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Thread: DXHR PICUS NEWSDESK:News,Articles,Tweets /UPDATES -UPDATE: Human Revolution Dev Vault

DXHR PICUS NEWSDESK:News,Articles,Tweets /UPDATES -UPDATE: Human Revolution Dev Vault

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    Exclamation DXHR PICUS NEWSDESK:News,Articles,Tweets /UPDATES -UPDATE: Human Revolution Dev Vault

    Okay, brand new thread to discuss latest articles and interviews etc.
    If you find any news, please share in here.

    Please help keep this thread clean for news articles only. To discuss any topic in greater depth, check out the related threads on the board.

    Eidos Montreal official sites:


    Official Eidos Montreal TUMBLR:



    Eidos Montreal Community:

    >>Jean-Francois Dugas - DIRECTOR OF PLAY

    >>David Anfossi - PRODUCER







    Originally Posted by Shralla
    Square-Enix put up a new survey to get a feel for people's gaming habits. Should you tell them that Deus Ex is your favorite Square Enix franchise towards the end of the survey, they will ask some more specific questions about what you do and don't like about Deus Ex.

    Definitely worth the time, if they're even bothering to reach out:


    Human Revolution Dev Vault
    Originally Posted by Poticha
    Hey everyone!

    As some of you might have seen, we're putting together a new-ish column on the blog, featuring DXHR docs straight from our devs.
    The first article is about level design philosophy, written by René-Martin Pauzé:

    We might also feature articles about the key milestones of DXHR's development, which were only posted in French back then.

    Enjoy the read!


    "Develop" magazine - February edition features a peek under the hood of Eidos Montreal’s Dawn Engine for Deus Ex.

    Read online here:
    Scroll to page 39.



    Introducing Dawn Engine

    Originally Posted by Poticha
    Hi everyone!

    We're proud to announce today Dawn Engine, our PC and new-gen consoles engine, which will be used for upcoming projects in the Deus Ex Universe.

    Check out all the details and a first screenshot taken in Dawn Engine on our blog:
    Forum discussion thread here:


    Shinra Technologies - The New Evolution of Gaming
    Former Square Enix president, Yoichi Wada, explains how moving games into the cloud will change everything.

    Yoichi Wada is now heading a subsidiary of Square Enix that has just moved to New York City, Shinra Technologies.

    The new company will be working on the technology that will make it possible to move all the platform work for videogames into the cloud, so that any device can play any game, anywhere it has access to the Internet.
    Read full article HERE

    FYI, translated from a German site:

    Square Enix has today announced two new console game collections for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that will be released on October 31 in trade at a price of 39.99 euros.

    First, the "Ultimate Action Triple Pack", which is the award-winning action-adventure game Tomb Raider , the martial arts spectacle Sleeping Dogs and the chaotic action fireworks Just Cause 2 contains.
    Secondly, the "Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack", with the stealth classic Thief , the action slow game Hitman: Absolution , and the acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution .

    If you want to catch up on the classics of the old consoles, the Triple-pack may, for example, pre-order at .,4...ungen-an,.html

    (click image to enlarge)


    Mary De Marle to appear at the WGK Conference
    6th and 7th of September.

    Mary DeMarle – Executive Narrative Director at Eidos Montreal. An award-winning Narrative Designer/Writer in the Games Industry with a solid record of accomplishments in creating such best-selling games as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Myst IV: Revelation, Myst III: Exile and Homeworld 2. Uniquely qualified with proven technical and creative skills, she is a multifaceted and flexible writer who works successfully in a variety of genres. Mary also possesses a background in the Motion Picture industry working with Hollywood scriptwriters, and in publicity and marketing as a freelance writer.

    Mary’s experience in writing immersive storylines is second to none and her tips on the creative writing process should be most valuable for independent narrative designers trying to implement an interesting and coherent plot in their games.

    Read full report HERE


    Report: Square Enix CTO leaves company
    Yoshihisa Hashimoto has left Square Enix, citing personal reasons for the departure, according to a Game Watch report that was confirmed by Polygon.
    Read full report here:

    Develop Awards 2014 - The Finalists: Tools - Design & Creativity

    In the first of our two tools awards, we look at the shortlisted tech that improves the look and feel of games...
    Employed in a number of other upcoming games, including the new Deus Ex from Eidos Montreal, CD Projekt’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break, as well as several unannounced titles, Umbra 3 Visibility Solution is a proven solution for market-leading AAA games.
    Read full report here:


    Latest article doing the rounds, fyi:

    Rumour: New Mass Effect and next-gen Deus Ex at E3 2014

    According to an industry insider, this year's E3 in California will be hosting Square Enix and Eidos Montreal's new Deus Ex, which is in the works as a next-gen title.
    Also present will be BioWare's new Mass Effect.

    Ahsan Rasheed confirmed it won't be called Mass Effect 4, something BioWare said previously, but will be subtitled. He's also heard rumblings about Microsoft's plans.
    Read full article here:


    FYI, taken from EM's latest tweet:

    Cybathalon 2016: A Competition for Augmented Humans

    The Olympic Games are a competition for the fittest and most talented able-bodied humans on Earth. The Paralympic Games are a competition for the fittest and most talented humans on Earth with physical and intellectual disabilities. To compete, paralympians take advantage of assistive systems, some of which are becoming increasingly cybernetic, combining traditional prosthetics with robotics. ETH Zurich and the Swiss National Competence Center of Research in Robotics have an idea of where we can take this.

    It's already the case that the Olympics are heavily influenced by technology. Aside from the 2012 controversy over whether paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius had an advantage in his carbon-fiber prosthetic legs, there are continual incremental advances in drag-reducing suits for swimmers and runners. Any event which requires hardware (shooting, archery, cycling, and so forth) is only going to become more heavily skewed towards tech, as human performance improvements will inevitably be eclipsed by technology, simply because it's a lot easier to improve technology than it is to improve humans.

    The athletes who have benefited the most from technology are arguably paralympians, who have a significantly heavier dependence on tech, and therefore more to gain as tech improves. Things like prosthetics are transitioning from passive systems to active ones, capable of sensing a user's intent (through nerve or brain interfaces) and use motors and actuators to more effectively replace a real limb. The goal right now is to be able to provide capabilities similar to that of a human limb, but eventually, we'll transcend biology, which is part of the reason why we need an entirely new type of competition.

    The question, then, starts to become one of how much of an athlete is human, and how much of an athlete is robot, and if you've got more robot than human going on, how will that change things?

    We'll find out on October 8, 2016, when the first Cybathalon event is held in Zurich, Switzerland.
    Read full article here:

    Forum discussion thread here:

    Five Square Enix franchises Sony’s really going to miss

    By now you’ll no doubt have heard the news that, in an effort to lift its profits and minimise loss, Sony Computer Entertainment has sold off its shares in game publisher Square Enix, producers of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts among many others. The 9,52 million shares (approximately 8.2% of Square’s shares, making them one of the company’s largest shareholders) amount to somewhere in the region of US$46.9-million.

    What many don’t realise is that Square Enix Holdings isn’t just a developer and publisher in its own right, but is also the holding company for a number of other well-known subsidiaries, such as Eidos Interactive (Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex), Square Enix Europe (Final Fantasy, Sleeping Dogs as well as a role in the aforementioned Eidos games), and Taito.

    Sony is therefore getting rid of a massive shareholding in a company that has interests in multiple award-winning franchises. Whether or not this is a good move remains to be seen, however in the meantime we’re going to take a quick trip down memory lane as we look at some of the best games that have come out of Square Enix in recent years, and while we hopefully won’t see a downturn in quality or quantity from them, Sony might be kicking themselves in the near future.


    Deus Ex / DX:HR
    Although Deus Ex is part of a long-standing, classic franchise, a new game was released in 2011 with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix. The cyberpunk-themed franchise has garnered many loyal supporters over the years, and Human Revolution was no exception.

    It was developed as a prequel to the original game, set in 2027, 25 years before Deus Ex. The protagonist Adam Jensen, is required to undergo extensive surgery after a terrorist attack, that essentially turns him into a cyborg.

    The game deals with themes of espionage, human enhancement through technology and the divide between those who can afford it and those who can’t. It received excellent reviews, and many critics praised the inclusion of social interaction on the outcome of in-game events.
    Read full article here:

    Here are the winners of the Corsair, AMD, Deus Ex giveaway. Congratulations!



    EM - Blog & Video - "Deus Ex Human Defiance"


    WiiU - Director's Cut.

    Check it out here.

    On Tumblr:

    What do you remember about the sound track from the original Deus Ex?

    Primarily composed by Alexander Brandon (with the support of Dan Gardopée and Michiel van den Bos), this iconic audio ensemble was influenced by the styles of techno, jazz and classical - its gritty ambient tunes and driving beats gaining wide critical acclaim after the release of Deus Ex in 2000. As many of you will remember, the game capitalized on a dynamic music system to match the tunes to the player's actions, shifting from slow to fast-paced as the situation required. A remastered version featuring added instruments and audio production was also shipped with early copies of the GOTY edition.

    So, why the refresher course now, 13 years later?

    Good question!

    It’s with incredible excitement we’d like to announce the release of “Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation”. In collaboration with OC ReMix, the world’s #1 online video game music remix organization, original composer Alexander Brandon and the OC ReMix team have completely remixed and reimagined the slammin’ sounds of the original Deus Ex soundtrack to bring them to you like you’ve never heard before.

    8 original, cybernetically enhanced arrangements take the old and make it new again, augmenting the sounds of Deus Ex and reinventing them for a modern era.

    And the kicker? The entire album is completely FREE! Stream the tracks right from the comfort of your browser, or download the MP3s directly to your hard drive – it’s your choice – all from the official Deus Ex Facebook page.

    Track 1 “The Search for Ambrosia” by Zircon & Jillian Aversa is available now. Two tracks will be unlocked every week until the entire album has been released in full. Head over to the OC ReMix tab on our Facebook page to check them out!

    What do you think of Track 1? Leave us a comment below and let us know! Also, don’t forget to share the tracks with your friends!

    Originally Posted by Shaikh
    Deus Ex: Human Defiance Is Not A Game, It’s The New Movie

    Believe me when I say this but I do feel your pain while reading the title of this news article. Unfortunately everyone, the new Deus Ex trademark that was spotted a few days ago is not about a new game, but about the new movie that will be based on this game. Yeap, Deus Ex: Human Defiance is – most probably – the name of that film according to the following whois information.

    Spotted by NeoGAF member ’EatChildren’, this information reveals the proper domain of Deus Ex: Human Defiance. According to the whois information, Human Defianec is a film based on Deus Ex. Our guess is that this is the movie everyone has been talking about lately. Not only that, but as we can see the domain was registered the same day we got word that Square Enix trademarked Deus Ex: Human Defiance, so that can’t be a mere coincidence. In other news, no new game, no incoming game-related announcement.

    That’s a really disappointing turn of events as Human Revolution was a stunning video game. And even though it met critical success and won a lot of awards, Square Enix seems to be holding back on it. Hell, the company has not revealed yet whether we’ll get a sequel or not.

    So, will Human Revolution be a one-hit success or will Square Enix take advantage of it? That remains to be seen.



    Carried over, as this is news.
    Credit to Shaikh.

    Square Enix trademarked Deus Ex: Human Defiance

    Possible follow-up to Human Revolution

    Square Enix has filed a trademark for Deus Ex: Human Defiance, pointing towards a possible follow up to 2011's Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    Filed on Square Enix's behalf by trademark attorneys Williams Powell, the application was submitted on February 26. The application was spotted by a member of NeoGAF. A new title has yet to be announced by Square Enix.

    The publisher is currently collaborating with CBS films on a Deus Ex film adaptation to be directed by Scott Derrickson. The 2011 title performed well in Europe, but not so well in North America.


    OMG! I am too excited! Hopefully this is DX4.

    Latest article from EM:

    2013-02-07 17:42:00 by Eidos-Montréal

    Our colleagues at Crystal Dynamics have announced today that Tomb Raider has gone gold, which means the game is complete, certified and ready to hit the shelves and get in the hands of gamers around the world!

    Darrell Gallagher, Studio Head, greeted the news with this statement:

    "It’s been a long journey, and it feels like we’ve been on this one together. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support since we first revealed our new vision for Tomb Raider to the world. I am very happy to let you know that we are into the final stretch of what has been an exciting and challenging adventure for the last few years. Tomb Raider has ‘gone gold’ and is now en route to manufacturing ahead of the game’s official release on March 5th, so there isn’t too long before it will be in your hands.

    Back in 2010 when we announced Tomb Raider we promised to break new ground for the franchise – to create an origins story that forges Lara Croft into a hero, and takes her on a journey like no other. I’m very happy that I can stand by those words today.

    We’ve put everything into this game, and I’m certain we’ve created something that explores Tomb Raider’s history while pushing the limits in interactive storytelling and design. Development has spanned two studios, a pair of E3 stage demos, 50-plus magazine covers, 150 award nominations, nearly 800 fan art submissions, almost 2,000 blog posts, and over 50,000 replies from you on our forums.

    And now it’s time to get the game into your hands. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. We think you will, We are immensely proud of this game."

    As you know, the multiplayer component of this new incarnation of Tomb Raider was developed by a team right here at Eidos-Montréal. It is therefore with an extra bit of pride that we join our sister studio in celebrating this great milestone!

    Info regarding the unannounced game that EM are working on:

    Uploaded with

    Murdered: Soul Suspect – the full title of the project Square Enix is teasing – is being produced by Eidos Montreal. The studio’s website is listed in the page’s source code.

    Square Enix has only said the following about Soul Suspect thus far:

    “Murdered: Soul Suspect is an exciting new game from Square Enix which challenges players to solve possibly the hardest case of all”

    Check out EM's Community Round-Up Blog for some Valentine inspiration:

    Latest EM tweet:

    Take a trip down memory lane - check out these #DeusEx developer diaries


    Latest article on EM's Community Pages:

    Tomb Raider: Surviving Together
    Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

    The secret is out!

    As revealed in the cover story of the January issue of OXM, Tomb Raider is going multiplayer. For over two years, Joe Khoury and his team here at Eidos-Montréal have been stealthily developing new gameplay options for one of the most anticipated games of 2013. We're thrilled to finally be able to introduce the devs and show off their hard work!
    Read full article here:




    A message from Stephane D’Astous (General Manager, Eidos Montreal)

    Warmest greetings and best wishes for the new year from Eidos-Montreal! We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support during this past year. Reading your kind words, sharing your fan art, checking out your cosplay, watching your fan videos and seeing all of the other wonderful, weird and wacky contributions to come out of the community throughout the past year has been an inspiration to our entire team. You have truly warmed our hearts.

    Looking back, once again 2012 was a landmark year for Eidos-Montreal. In addition to celebrating our 5th anniversary, our teams have continued to flourish behind the scenes and we have watched our ranks grow to their largest to date. We were also extremely proud of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s continued success as it debuted on the Mac OS X platform, bringing the beloved Deus Ex franchise back to the Mac for the first time in 12 years!

    Moving forward, 2013 promises to be yet another monumental year for Eidos-Montreal, we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. All the best,

    Stephane D’Astous

    Eidos-Montréal celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2012 with a serious expansion of our facilities, as well as this new introductory video.

    Published on Dec 7, 2012

    See How Eidos Montreal Playtested Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Eidos Montreal have released a new behind-the-scenes video of how their studio conducts playtests for their games, and how they glean feedback from their playtesters.
    The video below shows the playtesting process for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, giving some rare insight into what goes on early in development.
    Full article and video:

    Eidos Montreal partnership
    Creation of the first homeless service point at metro Place-des-Arts

    Full article here:

    MONTREAL, Dec. 17, 2012 /CNW Telbec/ - The Société de développement social de Ville-Marie (SDSVM), first social broker in North America, is proud to announce the creation of the first service point for the homeless in downtown Montreal, located at the Place-des-Arts metro station, in collaboration with St. Michael's Mission day center and the Société de transport de Montréal (STM).

    To meet the growing needs of the homeless taking refuge in the subway, the SDSVM has set up, with the help of their social partners (CLSC, CSSS, McGill faculty of medecine, Chez Doris, the CHUM and its mobile psychiatric clinic, PAQ….), a service point at the day center that will provide:

    Continuous opening hours at the day center, from 8h to 13h;
    Opening a consultation room at St. Michael's Mission to receive health care specialists;
    A social worker will work directly in the field with the homeless to help them and refer them to services, and, in collaboration with the security services, staff and other actors working 6+9/t the subway station;
    Medical, psychiatric and social consults on the spot;
    Art Therapy Program; and
    Implementation of research on socio-professional integration for the homeless at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Laval University in Quebec to better quantify and evaluate the results of our programs.

    Better access for vulnerable people, often homeless, to complete care that integrates mental health and substance abuse is important; with strong partnerships between the first line, community agencies and psychiatric hospitals, such as the CHUM association and Toit Rouge, is part of the solution. Token of success, these initiatives must be supported in order to ensure sustainability," added Dr. Didier Jutras Aswad, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Montreal, CHUM.

    Homelessness is a complex issue and represents a significant challenge for large cities. STM commends the work of the SDSVM which provides the homeless with resources and specialized services in order to help them.

    About St. Michael's Mission

    Indeed, the majority of homeless in this subway station use the services of the St. Michael's Mission every day. Under the Toit Rouge (for its red roof), this independent non-profit organization works with more than 200 homeless people and people living in poverty in downtown Montreal. Its mission is to meet their basic needs: food, hygiene, clothing and in case of emergencies for various needs.

    About the Société de développement social de Ville-Marie
    The partners of the Société de Développement Social de Ville-Marie for the curent project are: STM, Fondation Armand J. Bombardier, Makivik Corporation, Arrondissement Ville-Marie, National, Eidos Montréal, McKesson Canada and private donations. The SDSVM is financed by the Ville-Marie borough.

    EM's site banner updated with Santa Adam:

    TWO days left to get up to 50% off the OFFICIAL #DeusEx collection
    Sale ends Dec 16!

    Eidos Montréal Twitter

    Nearly time for @EidosMontreal s first #TwitterTues
    10AM-MIDNIGHT (EST/-5hrs)

    Join us for GIVEAWAYS & PRIZES! RT this & spread the word!


    Eidos Montreal Twitter
    We received a lovely message from a fan recently, & he's also published it as a blog post: - Thanks, Mitranim Forgo
    2012-11-15 16:31:00 by Eidos Montréal

    CBS Films announced today that Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) will direct the screen adaptation of the iconic Square Enix video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Derrickson will also write the screenplay for the film with C. Robert Cargill (Sinister). Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh are attached to produce the film with John P. Middleton serving as Executive Producer. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will serve as the primary template for the film.

    "Deus Ex is a phenomenal cyberpunk game with soul and intelligence,” said Derrickson, who continued, “By combining amazing action and tension with big, philosophical ideas, Deus Ex is smart, ballsy, and will make one hell of a movie. Cargill and I can't wait to bring

    The Montreal International Game Summit - Come & Meet The Devs!

    Montreal is a big festival town. We have whole weeks dedicated to comedy, jazz, cinema... and gaming!

    The Montreal International Game Summit takes place next week, November 13-14, and you can be sure we won't miss a moment of it. If you're also thinking of attending, come find us on the show floor (booth 1-2) or say hi to some members of our dev team at these panels:

    Nov. 13 - 11:15-12:15 - Finding the Sound & Musical Voice of Deus Ex: Human Revolution with Steve Szczepkowski and Michael McCann
    A Q&A session with the duo responsible for the award-winning Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack.

    Nov. 13 - 12:15-1:30 - Sketch duel!
    Hervé Groussin will represent Eidos Montréal in this competitive art battle.

    Nov. 14 - 5:15-6:15 - Inventing the Future: MIGS Brain Dump 2012 with Jonathan Jacques-Belletête among many others
    Eight accomplished game developers get five minutes each to talk about the future of games.

    On November 16, Audio Director Steve Szczepkowski will also participate in a panel as part of M for Montreal entitled Audio Track: A Look Into a Video Game's DNA, where he'll talk about the role of sound and original music in the video game experience.

    Hope to see you there!



    This Movember, we're making a pledge to look ridiculous in the name of men's health.

    The furry gauntlet has been thrown! Once again, we'll be taking on other game studios in the Gaming Challenge. Our fierce stache warriors have reported for duty this morning, fresh shaven and ready to grow. You can support our efforts by clicking over to the official Eidos Mo-treal team page to follow our capillary prowess and make a donation!

    Gamercamp: Eidos Montreal’s Mary DeMarle on crafting game narratives
    This coming weekend, Toronto will hold a different kind of gaming festival.

    Now in it’s fourth year, Gamercamp is an expression of Toronto’s innovative and creative games scene. Gamercamp is kind of hard to pin down. In some ways it’s like a mini-Game Developers Conference, except the general public is invited, and you are encouraged to watch cartoons and eat cereal in your PJs.

    We recently had a chance to talk with one of the festival’s key speakers, Mary DeMarle, narrative director at Eidos Montreal about Gamercamp, game narrative and women in the games industry.

    Community Manager Adam Badke joins the team

    Halloween at Eidos Montreal
    See the best costumes from around the studio and the winner of our Halloween contest!


    Eidos Montréal ‏Tweet:
    Mary DeMarle will be speaking at Toronto Gamercamp, Nov. 3-4.
    Check it:

    The following email is doing the rounds:

    The Eidos Montreal playtest team is currently recruiting participants for its next playtest session.
    Try out one of our games currently in production before anyone else!

    We are looking for players available from:

    WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 12th 2012 FROM 9:00am TO 4:00pm

    If you are available on those dates and playtests still interest you, please send us an email at [email]


    Include: -Full name
    -Email address
    -Phone number

    WARNING: Your email does not guarantee a spot for those playtests.

    We will then proceed with a short questionnaire over the phone to make sure you fit with the player profile required for this particular test.
    Please keep in mind that playtests DO NOT constitute a job. If you are selected, you will be invited to test one game only.
    Also take note that places are limited and that we will stop taking calls/emails once we reach the desired number of participants.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!

    The Eidos Montréal playtest team

    Video game tester (DX:HR) loses job over hate speech against Pauline Marois


    An article about the new movie "Total Recall", drawing similarities to DX:HR

    Set design on "Total Recall" is visually striking, with futuristic environments that immediately bring to mind the world envisioned by Eidos Montreal in last year's Deus Ex: Human Revolution. As Lori pursues Quaid through the lower levels of the Colony's main city, it is difficult not to draw parallels to Human Revolution's Hengsha City. The future Great Britain could easily be a cleaner version of the game's futuristic Detroit.

    Music is also reminiscent of Eidos' game, with audio cues that could have blended nicely. Being pragmatic, the similarities in style are most likely due to the cyberpunk influences from which both "Total Recall" and Human Revolution draw, but seeing the environments on the big screen is sure to please fans of the game. It's an uncanny similarity and one that sets the bar for the upcoming "Human Revolution" movie.
    Read full article here:

    DX:HR nomination for the UK Golden Joysticks Award for "Best DLC"

    The results will be announced at a ceremony on October 26


    CBS Films to adapt 'Deus Ex' videogame

    ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ free for PlayStation Plus subscribers until beginning of August

    European subscribers to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service will be able to get their hands on Eidos Montréal’s utterly fantastic transhumanist saga Deus Ex: Human Revolution as of tomorrow, and for the princely sum of absolutely nothing.

    Alongside the standalone game download, users may also purchase the ‘Missing Link’ DLC, as well as the Explosive Mission and Tactical Enhancement packs, at half-price. The latter two of these provide item and stat boosts for your character. If all of this isn’t enough, you can even purchase the original PS2 Deus Ex for the same 50% discount.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be available until the beginning of August. If you have a PS3, I cannot urge you enough to boot it up and start downloading this title as fast as you can. This is one of the finest, and certainly most original, titles of last year.
    Read on...:


    Another tweet:
    DX:HR art director JJB answered a few of your questions on Tumblr.

    Latest tweet:!/eidosmontreal

    Want your fan art featured as a banner?
    Send your submissions to
    Size - 851 by 315 pixels. @eidosmontreal
    Retweeted by Eidos Montréal


    Originally Posted by JMSwallow
    Just FYI: Deus Ex Human Revolution has eight nominations at the upcoming Canadian Videogame Awards....

    Also, latest tweet:
    @eidosmontreal anyone from the Montreal office going to #PAXEast?
    Eidos Montréal Eidos Montréal ‏ @eidosmontreal
    @FTTank Well, community manager @coyotegrey (me/operator of this account) will be there!
    Originally Posted by KenTWOu

    EM's 5th Anniversary Special Interview

    This year, Eidos-Montreal celebrates its fifth anniversary. We go big around here, so to mark the special event we're unveiling the studio expansion. The cutting edge new installations include a mini-theatre, a recording studio, a cafeteria and a whole bunch of new desks ready to accommodate our growing team.

    We seized this opportunity to chat with the very first employees of the studio and remember the highlights of the past five years. Eidos-Montreal General Manager Stephane D'Astous and Deus Ex: Human Revolution Producer David Anfossi, Game Director Jean-François Dugas and Artistic Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête sat down with us to share their memories of Eidos-Montreal in the early days.
    Full interview here:

    Eidos Montréal ‏Twitter
    Grasshopper Manufacture vs. us in @TheEscapistMag's March Mayhem tournament.

    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey


    Warren Spector to receive GDC 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award
    Warren Spector will be receiving the award on 7th March this year at the GDCA 2012 (Game Developer Conference 2012).
    Read full article here:

    Originally Posted by Jotamide
    So apparently DX:HR is coming to Mac in a new edition:

    Latest EM tweet:
    OnLive, Inc. @OnLive
    We've augmented the awesome of your weekend by offering 50% OFF Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Originally Posted by KingNL
    So great to see them recognize how truly epic this game really is.,2892,BA.html

    Originally Posted by KingNL

    100% deserved.
    It also got runner up on best music, best trailer and best writing, as well as third place on best voice-acting..


    Originally Posted by Tecman
    Hard Graft: The Making Of Deus Ex HR’s Titles
    ( )

    It’s starting to feel like intro day here on RPS. Art Of The Title ( ) have just concluded their first gaming title sequence dissection, cracking the chest of the appropriately surgical opening of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Production company Goldtooth Creative Paul Furminger’s discusses the scene’s grand theme: “The original concept was a descent from the macroscopic to the microscopic and from the organic to the mechanical. We started working on storyboards and animatics that began with the gruesome reality of Adam’s beaten body and ended with the sublime perfection of veins and circuitry combining at a microscopic level.” Man, I regret skipping it now.

    Whether you want to know about the technical aspects or the intended emotional impact, it’s an illuminating read. For example: watching it just there, my brain presumed it was all CGI, but as Furminger points out, that’s not the case at all: “On the first morning, we shot all the love scenes with our Megan and Adam lookalikes. In the afternoon, we put Adam on our futuristic operating table and got all of the surgery shots. On the second day, we shot all of the still elements, the pyro/effects plates, and we did the more serious operation shots – for example, we shot the circular saw cutting into the fake human body on the second day.”

    In fact, as Furminger tells it, it’s a whole mish-mash of mixed media, combining CGI live-action and photography to bring the resurrection of Adam Jensen to life: “In the final sequence, there are 25 shots, not counting the title cards. Of those 25 shots, 14 are live action, 9 are computer-generated, and two were created in motion graphics using 2D animation on stills and photographed elements. The laser shot, for example, was entirely created from one still of a horse tranquilizer that we shot on our second day. The still was modified in Photoshop and then animated in After Effects.”

    Latest tweet:
    We care. You keep asking us questions, and we'll keep answering. Lead narrative Mary DeMarle answered the latest batch.
    1 hour ago

    Originally Posted by Geralt z Rivii
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution tops Amazon’s 2011 digital chart

    On its top-ten bestsellers lists for 2011, Amazon noted a strong digital performance from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 predictably took top honours in the physical release ranks.

    Originally Posted by spyhopping
    Another mini podcast posted on facebook a couple hours ago.

    Latest Tweet:

    PR_Flak Matt Frary
    Best category win for #DXHR yet: "Best Theology Game" from The Cross And The Controller
    13 Jan
    Retweeted by eidosmontreal
    There are very few games that get our theology section down. Dealing with major real world issues, giving the player massive freedom, and creating a deep world all at the same time, Deus Ex handles everything extremely well. It only falters with “religious reference” in our scoring system, but does everything else so well that we can’t help but give the award to this dark, gravelly voiced Cyber-Punk RPG.

    Eidos Montréal
    More questions answered on our tumblr page. This time, lead narrative designer Mary DeMarle steps up to the plate.
    7 hours ago
    Eidos Montréal
    The kind @jeffachoo answered more community questions, including: Adam Jensen - Revan from KoTOR.I want you to compare!

    Full tweets and links:

    EM Open House: Playtest Lab



    Latest news from Eidos Montreal:

    We were thrilled to see Eidos Montreal named Studio of the Year for our work on Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the January issue of Edge Magazine. Much like the Grinch's heart, our heads grew three sizes after reading this: "The game's numerous successes, however, exhibit more maturity, inspiration and skill than many established studios will ever achieve, while also demonstrating how the right creative team can work wonders when up against it."

    The accolade means the world to us, especially given the excellent company we find ourselves in with runners-up Mojang and Firemint. Congratulations to all the games and studios honored in Edge's year-end issue, we can hardly wait to see what exciting games the coming year will bring!

    The holiday season isn't just about presents... There's also awards!

    We were honored to receive the award for Best Art Direction at the 2011 Inside Gaming Awards hosted by Deus Ex: Human Revolution was also nominated in two other categories: Most Compelling Character (Adam Jensen) and Game of the Year. Jean-François Dugas was present to collect the trophy on behalf of the DXHR team.

    We are also proud to have received accolades from DXHR won in the Best Original Score, Best Script and Most Inspiring Game categories, and was a runner-up for Best Action Game, Best Game Concept and Best Xbox 360 Game. For the full list of winners, visit

    A round of applause for the whole DXHR team!


    DX:HR Soundtrack Download

    Eidos Montréal, Twitter
    The DX:HR soundtrack is now available for purchase and download in digital form.
    Which track is your favorite?

    Eidos Montreal takes the blame for Deus Ex boss fights.

    Square Enix Seeing Sales Boost From Deus Ex.


    Official Twitter:

    eidosmontreal Eidos Montréal
    EMP episode 3 - The Missing Link community.…


    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey
    PC version's getting patched very, very soon. Here are the notes:

    "The new patch addresses a variety of issues as well as adds some new features:

    - We have addressed various issues that can occur for players that would result in ‘stuttering’.
    o Stutters that are the result of graphics driver shader processing are now removed or significantly reduced.
    o Stutters that are the result of data streaming have been removed or significantly reduced.
    o Performance has been improved and made more stable on dual-core systems. This could previously also result in stuttering.
    - Fixed issue where some players couldn’t complete the Motherly Ties side quest.
    - Fixed an issue where doors in Omega Ranch sometimes wouldn’t open.
    - The TYM medical card should no longer fall through the table if an NPC’s body comes into contact with the card. Players already stuck in this area will need to revert to a previous save before the card fell through.
    - Occasional hangs for some players during video-playback have been fixed.
    - A crash on startup when running DX11 on a single-core CPU has been fixed.
    - An issue causing Eyefinity setups to not be correctly detected for some players has been fixed.
    - Fixed an issue where the HUD would get permanently disabled for some players.
    - Fixed certain issues that caused the mouse cursor to be able to leave the game-screen on multi-monitor setups.
    - Fixed an issue that caused the mouse cursor to not be visible in-game when the user has mouse trails enabled in Windows. We still recommend disabling mouse trails for a smoother in-game mouse cursor.
    - Fixed issue where ammo count for collected guns is incorrect when Adams weapon is augmented.
    - In DX9 mode:
    o Fixed error message for some users when trying to use FXAA Medium or FXAA Low anti aliasing modes.
    o Fixed shadow-mapping ‘lines’ on some graphics hardware when using anisotropic filtering.

    Feature Additions:
    - The Enter and Numpad-Enter keys can now be bound to game actions in the keyboard control menu.
    - Intro logos can now be skipped on all but the first run of the game.
    - Added windowed mode.
    o Selectable in the menu, and can be toggled between windowed, fullscreen, and fullscreen windowed using ALT-ENTER.
    - Added an option to change the text language of the game. This setting only changes the text language, the audio is controlled by the language option in Steam.

    On top of this we are continuing to monitor for any issues that may need to be addressed in a future patch. One extra feature we can already confirm for a future patch is support for Nvidia 3DVision and Nvidia Surround."


    Main site update - The Missing Link:

    Coming in October
    Posted by Eidos Montreal

    The Deus Ex: Human Revolution conspiracy grows deeper in The Missing Link. During Adam's quest for the truth in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, he mysteriously vanishes for three days. Where was he? What did he find out? The Missing Link reveals it all.

    After being tortured by Belltower agents and having his augmentations disabled, Adam Jensen must rely solely on his basic capabilities to escape from a freighter, destined for an unknown location. While fighting for his survival on the ship, he uncovers another layer to the conspiracy that he never would have suspected. As Adam, befriend new, mysterious allies and fight ruthless enemies to discover what was happening in the shadows during the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

    -New layers of conspiracy unveiled
    -Sprawling new environments
    -Brand-new characters to interact with
    -Rebuild Adam's augmentation set from scratch. Build up a brand new Adam!

    What is The Missing Link? You'll find out soon...

    Sky News Eyeborg
    Originally Posted by jaycw2309

    How cool is this!?

    He's about to be interviewed on Sky news live


    Originally Posted by MyImmortal
    Eidos Montreal Community site:


    Montreal Mirror cover and interview

    Originally Posted by BrainLock
    DXHR made the cover of the Montreal Mirror.

    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey
    Curious as to when that Steam pre-load will unlock? Don't fret, dear community. I don't want each of you sitting there at your PC, restarting the client over and over on whatever day your version launches. We appreciate the dedication, but not the frustration.

    To clear things up, here's the official list of unlock timings:

    Originally Posted by anunnaki
    Footage of the early stages of game development, Wish I could get my hands on that. Seems so different without all of the gold lighting.

    Originally Posted by Link2877
    New TV ad posted on the Eidos youtube page. It's kind of like the one from last week but with less gameplay.
    Originally Posted by anunnaki

    Originally Posted by deusfox
    Video over at IGN, behind the box art - nice lil video with loads of artwork to go with it

    The Official Square Enix Magazine issue 1 is available to download for free:

    We've put together a free digital magazine which has info on all of our upcoming games, such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and FINAL FANTASY XIII-2...

    DX:HR Official Press Kit video "Sound and Music" interview released, with Steve Szczepkowski & Michael McCann.
    Discussion thread here:

    DXHR Press Kit
    Originally Posted by Geralt z Rivii

    DXHR Launch Gig, London, UK
    Originally Posted by JMSwallow
    We had the London DXHR launch gig last night, with me and JJB along to talk about the game (and the novel). There was lots of beer and lazer tag. It was pretty cool. We are so greenlight...
    DXHR Sweepstakes Contest
    Hey! You there! Wanna win a trip to our studio? Check out Games Radar for details.
    16 hours ago


    Deus Ex: Human Revolution has officially “gone gold” and is on schedule for its European release date of August 26 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

    Press Release:
    LONDON (July 26, 2011) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products and Eidos-Montreal are proud to announce that DEUS EX®: HUMAN REVOLUTION™ has “gone gold” and will be available in European retail stores on August 26, 2011. DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION is the exciting debut title release for Eidos-Montreal. The game will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows® PC, Steam®, and OnLive®.

    “We couldn’t be more excited that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has gone gold and will soon be in the hands of expectant gamers,” said Stephane D’Astous, general manager of Eidos-Montreal. “As the first release for Eidos-Montreal, it’s impossible to express how extremely proud we are of the final product and all of the hard work that went into its creation.”

    Message from Jim Offerman, Nixxes Software:

    Originally Posted by jimo
    Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to let you know: we've recently added an in-game FOV setting to the DXHR PC!


    Originally Posted by Poiro
    A little kiss from french HFR forum :


    Originally Posted by JaqTaar
    Square Enix organized a truck tour through Germany (mostly the north though) and offers the opportunity to play the game in all three versions, apparently 3D and Eyefinity are presented as well. So far it's not been mentioned what part of the game will be playable.

    It has been announced last week I think, but the full list of locations and dates were published only now:

    From EM Twitter (re New York Art Show):
    eidosmontreal Eidos Montréal
    Fantastic gallery of photos from last night's DX:HR art gallery opening. Thanks, @MetromixNewYork
    29 Jul


    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey

    “Deus Ex: Augment Your Room Sweepstakes,”
    Augmenting your living room sounds like a great thing, especially when it involves $20,000 of audio and visual gear for your gaming setup, along Adam Jensen’s augmented arm (which I’m guessing is this from Square Enix’s E3 2011 display). Square Enix and GameStop have launched the “Deus Ex: Augment Your Room Sweepstakes,” which began today.

    One Winner will receive a $20,000 prize package:
    - One “Deus Ex: Human Machinima Augmented Arm Statue”
    - One 3D television
    - One home entertainment system
    - Surround sound stereo equipment
    - One motorized television mount
    - Home theater seating
    - Three console gaming systems with motion controller systems
    - One $500 GameStop Gift Card
    - One home theater remote control
    - Installation accessories for above prizes

    You have until August 30, 2011 to enter. Good luck!

    Here are the details from Square Enix on how to enter:


    Video from the dev team:

    There are now two separate options in the menu:

    Highlighting ON / OFF

    Objective Markers ON / OFF

    They're turned on by default in the first two difficulty modes, and off by default in the hardest one. You can still toggle them as you wish later!

    Thank you Eidos Montreal for listening on this issue. You've just made a lot of people happy. I'd also like to thank Graeme for his poll thread, and everyone who voiced their opinions everywhere.

    This is how the game looks with the options turned off:

    Also, since we've seen the menu in that video, we now know more about the menu options.






    New article on French Dev blog entitled "Stimulate Creativity" (Part 1) by JJB.

    Click HERE

    The link has used Google translator, so translation isn't perfect but nevertheless understandable.
    If anyone would like to translate in perfect format and post it in here, we would be grateful. ThanX.



    Japan Disaster Relief
    Buy signed Deus Ex: Human Revolution concept art and aid Japan. Thanks
    Donated by: Eidos Montreal
    Healing Pack: 100% of proceeds relating to this auction go to the disaster relief effort in Japan.

    Support a great cause and get yourself these one of a kind Deus Ex items in the process.

    1. Concept art of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's main character Adam Jensen signed by the dev team
    2. Concept art of some of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's supporting cast signed by the dev team

    See other Play Japan and Healing Pack auctions for more ways to help this great cause!

    Latest article on French devblog.
    Online translator used... please excuse any errors:

    Take-off & Inflight briefing *
    30 March 2011

    Through the titles of my articles, discover exclusively the names of some of the chapters of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    It is time to take off.
    Beginning the design of this project was one of the most demanding experiences and paradoxically one of the most beautiful I've done in almost 14 years of occupation.

    It was necessary to restore the franchise after it's untimely death in 2003 with the disappointing "Invisible War". In addition, we were a new team that had never worked on the series before. I remember at that time there was a general belief that it was impossible to make a Deus Ex without key members who created the franchise, so all eyes were on us waiting for the slightest misstep. So much for the anxiety.

    Admittedly it was a big challenge, but we had accepted it. First sentence that I wrote on the window of our little local that we lovingly call, The Aquarium, is: "How do we transform a franchise and developer for players, while remaining faithful to the experience of the original? It was important to clearly set a target as "high level": we must make a real Deus Ex with the potential to be a commercial success.

    First of all we were like chickens without heads, we replayed Deus Ex. We were fans of the game but we had not played since its release in 2000. It was important to play with a very critical eye to ensure we understood its essence. The first time our team from Human Revolution, that is to say at the time, Jonathan, Francis, David and myself, we started the game on our PCs each individually, the impact was instantaneous; the game has not aged well visually (LOL!) but nevertheless retained a certain charm.

    The days pass, we move forward, take our notes on our own. It's crazy how memories play tricks on us, in my head I kept a picture of a game almost perfect but the replay in 2007, I saw several defects at several levels and this was a sentiment that was common to the team. Nevertheless, we find that it was still an incredible game, immersive and engaging. Deus Ex was definitely more than the sum of its parts!

    Having been around the game, Francis Lapika, game designer and valiant warrior begins Invisible War (and thanks!) While other team members are working to conduct interviews and build the Deus Ex Eidos Montreal team.

    Then we start the analysis of the franchise and our first brainstorming. Those who work with me know that I am a great fan of the "sticky" - so begins an operation "sticky" where world-class forest disappear every new session of brainstorming. We identify the key elements of the franchise: a mixture of several styles: mid-shooter / RPG mid-game tactical / strategic focus on a conspiracy, focus on a world that reacts to player actions, strong characters, interesting and a future near us. Of course, there is much more than this, but those are the central pillars to meet.

    This initial analysis was the basis for brainstorming Human Revolution. It was important to understand what it takes to create a Deus Ex.

    Then we use various books (Ray Kurzweil, Joel Garreau, Neil Stephenson, etc..) Movies (Blade Runner, Robocop, Code 46, Gattaca, etc..) As well as various Japanese anime (Soltys Rei, Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion , etc..) for several weeks, while continuing in parallel to brainstorm to build what will become Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    How the design of the game was started and continued was very organic, we used our "post-it" to clear our ideas and expose them to members of the "core team", then channel them to keep the best ideas. Every Friday, we invite all members of the various departments of the team to present the ideas of the week. It could openly challenge, add new ideas, express potential concerns, etc.. With feedback from the team, the "core team" turned the floor for another week with members of other considerations in mind, etc..

    At some point, the walls were covered with sheets because we had no design document. If the building burned, the game was going with it, LOL! That's the beautiful part.
    The walls are covered with the design "high level" of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This photo was taken a few weeks before moving into our permanent home for the start of the pre-production.


    Friday night ... It is time to drink. Long live Monkey Fridays!

    During the first six months (more or less) of the studio, we left this to be called the "Monkey Fridays". It was a group activity which rallied common passions, that is to say, socialize and drink! The "Monkey Fridays" functioned as follows: each week, an employee of the Eidos group (dev or not) bought the drink and we concocted a "drink" in his own way. The following week was the turn of another employee offered a new "drink" to the rest of the Eidos group. Some evenings drinking became legendary, and even some couples have formed there! So much for another great party!

    Here is the famous aquarium where the concept of Deus Ex: Human Revolution was born. It is also the place where took place the "Monkey Fridays" before the team became too large.

    Like all good things come to an end, we had to put an end to these brilliant evenings since the studio was growing each week, making financial and intimate side of things harder to manage for everyone.

    Evenings buveries have not gone away, but it will be a story for another time ...

    Jean-François Dugas - DIRECTOR OF PLAY


    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Not ‘Dumbed Down’ for the Consoles
    Mar 29, 2011 by Jason Weissman

    With the recent announcement that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set for release on August 23, 2011, the mystery of when gamers could get their hands on the new installment had been answered and the focus has now returned back to the gameplay mechanics. For fans of the original Deus Ex, one of the major worries is how development of DX:HR for the consoles would affect the complexity of the overall game. Specifically, would it be streamlined for the console crowd?

    This concern is primarily due to the changes made to the series in Deus Ex: Invisible War where many of the RPG elements had been removed from the first title. We recently addressed the issue of whether Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be simplified with Art Director, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, to which he responded:

    Not one bit, man. We have this inventory like Tetris where you have your grenades [and] your weapons. You have to manage the space. The last time we saw this on consoles was Resident Evil 4 where it was like, “man, I have no more space for that new gun. Maybe if I move this one here and I flip it like this and I move my grenades there, I actually have space.” It’s a puzzle. The fact that we kept this in a console game, in an action RPG, shows the kind of commitment that we had not to oversimplify this game. And it may sound a little trivial in the way I’m saying it, because it’s just a freaking inventory at the end of the day…But in terms of how the game is played, in terms of the difficulty level, in terms of how punitive the combat is, how efficient the stealth system is, how much of a real RPG it is – talking to people, getting side quests, all the exploration you can do – all that complexity has not been dumbed down one bit.

    From the heavy emphasis on the four pillars of gameplay to the morale issues of transhumanism, Eidos Montreal seems intent on making DX:HR a hardcore RPG experience. Look for our full interview with Jonathan Jacques-Belletête later this week where we discuss what we can expect from protagonist Adam Jensen, the plans for DLC, and the potential future of the franchise.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on August 23, 2011.


    Nixxes Software
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    We are currently working in close collaboration with Eidos Montreal on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the latest installment of the acclaimed Deus Ex franchise. This partnership allows us to combine our expertise of the PC platform and the creative talent of Eidos-Montreal, to bring the best possible experience for PC players on their platform of choice. We are motivated by the strong belief that a Deus Ex game deserves the best possible treatment on PC!

    Yes, we are indeed working on #DeusEx HR together with Eidos Montreal. Bringing the best DX experience to PC gamers!
    11:33 AM Mar 24th via web


    About the original DX1 music:
    Originally Posted by Tecman
    It's been somewhat mentioned before, but not in a while and not as strongly.

    PlayStation.Blog - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: When Worlds Collide
    ( )


    Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a way for Eidos Montreal to lure top talent. “When we started Eidos Montreal, we had to build a studio, hire a team, and buy new technology,” Producer David Anfossi said. “Montreal has a lot of different game studios and a lot of talented people, but it’s very competitive.” To ensure that the fledgling studio would attract the sharpest minds possible, Anfossi’s team examined the Eidos IP portfolio carefully before greenlighting its first game. “We saw Deus Ex and we thought, “Nice!” We knew that would attract very, very talented people.” Director Jean-Francois Dugas agreed. “It was a good strategy because when they approached me about Deus Ex, my eyes opened. If they had come to me with Scooby Doo, I might have stayed where I was. [laughter]”


    The soundtrack was inspired by John Carpenter, Blade Runner, and the original Deus Ex. Lead Audio Designer Steve Szczepkowski drew soundtrack inspiration from the usual suspects, cyberpunk classics such as Blade Runner and The Matrix. “But I also went back to some favorites like Escape from New York. I really like John Carpenter films for that, always very moody without being busy.” Die-hard Deus Ex fans will also be happy to learn that the theme from the original game will be making a comeback of sorts. “I can confirm that the original theme is in the game, in all its glory,” Szczepkowski said, “just perhaps not where you may expect it.” As with the game’s artistic direction, Composer Michael McCann’s synthesizer-heavy score highlights the underlying tension in the game’s world. “Thematically, we used synthesizers versus organic instruments and played with that as a representation of the augmentation debate — pro and con,” Szczepkowski explained. “Synths are a lot of fun in that they can do so much. They can sound clean and airy or dirty and mechanical…we support the humanism side with natural instruments such as choir vocals, strings and so on.”

    Conspiracy theorists will find plenty of fodder. The original Deus Ex was a product of pre-millennial paranoia, whisking players to a host of shadowy locations including Area 51 and introducing characters such as The Illuminati and the Knights Templar. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will follow suit, though the details remain appropriately murky. “It’s a fictional world, it’s a fictional conspiracy, but it’s infused with real issues to discover,” Dugas hinted tenatively. “I don’t want to go into details, but you’ll recognize things from the real world as well as fantasy elements. You might go to places that don’t exist, necessarily, but that some people believe exist.”


    Response to highlighting discussion (David Anfossi):
    25 Mars 2011
    Did you think they were sunglasses? (debate on augmented reality)

    We think it's necessary to open a debate, so here it is: let's talk of the luminous glow!
    Because all it is, the glow, is augmented reality. If you permit, here is a little summary of what AR is. Augmented reality indicates informatic systems that make it possible to combine 2d or 3d virtual images with our natural perception in real time (source:wiki).

    AR is already a part of our everyday lives, with more than a dozen apps on the iPhone etc...imagine the possibilities in 2027! We couldn't leave it out. A little scoop only for you. Because of certain problems during development, we couldn't fully exploit the potential of AR, but it's a concept we would like to develop if we had to do another Deus Ex.

    This subject emerged after the posting of an eight minute detailed walkthough showing multiple paths and multiple solutions:

    Here is a little summary of the reactions:
    - I'm not dumb to the point that i need a glow on objects i have to use
    - the luminous glow on objects completely breaks the immersion!
    - i don't need a glow telling me that i can open a door...

    You can say that we're repeating ourselves, but this factor is very important for us, the debate comes from people who have never played the game. Fundamental point, because in the comments I've read things like this: it breaks immersion, it makes the game too easy. That's incredible, isn't it?
    Well going forward with the reasoning, all the journalists and the players (players like you and not members of the studio, if I can say so) who have played the game, praise the immersion and the fact that the game isn't easy at all, instead it's a challenge.

    Come on,i'll give you another information (you are spoiled): during the development, we communicated a lot with the publisher in order to make sure that our approach in design and balancing of the game was well understood. Deus Ex HR is a game that requires to think before you act, a game that challenges you but leaves you an opportunity to continue and understand what you did wrong. It was important for us, the creators, that this approach was respected and i am very satified of the support we received from Square-Enix. In the end, the game totally respects our intentions, without any compromise.

    My conclusion will look a little direct, but it's completely impossible to judge the immersion and difficulty level without having played. IMPOSSIBLE

    I encourage you to read this article of our friend RaHaN, article that contains this passage: "Because Deus Ex doesn't seem to be an easy game like the majority of modern productions. We have to be attentive, take advantage of the enviroment and the limited resources, to hope to get through without problems."

    We love to be challenged by the players (even if sometimes it's a little violent...) and this is not a defensive post but more a way to share with you our opinion as creators of the game. In conclusion, you really need to understand that we spent four years of our lives to create this unique experience and i guarantee you that Deus Ex HR is completely immersive and a challenge for the player.

    We have total confidence in our design choices and this debate has given us the desire to create a demo to prove our points. Starting next week, we'll work with marketing and we'll do our best to release a demo. Attention, i'm not promising anything, but we'll try!

    The debate is open and this time, i've invited JF, my director for the game, to join us. We'll have fun.

    Jean-François Dugas - DIRECTEUR DE JEU Jean-Francois Dugas - DIRECTOR OF PLAY

    David Anfossi – PRODUCTEUR David Anfossi - PRODUCER


    Regarding PC footage:
    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey
    Showing PC footage is planned, and the timing is locked. Complaining about not having anything in this regard right now, so many months before release, will benefit no one, and will actually make my job more difficult. Think of the community manager!

    Originally Posted by MrFoxter
    New video: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Exclusive "3 Ways To Play" Gameplay Footage Trailer


    Regarding the confusion over the Nixxes partner studio:
    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey
    The facts are out there, and have been reiterated dozens of times on many forums and news posts. But sometimes doom and gloom occupy people's minds, kicking all reasoning out the door.
    We stand by what JF said:

    "All the design and changes to the design has been done in Montreal and sent to them. We review the builds. We review and then give comments about what works and what doesn't. It's the same process. It's the exact same process, except that the programmers aren't in the same office. It's the same game and the same creative team taking care of it."
    As many people have said, Nixxes is very good at what they do. How good? Well...
    I've said before that many of us have played the PC version, and we loved it. As a self-described hardcore PC gamer who built his PC, overclocks it, and has a Steam account filled with hundreds of titles, I hope what I say carries weight when I admit that the PC version is definitely my favorite of the three

    Release date announced:

    23 August 2011 in US
    25 August 2011 in Australia
    26 August 2011 in EU

    Originally Posted by Tecman

    Latest Tweet:

    Guess who came by during GDC and played DX:HR (part 2) the guy sitting down to the right.
    about 7 hours ago/4 March 2011 via Twitter for BlackBerry® Retweeted by eidosmontreal
    Thanks to wdog for bringing this to our attention:
    Originally Posted by wdog
    there is a countdown on a french shop game site:
    maybe a an announce of a release date, don't know


    EMBARGO LIFT - 24 February
    A large number of new previews released. For full list, click here:
    Square Enix is giving away Steam codes for Deus Ex 1 and 2 (Invisible War) on Facebook!
    The giveaway is operated on an ongoing first-come first-served basis. Codes are posted on private for-fans-only area on the Facebook page distribution method and timing for each of the codes may vary. the first user to find and activate a code via Steam will win a copy of both games.!/DeusEx?v=wall
    These codes will be given away everyday until Deus Ex Human Revolution comes out.

    Good luck!

    UPDATE via Kyle: The Steam code offer has now changed for a plethora of reasons. Just know that the alternative will be better.


    DXHR - Multipath Path/Multi Solution
    by Steven Ciciola // Level Designer, Eidos Montreal
    (7 January 2011)

    Hey everyone! You’d be surprised at how many of us actually do read your comments on a variety of articles and forums concerning Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Whether it’s a thread about health regen (again…) or a comment about the faint floral pattern on Adam’s trench coat, chances are we’ve seen it! Your voices are being heard! We really do appreciate your comments, and hope they never stop.

    That said, I’m nearing the end of my role on the project and putting on the final touches to the game. I wanted to reflect on the past development and give you a peek at some of the challenges the level design team had to face when developing Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    The biggest rule for us level designers, by far, was to always keep in mind the idea of “Multi-Path, Multi-Solution” for practically every challenge we wanted to lay down for the player. Basically what that entails is for every obstacle we set, there is always a variety of ways to progress past it; with some methods being more obvious than others. This is very reminiscent of the design philosophy found in the original Deus Ex … a design which promotes emergent game play.

    The downside to this open and emergent style game play is that there are a lot paths and features that we designed that most players will never see! We hope you all try playing through the game multiple times, using different styles of approach, and exploring every nook and cranny and possible option that we’ve made available to you.
    Read more here:


    Looking for older information? The previous News Thread can be found here:
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    Just checking to see if people can leave comments outside of news posts....

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    Yeah, we'll keep things as they were and leave this thread open for anyone to post news, interviews and snippets.
    If the news is of particular interest, then someone will no doubt create a new thread to discuss in more detail.

    Moderators will do their best to keep first post updated, thus helping Kyle out and keeping everyone in the loop.
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    OMFG!!!! Y u made thread go away?!

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    Originally Posted by 3rdmillhouse
    OMFG!!!! Y u made thread go away?!
    The previous thread still exists... would you like a clue?


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    Even @Jonatchoo can't wait for a release date.
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    They can then go back into hiding from all the masses while they work on a new game/expansion for a bit

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    Here's a new video. It's an Autodesk promotional video about how EM uses Autodesk's products in the development of DXHR. Around the 2:30 mark, there's some footage of various in-game models in Maya. If you're very sensitive about spoilers, you may want to skip it. It shows the total extent of augmentations on the guy with red arms. You can also make out the 'red-armed' guy's name in the Maya window. His name is

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    About ol' red-arms...

    Thanks for the link!
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    Originally Posted by Gribbix
    Here's a new video. It's an Autodesk promotional video about how EM uses Autodesk's products in the development of DXHR. Around the 2:30 mark, there's some footage of various in-game models in Maya. If you're very sensitive about spoilers, you may want to skip it. It shows the total extent of augmentations on the guy with red arms. You can also make out the 'red-armed' guy's name in the Maya window. His name is
    Great vid. The in game shots seem to look even better in that vid.
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    Shout out for Autodesk! Though they'd have to be using zbrush too for their characters. No love there.
    Qu'est-ce que

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    you guys should listen to the pc gamer uk podcast if you want to hear some more background info about one of the purists and why he has an eyepatch. Also the fact that apparently one of the voice actors of the original Deus Ex returns and is apparently in the very first scene where a scheme is planned. (just like the first deus ex).

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    Originally Posted by Zakka
    you guys should listen to the pc gamer uk podcast if you want to hear some more background info about one of the purists and why he has an eyepatch. Also the fact that apparently one of the voice actors of the original Deus Ex returns and is apparently in the very first scene where a scheme is planned. (just like the first deus ex).
    Yeah, I listened to that a few days ago. It's quite good, really.
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    These codes will be given away everyday until Deus Ex Human Revolution comes out.
    Sooo...why no more steam codes?
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    Btw, the podcast says JC is 2 at the time of DX:HR. That's not true. He won't be born for another 2 years.
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    It must be Paul since he was born in 2023 and 11 years older then JC.

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    Originally Posted by Reven
    It must be Paul since he was born in 2023 and 11 years older then JC.
    They said Paul was 8.
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    I think they screwed up somewhere.

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    Originally Posted by dxb
    Sooo...why no more steam codes?
    I decided to change that idea for a plethora of reasons. Just know that the alternative will be better.

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    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey
    I decided to change that idea for a plethora of reasons. Just know that the alternative will be better.
    FREE COPYS OF DXHR !!! your the best - when can we have them then ???

    Can i have the PC version and one extra with a pink ribbon around it for MyImmortal....please.

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    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey
    I decided to change that idea for a plethora of reasons. Just know that the alternative will be better.
    Can we get a release date on the alternative?
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    Can it be something that does not involve facebook?

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    Originally Posted by vault_overseer
    Can it be something that does not involve facebook?
    Agreed, i dont know why people line up around the corner to join face book just so they can talk past each other all the time.

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    Originally Posted by Reven
    Agreed, i dont know why people line up around the corner to join face book just so they can talk past each other all the time.
    Legal reasons. I can't give the games away to people under a certain age. Putting them behind the age gate of Facebook allows me more freedom than going through a mess with other means. Maybe we'll look towards other distribution methods in the future, but right now I don't have the time to do so. Sorry!

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    Well it was worth a try...

    Can i still have two copys of DXHR...?

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    Originally Posted by Coyotegrey
    I decided to change that idea for a plethora of reasons.
    When you say change, do you mean the offer has expired? If so, I'll update first post. Thank you.

    Just know that the alternative will be better.
    Oooh! Very excited now!
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