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Thread: how do I make a swamp?

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    I apologize, the write here but, I do not know whete I can find how make Swamp. I From Poland and I dont Understand Very well English, so please about make photos how make that. thank You

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    Do you have the TRNG version of the editor?
    Because you can't make a swamp like in TR3 without it.

    (Or are you using DXtre3d and are you building a game with the TR3 engine?)
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    No, I have a simple version, but I'm in the installation of version NG, but I do not know how to do this

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    With the original TRLE you could make 1 and 2-click deep waterrooms and texture the watersurface with mudtextures instead of watertextures.
    That's how we all simulated swamps back in the earlier days.

    As for TRNG:
    Download and install the MK2-TRNG full setup from HERE.
    Install it in the TRLE folder and in the other default folders it might want to install files in.
    If you are using Vista or Windows7 you need to run the whole thing as administrator and install NG-centre in My Documents.
    (or at least that's what's working better for a lot of people)
    If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it IS a duck.

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    I have a problem installing this.
    or can someone tell me how to properly install it, what and how?

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