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    Riddler Revealed

    Our demo ended with Batman descending upon a rooftop as his Cyptogram device was picking up a strange signal. He stops in front of a large billboard, the words "Turn on and Tune in Before Someone Checks out - 275.00 325.00" crudely scrawled on its face. The Dark Knight jacks into that particular frequency and we're given our first glimpse at Arkham City's darker, twisted vision of Riddler.

    While we didn't see any gameplay in action, the vignette we were shown was meant to give us "insight into The Riddler's state of mind." It's a super grimy minute worth of footage, with dark scenes of horror-like imagery, including a female struggling as she held down by a contraption that looks like something out of a SAW film. The Riddler's voice is the clip's soundtrack, taunting Batman the whole time.

    How Riddler encounters and missions will play out is still very much an enigma itself; Ginn would only confirm that he'll be both physically threatening Batman and "the lives of innocent people." From the sounds of things, the critical narrative path will have you dealing with the likes of Two-Face and Joker. But Ginn was hesitant to call Riddler encounters "side missions."

    "The Riddler experience is not part of the main story," he confirmed, "but you can see how much work we put into it. It seems to do them a disservice to call them 'side missions,' because we take them really, really seriously."

    Quite a creepy interpretation of Riddler.

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    I really hated how there was no pay off to the Riddler challenges in Arkham Asylum. So I'm glad Rocksteady made new mechanics like interrogation work toward a secondary narrative with Riddler, who I would consider Batman's intellectual arch-nemesis in Gotham.

    This is two games worth of build-up, the best interview tapes in the original game too. I hope Batman gets stuck in a few Silver Age death traps that the player has to figure out how to escape from before perishing.

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    Great news! I love this new take on The Riddler, the game just keeps getting better!

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    Riddler looks perfect.
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    wHaT??? iMpOsSiBlE!!! hOw DiD yOu GeT tHoSe PiCtUrEs oF mE???
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    we used the internet!

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    Originally Posted by Jayngo
    wHaT??? iMpOsSiBlE!!! hOw DiD yOu GeT tHoSe PiCtUrEs oF mE???
    Thats my little riddle.

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