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Thread: Gamebreaking glitch in Tomb of Tihocan

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    Gamebreaking glitch in Tomb of Tihocan

    So at the end of the Tomb of Tihocan level, I've killed the centaurs and the cinematic with the Triumvirate is playing out, after Lara's fallen back to the ground and picked up the Scion the cinematic ends.

    But I don't see a level finished screen, neither does the next cinematic start.

    Lara's just standing on the island where I fought the centaurs, and I can move around but can't control the camera. There's Pierre on the ground and the Triumvirate are all floating together in one spot.

    I took screenies so I can show what I mean:

    So I figure I'll kill myself and start again from the last checkpoint, but it turns out I can't jump in the water or walk up the tomb stairs.
    At that point I saved the game in a new slot, which jumped me to the loading screen for the Egypt levels. I then got the cinematic of Lara arriving at the Temple of Khamoon and the level started up nicely, but when I looked at the Level Statistics, it was saying I was still in "Greece - Tomb of Tihocan".

    Anyone have suggestions what I could do to fix this?

    I've bought the game through Steam and am running it on Windows 7

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    Hmmm...same happened to me.
    Reloading checkpoint or save file didn't do anything good.
    Quitting game and starting again (resume) seems to resolve the problem.

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