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Thread: Anyone else had problems with this ?

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    Anyone else had problems with this ?

    OK , OK , I know I shouldn't but what the hell. I can't get the cheat codes to work. Iam playing the ps3 version an enter the following as suggested by no less than 4 different sites.
    I shall not give all the codes because I reckon of I can sort out one , it will do for the rest , but for " one shot kill " it says , while playing press and hold L2 , TRIANGLE , X , TRIANGLE , SQUARE , L1 , O.
    I have tried and tried but nothing happens !!. Incidently , you hear a chime if you have done it right. Is there a glitch here or is it just me ???????

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    I didn't know there were cheats for this game. Honestly though, you don't really need them. The game isn't that hard. Most cheats you have to press really fast in the right sequence to get them to work. If it's not working and you're doing it right the cheat is probably a fake cheat.
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    If you go to you can find the cheats and I have gotten them to work in the past but it's not the easiest thing to do. The game I was able to do it on was underworld. You have to be in game mode not paused and you have to be sure to hit the buttons quickly and in the correct order. Like I said it's not always easy but it's possible.

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