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Thread: Midgard Serpent Glitch

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    Midgard Serpent Glitch

    I've just spent over an hour trying to find out what I have to do to get down to the second serpent head. And I've just found out(referring to a guide, which I hate) that the ledge that crumbled away did NOT refresh back. i.e. leaving me stuck at this level.

    Now I have to play the game all over again. Not happy, since I wasted time. :/

    I hope CD notes this for future games!

    Refresh the level status after a death.
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    I had this problem too! I hate that level Land of the dead correct?? well, i downloaded i patch of gamesaves and had to delete other saves in order for this process to work. Now, the patch doesn't work AND im at the beginning of the game!!

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