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Thread: Stuff allegedly about Tomb Raider™

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrickyVein View Post
    Negative, Ghostrider;

    Lara is one of if not the strongest female character in all of gaming. I think she very positively represents female sexuality.
    Spot on TrickyVein . That is exactly what I think. Overall Lara is a fastastic female role model and really does positively represent female sexuality. The fact that she has this incredible body but doesn't play off her looks and shows such classyness is inspirational. Take the sexuality away from her and her impact in that sence is so much reduced. I like that they brought her shape a bit more in check but her sexuality has to stay.
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    Like I stated in another thread. I think were going to get a teaser trailer or at least some new screenshots and info next month when E3 takes place. I just can't see them not showing it off or not doing anything since E3 is one of the biggest gaming events of the year

    hopefully we'll see something good

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    Well, all I can say is good luck CD and they really have picked some of the best games to copy. (aimed at Half-Life 2. oh, what a classic.)
    Good luck CD and plz don't make another letdown. that could wipe out tr for good fan-wise. i'm a bit worried to be honest but coping source engine's physics is a good idea. well done.
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