Thread: Learn how to get those ridiculous high scores

Learn how to get those ridiculous high scores

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    Learn how to get those ridiculous high scores

    Why is I/O not fixing the glitches that give limitless scores? It completely defeats the purpose of the scoring system and makes a mockery of the Purist level of difficulty... Now, I'm not talking about the syringe trick which is fine by me, it gives a higher difficulty to those levels. And I'm not complaining because I can't get those scores, because I did get them. And while I searched for answers on this forum and elsewhere, only a few sparse things came up, but I've yet to find anyone who did those tricks and explained them. So, they might hate me for what I'm about to do, but seriously, those high scores are just dumb to get. You only need time to waste. It takes much more skills to make those perfect runs on purist. I'd rather share a score with 100-200 people who did the best possible run on purist, than having my name on the top of those lists.

    This next trick I found here on the forum, but it talked only of using 'invisible' kills with the checkpoint glitch, like the chef in Chinese New Year, but I found out something that goes a lot faster:

    Any level that has two checkpoints (use hard difficulty for maximum points), you activate one checkpoint, immediately re-start, now head for the evidence, then head for the second checkpoint, activate it and then re-start, head for the evidence... repeat until you become braindead out of some misplaced need for recognition. You can get around 130k-150k per hour doing this on Chinese New Year and Streets of Hope, and about 90k per hour on R&D. Yes, the evidence counts more than once, and reappears every time. I haven't checked if it works if you get the evidence before activating any checkpoints. I haven't checked other levels, but I presume it's the same as soon as you get two checkpoints and easy-to-get evidence. It's a lot more effective than hitting -crowd- non-NPCs on the back of the head with a bottle (don't use the unbreakable bottle, it kills them), or repeating syringe kills with the checkpoints on R&D.

    Second trick, Welcome to hope... Many people try banging those 96 bottles with accurate precision to get those 61k... which is already a weird way to get a high score (you need to get the fights started and bang bottles on the back of people's heads, as many here probably already knew this), but the thing is, you can use the 'unbreakable bottle' trick and do EVERYONE in the crowd with a single bottle. Simply drop a bottle and press the pick-up button as it breaks. Now you can drop it as many times as you want and pick it up again, and it doesn't break when you hit someone with it. The only time it breaks is when you throw it.

    This ridiculous trick of checkpoint infinite score raising should be fixed and all scores nullified on those levels. And the broken bottle too. It's absolutely ridiculous that I can smash 200+ people with the same bottle.

    I have 401,370 on R&D 12th best (didn't do it long, it's just pointless), 450,600 on Streets of hope (12th) and 110,700 on Great balls of fire (2nd) (I missed 5-6 people by banging them sideways).

    My PSN user is GreenTaylorSimms

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    The game is unpolished, full of bugs and probably never got tested, take it as it is because they are not going to make another patch. If you want a competitive game you should try fighting games or FPS, this is not suited at all. It's totally broken, only losers play this game in a competitive way. I just got the top scores without using any glitches.

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    Competitive doesn't mean you want to duck it out with someone face to face. The contract mode is a little more down to earth, there is no checkpoints, it works great. (not that I'm saying I'm a big fan of all these "beat the guy to the exit door" contracts)