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Thread: Tomb Raider Underworld Mobile - The Catacombs

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    Tomb Raider Underworld Mobile - The Catacombs

    I need some help regarding this game play, the Java Mobile game, Tomb Raider: Underworld. I have reached the catacombs after finding the Thor's Helve. I wandered all over the catacombs, I could find 5 out of the 6 golden statues, and one iron key which helped me open a door which leads to the exit. But there doesn't seem to be any way out now, I am not able to enter the exit door because I am supposed to find Lara's father's notes and some of other Thor's artifacts. I really don't know where to look for them. Could someone tell me how to proceed?

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    Hey, i haven't played the mobile game, but here's a walkthrough our awesome Stella made.

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    Thanks dear, for the link, but unfortunately the walkthrough is for the 2D game, and I've got the 3D one on my phone...oh God, I am badly stuck...please help!

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