Time for the 3DS.

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    i guess i just don't see the point having to be in the internet to play a SINGLE PLAYER GAME!

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    PsychoNinja's on point in that it goes both ways. You're not alone in your sentiment, though.

    I guess I'm not sick of hearing about VII because I guess I don't hear about it very much anymore? I always thought VII was one of the weakest games in the series, so I ignored the discussion about it whenever I wasn't playing it. After the 90s ended and X became the new generational staple (the one game I liked less in the main series, go figure), I stopped hearing about VII and more about X. Similarly, I hear a lot more about XIII these days than I do the two former. I seek out the forums and discussions of the games I'm passionate about; it doesn't really pay to be hung up (for positive or negative reasons) over a particular installment.

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    I'm sick of people arguing about dumb things on the internet period. You go watch a FFVII video on youtube and you hear people arguing about which Final Fantasy was better, or you go watch a FFXIII video and see people arguing about the ps3 or xbox 360. Lately I've just been feeling like everyone is whining and complaining about everything. A new game comes out, "It wasn't better than the classics, this game sucks". Nobody appreciates anything for what it is anymore. How about you just appreciate that they are even making these wonderful games wether you like them or not. They're making them for us. "SE is a bunch of greedy s" No, they're not. They make games for US. You're the greedy that thinks the world revolves around you and that everyone should make things for your enjoyment and benefit. If you like the classics fine, just play those instead, if you don't like the new ones don't complain about it. Imagine if Square never existed, and they never created any of your favorite games. What then? Appreciate, love, and respect this company. They've given us so many great things. Stop *****ing.

    I'm sorry for the rant. The internet just makes me angry, and it's all the people complaining and whining about every little thing that they can whine about.

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    Lol. You can't get mad about people arguing on the internet. That's like punching a tiger in the face and getting mad when it bites your arm off.

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    An idea of a forum is to express your opinions regarding material related to establishments under Square-Enix. However, if a topic like this has already been discussed then it should be kept in that thread that started it in the first place, it's a waste to make another thread about, you just simply add on to the first successor of this topic. Next time you choose to start a topic like this, please make sure nobody else has started before you, you're just creating pointless threads and flooding this forum with the same discussion.

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    I've been playing ff games for 22 years now, and I think people are misunderstanding why a lot of fans want to see a remake of 7. It was the last ff to have all of those key elements that had drawn us to the series in the years prior(Things slowly started to disappear from the series after 7). Sure, the story, graphics, and soundtrack were all great, but there were many other things that blew us away: The open-world map had a nice feel to it(I thought the optional 3rd-person view was a nice addition); The battle system was epic compared to the previous games; The Gold Saucer was an awesome experience; Chocobo raising was pretty cool and worth the time spent; The materia system was a nice experience; The monsters of the summon materia were probably the best looking in the series up to that point, and some of them are still better than the ones we've seen in every title since; Experience levels remained; It had the weapon-armor-accessory setup. Along with all of that, it has a place in the hearts of many.

    Too many things have been changed over the years. That's what bugs the heck out of us ff fans. Of course, we wanted to see new things, but not at the expense of everything we've loved about the series since the beginning. Anyone who has played ff games for as long as I have would understand. I'm not here to hate on Square-Enix. I just feel that ever since they started taking on multiple projects, the overall quality of the numbered FF games have gone downhill. Now, I don't mean that ALL of them were horrible. They had their Pros. It's just that the list of Cons grew and grew as the series progressed. Changes were made in the wrong places. Personally, I think the 1st time I had felt any kind of disappointment was when I found out FF10 had no open-world map, and I didn't like Tidus. lol I enjoyed everything else, though. I'd be willing to bet that if FF13 just would've had an open-world map and experience levels, a lot more fans would've given the game a better score. I think 13-2 was too little too late.

    I believe the only way Square-Enix can top FF7, is by either remaking the game with additional content and a new-game-plus using today's technology, or build a new FF from the ground and up using that formula so many of us miss the heck out of. I fear that if the next new FF game is anything even remotely similar to 13 in ANY way, all hell will break loose. I really hope they do the right thing.

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    Originally Posted by The Doctor

    Originally Posted by imported_Josh
    Ok, before you go rage at me, I do like FF7. The thing I don't understand is that, why is the game so freakishly popular? There's nothing ultra-amazing about it (it's even one of the few FF games i've beaten!). I mean, the materia system is cool but nothing amazing; the sotry is good but has tons of problems; and they have a FREAKING CHARACTER-SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT METHOD WHICH I HATE. I'm sorry, FF7 is a good JRPG, but it's definately not super-amazing. Why does it get so much praise?
    JRPG? Hardly. This isnt a cliche'ed game...and the best way to explain it is, if you didnt play it in 97, when it came out, you wont get it, one of the first RPG's in the US for PSX. It revolutionized how RPG's were thought of and made, 3 disks? Un heard of at the time. The story was fresh and new, the battle system and mini games were something no one ever thought possible. FFVII pushed the imagination of people to help them think of the impossible. New worlds and people seen in new ways. There was so much hype over this game, it took so much money and people to make, and every person, as many as there were had a single job and they each put their entire heart into the job. Thats why it comes out so detailed and fantastic. Along with having Japanese over tones it was a more modern RPG set in an almost futuristic Society. And the story, it was so gripping, you could relate to these characters more then ever before with any other FF. And of course the Death, that had almost never been seen like that in Video games, especially to the point in an RPG or the fact that there was no need to revive her. It had so many messages underneath about both life and death. You were thrown into this new world with so many questions and as time went on they were answered but more arose. And so I repeat...if you didnt play it in 97 when it was released. You wont know, you cant know...its one of those things that to understand it fully...You had to be there. At least..that is how -I- see it.

    Ok, ok, let's slow down there a little, slugger. First of all, I really do enjoy FFVII - I bought my PSX in summer 1997 specifically to get this game in the fall, it's my 3rd favorite FF game and one of my Top 20 overall games; but it really didn't revolutionize anything in the RPG genre. It was just a really good game and sadly, for as good at it is, most of the hype, in the west at least, is for the wrong reasons. For many western gamers, this was their first FF game and for a lesser number, their first RPG period, which is where at least 50% of the hype comes from. No matter what people say, every gamer is nostalgic about their first great game in a genre and this is a great game. The fact remains though that there were great RPG's before this and there have been great RPG's afterwards. However, Square was incredibly smart about marketing this game, seeing the growing interest in the FF series in the western markets due to people who played FFII(IV) and FFIII(VI) "spreading the word", and deciding to do a major advertising campaign for FFVII, mostly showcasing the FMV's that the PSX was capable of that looked far better than anything most gamers, especially hardcore RPG fans, had seen before.

    However, you can name pretty much every aspect of the game and it had been done before in some way or another. It may have seemed to "revolutionize" a lot of things in terms of story, character development, graphics, settings, etc. for people who had only played FF games up until then or had played relatively few RPG's but you honestly could find almost all of the supposedly "new" elements in FFVII in other good to excellent RPG's released before it.

    But anyway, on to what made and still makes this game great. First of all OP, the materia system is really fun if you take the time to really play around with it and focus more on what kind of crazy combos you can set up with the optimal weapons equipped to facilitate great materia use. And I say that after having felt the exact same way as you the first time I played the game. It was my first semester in college and I was completely overloaded between having signed up for way too many class hours and work. So I really did almost a speed run of the game, did almost none of the optional missions and ended up beating the game with Cloud's level in the low 40's and the rest of my characters in the high 30's. So at that point, I was just kinda like "meh, whatever; not a great story, didn't like materia cuz it limited my magic per character too much, generic battle system, bleh." But during Christmas break, I sat down and played it properly and ended up really enjoying it since I actually had time to. And uh, why do you hate character specific equipment...that's fairly common in RPG's including plenty before FFVII? [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-undecided.gif[/img] As far as the story, it definitely does have some holes and some WTF?! moments (in the bad sense); but it also has a lot very good parts that are made even better by atmosphere. And that segues into what really makes FFVII great - the atmosphere. When I really sat down to play this game properly, as I was saying above, I realized how incredibly emotional this game was throughout most of the major plot points. Between the environments, the music (which btw FFVII is tied for my favorite FF OST with FFVI), the character interactions, etc., you really get pulled into the game and start feeling what the characters are feeling. You can say this about other games; but FFVII is definitely one of the most memorable for me as far as that's concerned. As far as the overall gameplay, it's not incredibly unique - you run around on the field map having random encounter battles, you enter towns and talk to people, you have a few puzzles to solve here and there, you have your "dungeons" where you run around having random enemy encounters and usually a boss or 2, the story progression is fairly linear for the most part, there are side missions and there's not too much new about the battle system. But even with that being the case, all of it was done very well and still holds up very well today. The only thing that really doesn't hold up are the non-prerendered graphics in normal play. If you can get past how crappy they look, it's still a great game.

    As far as the "if you didn't play it in '97, you won't get it" deal, I completely disagree. I mean it's obviously opinion given that I did buy and play it upon release and therefore obviously couldn't have played anything that came out afterwards before that. It's like I said, I really didn't much like the game the first time I played it, granted those were under very stressful circumstances. But then the next time I played it, I loved it. My advice is to just try and empty your mind of everything you've heard and know about the game and go into it fresh with no expectations, don't try to like it - just play it, really experiment with the elements that have room for creativity and see how you feel as you're going through it. I know that's hard to say but that's honestly what I do when I play games well after their release and hear a lot of opinions and info on them. And giiven how my backlog has grown out of control since I started working full-time over 9 years ago, that is almost always the case for me nowadays. [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-tongue-out.gif[/img]

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    Originally Posted by alanman178
    Too many things have been changed over the years. That's what bugs the heck out of us ff fans. Of course, we wanted to see new things, but not at the expense of everything we've loved about the series since the beginning. Anyone who has played ff games for as long as I have would understand. I'm not here to hate on Square-Enix. I just feel that ever since they started taking on multiple projects, the overall quality of the numbered FF games have gone downhill. Now, I don't mean that ALL of them were horrible. They had their Pros. It's just that the list of Cons grew and grew as the series progressed. Changes were made in the wrong places. Personally, I think the 1st time I had felt any kind of disappointment was when I found out FF10 had no open-world map, and I didn't like Tidus. lol I enjoyed everything else, though. I'd be willing to bet that if FF13 just would've had an open-world map and experience levels, a lot more fans would've given the game a better score. I think 13-2 was too little too late.
    Hmm, well I've been playing FF for nearly 22 years, playing the first one not too awfully long after its NA release and while I understand what you're saying, I honestly think that is a very lame attitude that plagues way too many so-called FF fans as well as so-called fans of many other classic series. And I promise I'm not trying to just flame anybody here; but every time I hear that tired twaddle about "if you're a 'real' FF fan", "if you've played the series for XX years", etc., I just want to strangle something. As I said in my previous post, yes FFVII is my 3rd favorite FF game (behind VI and IV), but this doesn't diminish the games since. Maybe you're not like this; but so many people have gone into every FF game since FFVII with the attitude that it's not going to be anywhere near as good as FFVII and that they're going to dislike or hate it. So they focus on every single thing that they don't like or hate about the game, all the while missing out on all of the good elements in the game that generally outweigh the bad. And sadly a portion of the 8-bit/16-bit FF fans went into FFVII with that same attitude. The only FF games I've played that were originally released after FFVII that I really didn't like were FFVIII and FFX-2. I went into FFVIII with a completely open mind and no expectations based on FFVII or any other previous FF games, played through the first 3 discs and at that point just really hadn't liked much at all about the game. I went into FFX-2 with the same attitude...but I didn't make it quite as far with FFX-2. [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-embarassed.gif[/img] I haven't played FFXII yet and don't plan on playing FFXI or XIV since I don't care for MMO's; but I really enjoyed FFIX, X and XIII and XIII-2 was ok but had a lot of things I didn't like.

    But when people complain about things like "to linear" and/or "no field map" I just think "seriously, what FF game did you play where it was sooooo much harder and/or more interesting to progress through the story with the open map. Maybe it's just me, but I've never really had a problem knowing where to go and how to get there in any FF game I've played and after having played each game to the point that I know I'm not going to really explore anymore, I've ended up finding and doing almost every sidequest after looking up everything. And if you want to make the argument "there's more room for exploration with a field map", sometimes that's true, sometimes not. I'd say in the case of FFXIII, that's probably true since the only area that you get to actually roam around is on Pulse and the "exploring" aspect is solely comprised of finding Ci'eth stone missions. But with FFX for instance, even though there was no real "field map", which I'll admit I was initially quite disappointed with as well, there was still plenty to explore and do in all of the places you went through in a linear fashion initially and then some extra areas to go to once you had the airship. And then the whole "too much has changed" routine is what really makes me want to crush skulls. Christ, what is it with people griping about "I want something new and unique" but ultimately wanting the exact same f'in game over and over and over and over and over. God, that crap really pissed me off even when I was like 8 or 9 with everybody and their mom raising hell about Zelda II and especially Castlevania II. They're like "oh god, this is so much different than the first one, it's a horrible sequel, it's gonna kill the series, blah blah blah". What series?! There was NO series at the time; it was the 2nd f'in game and omfg, they wanted to try a different style from the's the end of the f'in world. Grow up you f'in babies. Ok sorry, I get riled up about that kind of crap; but it's the same attitude people still get basically, "we want something different"..."everything different about this game SUCKS, go back to the "good" formula!!" I mean you look at FF in the western markets - FF, FFII(IV), FFIII(VI) and FFVII really didn't have a whole lot of distinction in the overall gameplay and progression through the game. Obviously starting with FFII(IV), there was a whole lot more story depth and character development, which was natural given the progression in technology that allowed for that. The only thing really "new" in FFVII aside from flashy graphics for the time, was the materia system. But honestly aside from minor changes in equipment methods, magic systems, and upgraded graphics from 16-bit to 32-bit systems, FFIV, VI and VII were just same game, different story, different characters.

    Anyway, it's all a matter of opinion in the end but I just feel that a lot of people's opinions are formed based on nostalgic expectations and I see that in many other classic series aside from the FF series. Then for the younger generations that have grown up with the internet, half of them just believe everything thing they read or about a game from anything they consider a "reliable" source, including older gamers they know personally who have always had that cruddy attitude towards games in a series or games in general. It's sad because 80% of gamers that started gaming in the NES and prior eras constantly talk about how gaming has "constantly gone downhill", "no quality control", "gone solely commercial oriented", etc. since the 16-bit or 32-bit era. But if you could just take yourself outside of yourself and look at things candidly, YOU ARE OLDER, games are never going to be as exciting as they were because the biggest part of the excitement was the anticipation, which isn't there anymore. Every game you play is going to feel like something else you've played because there's really not that much new in all of humanity at this point. Do you still get super excited at Christmas and wake up at 5am to see what Santa left under the tree? I'll be the first to admit that I don't get nearly as excited about games as I used to and really don't have time to play them that much. But I'm not going to let nostalgia determine how I feel about every single game I've played since I was in my early 20's. I know for a fact that nostalgia does indeed influence a decent number of my favorite games and that's just the way it is. But I'm not going to judge every new game I played based on expectations pre-determined by nostalgia.

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    Once again, another misunderstanding. I'm definitely not a "so-called" ff fan. lol I'm a big fan of the series. I've played every ff I could get my hands on. I don't remember playing less than a 100 hrs per play-through of each game. Even FF1(I maxed everything in that one). The only one of the numbered series I haven't played is FF14. As far as the "excitement" about ff games... I was definitely excited when I found out FF13 was in development. Yeah, along the way I heard and read about some Japanese gamers not being too happy about the game, but I don't rely on that stuff. I play the games. Then, I talk about my experience afterwards. I was excited when FF10, 8, 7, and 6 were in development. There wasn't much hype about ff12, but I'll admit, that game wasn't too bad. The overall quality kind of felt equal to FF10. They weren't quite there yet, but it looked like Square-Enix was getting back on the right track. The point I'm trying to make in all of this writing is this: If you're going to continue to make a 'series' of games, in ANY genre, ALL of them MUST have those KEY elements that made it popular in the first place.

    I'm not one of those people who griped about new ff games being similar to the last, and THEN got mad when they made some changes. While there were some small issues with some previous ff games, the first change that upset me enough to talk about it, was the removal of the open-world map in FF10. With the exception of the main character, I enjoyed everything else about the game. All of that being said, I moved on to FF11. 'Till this day, I still play FF11 off and on. You can't really compare that one to the rest, of course. They are on a different branch of the rpg tree. I've already mentioned FF12. FF13 felt nothing like a ff game. I tried so hard to like this game. I even tried playing through the game a second time. I didn't make it through. It was at that moment I realized ff games just aren't as good as they used to be.

    This isn't about nostalgia. It's about overall QUALITY. The absence of key ingredients. If you remove the ham from a ham sandwich, well, it isn't much of a sandwich anymore, is it. But, let's still call it a ham sandwich.... I don't think so. I think the readers of this post get the idea. The company itself recognizes that their best QUALITY work was FF7. That game was where it was supposed to be at the time. New things were added along with enhancements of the things that made the series great in the first place. That quality of work used with today's technology is what fans are asking for.

    I believe that the people at Square-Enix are hard workers. I'm just wondering if they've just been spread too thin over multiple projects. But, I don't work for them, so I obviously don't know for sure. I'm always going to be a fan of Square. They did make my favorite game after all. I had never posted my thoughts about ff games until this year. I'm posting now because, I understand why a lot of ff fans are upset. I'm not talking about the fans who have griped about everything since day-1. I'm talking about those fans who have hung in there all the way up to FF13. The spark that ignited the flame. lol

    Ok... FF7. What's so amazing about it? Well, just like FF4 and FF6, it was what it was supposed to be. Another well-made and great quality ff game. The main reasons why it became so popular wasn't just due to the popularity of the previous games, but because of the time and money Square had invested in the game. They pushed the game so hard that it peaked the interest of just about anyone out there who played games at the time. Of course, it being a new ff title on a next-gen system helped as well. In the aftermath of it all, Square had GREATLY increased it's fan-base not just because of all the hype, but because of what the game had to offer. There weren't too many people who didn't like it. I know for some people it was their first ff game, and they mention nostalgia and all that, but, they wouldn't praise the game so much if it wasn't good in the first place. Ok, I've just about written a book here. lol Thanks for reading, though.

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    tl;dr version - NO TICKET!

    Ok, well with all of that being the case, I'm still quite certain that I misunderstood nothing and that you missed one of my biggest points that I was trying to make. The point was that absolutely NOBODY seems to realize that they're opinion of what embodies a "quality" game is going to change, along with their opinions on many other topics, as they get older. Anybody can debate that until the sun turns blue but it is a fact. And I'm sorry to burst anybody's bubble but that feeds directly into nostalgia. You may be very excited by the idea of a game of a game coming out today but I guarantee you without a shadow of a doubt that once you get it, you are not nearly as excited about the game once you start playing it as you were when you got a new game when you were young. Excited to the point that you played it for countless hours, putting every spare minute you had into the game. Your attitude towards gaming IS NOT the same as it was 22 years ago or 15 years ago or 10 years ago whether you want to admit it or not. I'm the same way and pretty much everybody is going to get that way once they reach their mid-20's or earlier whether the realize/admit it or not. And it's completely natural because you get more pressing concerns - work, money, expenses, family, medical problems, etc.

    And I love how you talk about quality as a ham sandwich where it's so easy to say "if you take the ham out of the sandwich..." but nothing detailing the "ham" that they have SUPPOSEDLY taken out of FF games that make them so much lower quality that FFVII just completely dwarfs them. I'll tell you exactly what it is - #1) people are basing "quality" solely on FFVII and/or previous FF games...seriously, I hear all this gripe about "quality" but funny enough nobody actually says "ok, this is where FFVII or any previous FF games really excels in "quality" that is just completely absent in every single new iteration." And seriously, give me a break - of course, Square-Enix publicly "acknowledges" what they know the PUBLIC wants to hear. This is to keep the hope in "fans'" minds that they'll get another FFVII. But behind closed doors, I guarantee that most of the upper management and FF development team, especially long-time FF development staff members, are saying "we should just shut this series down because everybody and their mom is gonna b***h about every new game regardless." And what they know that apparently almost no FF "fans" seem to understand is that all of these "quality components" that mysteriously go unnamed are the things that differentiates and defines FFVII. So they know that to give the "fans" what they so vehemently want, it's going to have to be literally another FFVII, just different story and characters. But of course then everybody's still going b***h saying "waaaaah, this game is just like FFVII, why didn't they just give us a FFVII HD remake", boo f'in hoo.

    Then to even state "FFXIII felt nothing like a ff game" as if that's supposed to validate a point, what? That is completely opinion and completely irrelevant regardless of how long you've been playing FF games, how many you've played, or how many hours you've put into all of them. There isn't and never will be any standard definition of what a FF game or any other series game "should feel like" despite how much long-time and/or "hardcore fans" of those series think that gives them some elite status to throw out their opinion of any given game in the series as if it was fact. Heck, I've put well over 200 hours into every FF game that I've beaten between multiple play throughs and in most cases well over 300 hours; but I don't feel qualified to state what a "FF game feels like" because half of the fun to me is the differences, as long as they're enjoyable, and how they integrate that with elements of previous FF games or even games not in the FF series.

    And as far as fandom goes, I'm not a "fan" per say of any publisher, developer, or series even; I'm a fan of good games and if a publisher, developer or series keeps coming with good games then I'll buy them and continue supporting the publisher/developer/series by buying the next game, plain and simple. As for Square, Enix and Square-Enix, I have enjoyed a vast majority of the games I've played that they've developed and/or published all the way back to Dragon Warrior/Quest on the NES. This includes a plethora hidden gems that got essentially no marketing and of course there have been a number of games I thought were garbage as well. And as I said before, I only really disliked 2 out of the 6 FF games I've played that have been released since FFVII and the other was so so. So currently I don't have too much beef with the FF series other than all the dlc for FFXIII-2.

    In the last paragraph, that's essentially what I said 2 posts ago when I was describing what makes FFVII great IMO. Also I never said or even implied anything along the lines of "the FF fanbase increase that came with FFVII was mostly due to the hype/marketing". I said that Square was very smart in how they marketed the game, which ultimately reached a lot of people who were borderline about getting it or didn't even know much of anything about the FF series. And from this because it was such a good game, word of mouth, excellent reviews and really not a whole lot that anybody could say bad about it brought even more people onboard. It was definitely the merit of the game that brought it up to over 10 million console unit sales and idk how many PC unit sales. But let's face it, no FF game since then has had anywhere near as much effort put into the marketing, not only because they most likely have assumed that after FFVII, along with the explosion of the internet since then, people are going to research the game because of the name recognition and whether anybody will actually admit it or not, graphics was a HUGE selling point in the marketing for FFVII. As I said, the game itself is what continued to draw people in. Idk if anybody else remembers; but I sure as hell do remember that ALL you saw in commercials, magazine ads, posters, etc. were clips from FMV scenes, battle footage and some of the nice prerendered backgrounds. You could obviously find more; but that's all the mainstream market saw and that was more than enough to sell it to a lot of people who knew nothing about FF or even RPG's in many cases. I personally know a hell of a lot of people who had never played RPG's before, got FFVII and it turned them on to the RPG genre. So yeah, of course it's a great game on its on merit. But my ultimate point here is that Square/Square-Enix has never been able to use graphics as such a huge selling point since FFVII to try and bring in more people who aren't very familiar with FF games and/or RPG's. They did to an extent with FFX, which is most likely why it's the 2nd highest selling FF title; but since then, it's pretty much "been there, done that".

    Ultimately what I'm getting at here is that I still see pretty much all fluff that equates to "FF games since FFVII are missing the key quality elements, which, well they don't need to be spoken, everybody know". And the fact that everybody falls back on that just goes to show that in reality NOBODY knows. Again, near the end, you say that FFIV, VI and VII were "what (they were) supposed to be". So what was FFVIII supposed to be, what was FFIX supposed to be, what was FFX supposed to be, etc. and who is this FF deity that is defining what each FF game is supposed to be. And again, I swear I'm not trying to be a butthole; but I'm reading the exact same thing just peppered up with different wording and I promise you there's nothing that I'm "misunderstanding". What's missing is actual substantiating details.

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    Great graphics, great story, interesting and well-designed characters who people might actually care about, great music, experience levels and an added character development system that works along side of them, a weapon-armor-accessory setup, epic summoning magic available to all characters using the popular creatures in the series, open-world map(It offers a sense of freedom), mini-games, and a battle system allowing control of all characters. All of these things are key ingredients of Final Fantasy. They have been, and still can be, implemented in many different ways. A lot of these things have either been poorly implemented, or just plain removed from some ff titles, and that's why fans are so angry. Also, this isn't the first time these things have been mentioned. They've actually been talked about for years. All of this is no mystery to the fans who actually care about the series.

    As for those people openly admitting that they aren't necessarily FANS of the series, yet they criticize the people who ARE , just tells me that they don't care what happens to it. I, along with many other people I know, DO care about the series. We have saved vacation days to use around the time of new ff releases. I'd go to those ff events if I could afford to do so.

    I may not be excited about Christmas as much anymore. Or, about my birthday as much anymore. But, I'm ALWAYS excited about a new ff being in development. It's my thing. I know some people who don't get excited about games as much as they used to. That's them, not me.

    I guess I'd better define the FEEL of Final Fantasy: It's the atmosphere created when all of those key ingredients mentioned above come together, drawing you into the game and causing you to really care about what happens and sometimes wishing you were there.

    As I mentioned above, all of this is no mystery to the fans who actually care about the series. As for always comparing games to FF7, that's not true for everyone. A lot of us look for those things mentioned above. We know how great the games would be today if they built them using those ingredients. I know Square-Enix will never be able to please everyone. That'll just never happen. lol But, they can still please most fans. We'll see what happens over the next 5 yrs or so. We do have the next-gen systems to look forward to as well. It'll be interesting.

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    Something the OP keeps repeating, and the reason (OP) I think you do not seems to understand why people love FF7 so much, is that you keep trying to compare it to other, more modern games.

    You can't look at it in that way. It just won't work. Of course you are used to seeing much more polished, better looking games, with even better quality than what we used to have.

    You have to put yourself in the shoes of the other person, though. I'm sure there is a game or series that has come out in your own lifetime that you might hold above all others, completely changed your experience as a gamer perhaps, and changed the way games were presented.

    (Mass Effect comes to mind)

    Now imagine 15 years later, some kid comes to a forum after playing this game, and says "what's the big deal?"

    How can you answer them in a way they really understand? There is no real satisfactory answer, except to say "You'll understand when you're older".

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    Final Fantasy VII was an amazing game but even if they wanted to do a remake I dont think they'd be able to just imagine the world map with good graphics it doesn't work. That being said does anybody know if theyre making another installment or was the thing with Genesis at the end of Dirge of Cerberius just to make us suffer?

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    I'm sick of hearing people complaining about the same thing, over and over, when that is not the real problem. And sick of people whining about everything.

  20. #45

    Originally Posted by PshycoNinja

    Originally Posted by imported_Stephen
    I'm not trying to troll, I'm just saying, people need to stop whining about a remake already. Am I the only one who thinks this way?

    And I am sick of hearing talk about XIII. It works both ways. There are always going to be games that people talk about to nauseum but who cares? If you dont want to hear about a particular game then don't go to that particular games forums or news articles.

    Just pointing that out.

    And yet you whine about Versus 13 half the time.

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