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Thread: TR3 installation problem

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    TR3 installation problem

    I'm new to this forum and don't speak all 'computereze' fluently so speak plainly please
    I have Windows Vista, purchased TR Trilogy and am now trying to play TR3 for the first time. When I try to install, the screen pops up allowing me to hit the button 'install' and the hourglass runs for a couple of moments, but then nothing happens.

    I went to to see if they had a patch, found one and ran it. I copied the entire contents of CD into a TR III folder under Core Design and eventually was able to play my game, except it won't save games. I tried to uninstall it to start over, but my software list doesn't even show it as 'installed', so all I could do was delete all files, but the 'setup.exe' won't delete.

    I've checked my CD, there are no scratches, no dirt and I went through Laura's home and everything worked there. The game appears to work, except I can't save and exit, only exit.

    Please tell me somebody has an idea of how to fix this

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    I'm not sure this is your problem but and I haven't played the old games for a long time, but as I remember this was caused by starting the game from the CD instead of the .exe file in the folder where Tomb Raider is installed.

    Try creating a shortcut to that .exe file, not the one on the CD, or in the files from the CD copied to your hard drive and see if that solves your problem.


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    its because you cant save in the house only in missions!

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