Thread: no sound & no color

no sound & no color

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    no sound & no color

    while i was watching the intro everything was fine but when i started playing it was like this:
    how do i fix this???

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    Same issue here. Having anti-aliasing on (either through the options menu or forced through the graphics card) causes this issue. Everywhere I go I hear people who have the problem have an ATI card, such as myself (a 4850), so I'm guessing that's the problem. It majorly sucks since the game looks really pretty and AA adds so much more to the overall picture. I remember playing the demo back when the game first came out when I had an nVidia card and AA was supported and it looked really beautiful. It's such a shame really, honestly have no idea how this wasn't picked up on when in development.

    I miss having an nVidia graphics card...

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    yes i really want to play this game too but ive got this problem.....
    and i dont know how to fix it