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Comic Videogame Discussion Thread

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    Comic Videogame Discussion Thread

    This is a bit like JackWinz's official discussion topic, but a little bit different. You can talk about any comic book/superhero/etc. games you like, be it recent, or really old, or not even out yet. Even Arkham City if you like.

    So, I'll kick it off; who here has gotten Marvel VS Capcom 3, or plans to, or is interested in it? I went to the midnight release a few nights ago (the first ever) and was lucky enough to be the first in line. I'm pretty thrilled with the game, but this is partly because I've been following the series ever since the first came out (heck, since Marvel Super Heroes and X-Men VS Street Fighter). I'll admit there are a few things about it that disappoint in comparison to Marvel VS Capcom 2, but it doesn't do enough to ruin the core experience of the game and all around is still worth buying. I would give it a rent first though if you're curious or unsure, as it's clearly not a game for everyone. A lot of the new characters are really fun and many of the old ones given improvements and updates; so far my favorite team is Spider-Man, Deadpool and Ryu.

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    Jussayin.. this kind of thing is why I made the convo thread.
    There's plenty of room in there for this..

    So.. can we move it over there?

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    Originally Posted by JackWinz
    Jussayin.. this kind of thing is why I made the convo thread.
    There's plenty of room in there for this..

    So.. can we move it over there?
    Yeah....that would be a good idea

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    -_- well gosh, okay then.

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    not exactly a comic videogame, but I thought the Enter the Matrix game was awesome ... and it kinda tied together the movies by showing extra content and had a significant link with the animated short prequel, the Animatrix

    other great comic games I liked? I remember the Judge Dredd FPS was quite good (original Xbox I think)

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    i enjoyed enter the matrix and path of neo. i also thoroughly enjoy marvel vs capcom 3 i loved the spider man and venom : seperation anxiety for the SNES
    Hi Billy Mays here!

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    I hated Enter the Matrix's controls and camera. I loved Path of Neo, but the story near the end was a bit out there.

    As far as good comic book games: Batman for the NES was awesome, based off of the '89 movie. I liked the one for the Super Nintendo, too, for Returns, but it was a bit simplistic as a beat-em-up. Spiderman for the N64 was awesome, I thought. Spiderman 1 and 2 for the next gen systems (had mine on Gamecube) were both awesome. I am hopeful for Captain America, as I thought it looked to be pretty good. Um, yeah, and Arkham City, of course

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    One of my favorite comic book games, besides B:AA, is Ultimate Spider-man. I liked the story though it was too short and the 2 main characters - Spidey and Venom.Also I really liked jumping around NYC throwing cars, eating people and stuff like that...there should have been extra costumes for that I think about it the only reason why I like the game so much is because of Venom.

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    I bought Marvel vs Capcom 3. I love it so far! It's really addicting. My favorites are Albert Wesker (Resident Evil) Task Master (I believe Captain America...? Though I remember seeing him in Spiderman once before.) and Spiderman (Obvious origin xD)

    But still, I LOVE everybody pretty much. Those three are just the ones I always find myself using.

    I also love Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, Spiderman: Web of Shadows (favorite Spiderman game), and Champions: Online.

    Speaking of which, does anybody else play Champions online? It's a free MMO. You can make a hero, and make your own villain at a certain level. You can pay to play for additional stuff, but I am just doing free to play. It's AMAZING, and I would love to see some of you on there.