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Thread: Belly of the Beast glitch

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    Unhappy Belly of the Beast glitch


    Hi, I'm playing Lara Croft: Guardian of Light on my XBOX360 and I have a persistent glitch on the "Belly of the Beast" level.

    There are 10 red skulls in every level, and in that level there are 4 skulls on the 4 bridges to the rotating weapon platform, 1 each under the topmost and bottommost columns, and the remaining 4 should be on the spider tile platforms which are standing out in the lava, and those 4 are guarded by 1 fire man each.

    That would be ten.

    Unfortunately, the first time I played the level, there were only 2 fire men in the level, (when the total should be 4), and only two red skulls on the spider tiles, (when this total should also be 4).

    I watched a YouTube video of the level, so I know that the missing skulls should be on the spider tiles, and I know there are only two hidden under columns. This glitch is the only thing keeping me from getting 100% completion on this game! I want my 100%!


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    Have you tried clearing the Xbox 360's cache?

    In order to do that:
    • Launch the Xbox 360 to the dashboard.
    • On My Xbox scroll to the right and select System Settings then Memory
    • Highlight the HDD and press Y.
    • Select Clear System Cache.
    • Select Yes when prompted to perform Hard Drive Maintenance.

    Please note that deleting the cache will remove temporary game files and updates. Saved games, profiles, DLC etc will NOT be removed.
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